I’ve been looking forward to the opportunity to speak with Alan Brough for some time (after all, he was the hold-out Ginger Spice of the SPICKS AND SPECKS crew). Now that he’s busy narrating the new animal documentary WILD LIFE AT THE ZOO for ABC1, the excuses could no longer remain valid.

I knew Alan was funny. I’d seen it on the telly, heard him on the radio and read his work before. While he’s busy being Dad I stole 20 valuable minutes from him to discuss life in a zoo, parodying Sir David Attenborough, the legalized prostitution of animals, monkeys called Trevor, our collective stance on immigration, cloning and echidna sex. Also, sultanas and children. Pretty standard fare, really.

The laughing you hear most obviously is mine, and that in the background of Kelly Higgins-Devine who helped me record it. It’s a delightful chat with Alan – one I enjoyed immensely. Tune in on Wednesday nights at 8pm on ABC1 to hear Alan on WILD LIFE AT THE ZOO, and enjoy this chat too.