William McInnes fronts what, at first glance, could be a poor copy of Antiques Roadshow – but Auction Room has a life all of it’s own. William’s larrakin approach and gentle way with the people auctioning their goods makes it entirely watchable. One for collectors and auction nuts alike. From the press release:

Auction Room is a new series that follows the stories behind the sales in some of Australia’s leading auction houses.

Hosted by actor and author William McInnes, this series of 10 half hour episodes will go to air from Sunday April 15th at 6pm on ABC1. Produced by the team who brought you Collectors each episode will follow ordinary and not so ordinary people as they put their treasured possessions under the hammer. William will be there every step of the way to uncover the tales behind the sales and to capture the theatre and charged atmosphere of auction night.

Among others, viewers will meet a loving mother who decides to sell her cherished art so her daughter can get one step closer to her Hollywood dream and a Melbourne doctor who is the proud owner of the biggest collection of Collingwood Footy Club memorabilia in the world. His has been a lifelong love affair but now he’s selling to pay a huge legal bill.

There’s the Elvis tribute artist who, after 20 years, is begrudgingly bidding farewell to his favourite and largest stage prop – a 1960 pink Cadillac. A widow makes the life-changing decision to sell a highly valuable and extensive antique collection that she and her late husband amassed while travelling the world. It’s a painful experience, but she decides to sell more than just the antiques! And there’s a Sydney woman who has a piece of rare pop music history, courtesy of the Beatles and her diplomat father. A heart-wrenching situation means she has no option but to sell – all in the name of love.

But before anything is put up for sale there’s plenty of drama as the experts trace the history, provenance and the all important dollar value of the items. On the big night will the price live up to the owners’ expectations?

In each episode William McInnes will meet the skilled experts who have unique and detailed knowledge of the old and the new, the weird and the wonderful, from the one-offs to the kitsch. As well as meeting the people who are saying goodbye to their beloved possessions, he will also meet the new owners. Auction addiction and the thrill of the chase, is a well known condition!

Each episode ends with the auction itself. The vendors are all nervous and on edge, the bidders either showy or secretive, and to cap it off, all eyes are on the auctioneers as everyone waits for the hammer to fall.

Auction Room – premieres Sun 15/4 6pm, ABC1.