As unfortunate as it sounds, the title of this show just makes me think Dr Harry Cooper has passed the bar exam and is now cross-examining.

Being a big fan of both David E. Kelley & Harry’s Law, this sounds pretty good. We are already 6 episodes behind the states, but at least we have a launch date. For now. Pending some other crisis or disaster within our region (I hope not). From the press release:

Harry’s Law, a witty new legal drama-comedy series about embracing the unexpected and everything life throws at you, premieres Sunday, March 6, at 9.30pm on Channel Nine.

From Emmy Award-winning writer/producer David E. Kelley (Boston Legal, The Practice, Ally McBeal), Harry’s Law stars Academy Award winner Kathy Bates (Titanic, The Blind Side) as Harriet Korn. She’s a curmudgeonly former patent lawyer who doesn’t believe things happen for a reason – but they do.

When Harry is fired from her blue-chip law firm, after finding it so boring she resorts to smoking marijuana and watching cartoons in her office, she is forced to search for a fresh start. She finds it unexpectedly when her world collides literally with Malcolm Davies, a good-hearted college student who needs Harriet’s help in court and subsequently goes to work for her.

No sooner has she found her feet and a new office in an abandoned shoe store than legal hotshot Adam Branch (Nate Corddry) runs into her in his BMW. Inspired by Harry’s no-nonsense understanding of the law, Adam takes leave of his shiny corporate law firm to help out in her new practice.

Now these three unlikely kindred spirits – with the help of Harriet’s shoe-savant assistant Jenna (Brittany Snow) – are ready for whatever walks through the door of Harry’s Law and Fine Shoes.


Harry’s Law – Sun 06/03 9.30pm, Ch9.