2014 Molkies voting starts now!

Only a week in and the 2014 Molkies has had a massive response already. Nearly 2,000 responses! It’s meant some categories have started to see nominees run away with the lead and for others keep a very tight battle. For example the Worst. Idea. Ever. is so tight there is only three votes between the top four!

A huge thank you to all the sponsors who’ve donated prizes for voters. This week, it’s the amazing…

Kerri Sackville for her donation of a signed copy of The Little Book of Anxiety,
WON BY: Peta T

High Wire Films & TV for their donation of 7 DVD’s of their shows (incl Agony Aunts & Uncles),
WON BY: Matt M

Congratulations to this week’s winners, and thanks again to the prize sponsors. A big thanks also to IceTV, EFTM & MyFace Figurines who’ve donated some massive prizes for the final week of voting… if you’ve voted, you’re still in the game. Spread the word and give others a chance to win too! If not, vote here: http://molkstvtalk.com/featured/vote-now-for-the-2014-molkies/. There’s still a bunch more prizes to be won!

Only 10 days of voting left… who will be the winners of the 2014 Molkie Awards?