Good News Week has been a solid franchise for Channel 10 over the last couple of years, after spending some time in the programming wilderness. It’s been conspicuously absent from our screens in 2011 and this announcement from the network shows some thought has been applied… it returns but has morphed into Good News World, repleat with something missing from Australian TV for a while – sketch comedy. No promises any of it’s good. From the press release:

The Good News Week grub is taking a break to complete its metamorphosis into the butterfly of Good News World- where they are bringing you tomorrow’s news- today!

Somewhere between The Daily Show, Saturday Night Live, and a hostage situation, Good News World will tackle the biggest stories on the planet, wrestle them to the ground & maybe take them out for a drink after.

Paul McDermott, the show pony of Australian satire, will be joined once again by the thinking man’s bit of fluff, Claire Hooper & the drinking woman’s sex symbol Mikey Robins. Plus, a regular cast of some of the country’s best comedians, including Cal Wilson, Sammy J & Randy, Akmel Saleh and Tom Gleeson.

Good News World – Mon 9:30pm 5 September, Ch10.