Michael Caton’s back! And this time… he’s wearing a cardigan. One of Australia’s favourite sexagenarians returns with the Channel 9 staple, offering hope to the hopeful and laughs for the rest of us as we watch people attempt to sell their homes at ridiculously high prices. We do also get to see some pretty impressive houses and some pretty awful real estate sales people. Either way it’s “Going… Going… Gone!”-fuls of popcorn TV. From the press release:

Aussie favourite Michael Caton will present a new series of Hot Property which premieres this Thursday at 8.00pm on Channel Nine.

Aussies love their real estate and the dramas associated with buying and selling by auction. In Hot Property’s new season we meet nervous vendors and buyers, and watch the market dictate the real price of real estate. Packed with up-to-date market info, Hot Property is a must-watch for any home buyer.

Each week Hot Property will follow the fortunes of buyers, sellers and renovators around the country who are negotiating the challenges of the real estate game to see if their dreams come true.

Michael Caton says: “Hot Property looks at the highs and lows, the elation, the success and the disappointment of the real estate game.”

Episode one starts with Tammy who bought her first place, a unit, for $237,000 in 2007. It was in a block of eight and they were all sold at the same time. The new owners formed lasting friendships and Tammy is very emotional about leaving. She is moving to a new, bigger apartment she bought off-the-plan 18 months ago, thinking it would give her enough emotional time to prepare for moving – but now it has come around too quickly and she is having second thoughts.

We then meet Natalie and Matt and their two children, who are hoping to break a suburban record. They are auctioning their single-story home and chasing an ambitious $800,000, which is $20,000 more than the highest price paid for a single-story house in the area. They are confident they will get their price, but will the auction go as planned or will they be left empty-handed?


Hot Property returns to Nine – Thursday, June 23, at 8.00pm