Rescue Special Ops is back on Channel 9 for Season 3 in 2011, and there’s a lot of shaking up happening within the storylines. I was lucky enough to speak with both Katherine Hicks (Heidi Wilson) & Gigi Edgley (Lara Knight) about their time on the show and what we can expect from their characters this season.

These two beautiful ladies were hard at work on the phones as soon as the system got back up and running(!), and by all reports charmed a few extra dollars out of some of the callers. Big shout out to Stephen Beckett for popping by to say hello mid-interview with Gigi (to be fair, it was very hard to tell we were filming). 😉

Thanks so much to both Katherine & Gigi for their time (and sorry Les Hill & Peter Phelps for not find the time to corner you guys for an interview – next time!).