When Rove McManus announced he was ending his long-running variety show on Channel 10, many people were shocked. Where would the future Big Brother contestants go to talk about their time in the house? Many questioned the same for Rove & wife Tasma Walton.

Rove moved to LA, baby! After working the stand up circuit and spots on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, he decided he wanted his own show again, and got to work on Rove LA to air of FOX8 in Australia. After a slow start and some smart guest choices this relaxed talk show has settled in nicely on subscription TV – so nicely in fact that Rove revealed as we chatted he will be returning to Foxtel in 2012 with a new series.

This interview was recorded the morning his final show of 2011 was to air in Australia, and he very generously spoke about some of the weirdness of being in America, American TV, his show, life with Tasma of a Friday night (careful, they’re not starkers!), getting his guests drunk and so much more…