"You've all going to a holiday in... IRAQ..."

There are no words. How do you accurately reflect and do justice to the journey of 6 Australians as they see and experience some of the horror that people flee from daily and subject themselves to the trauma of refugee camps and boat trips to nowhere that they may not survive just to make it to a country that will offer abetter life for them and their families?

The group met with the families of those they met at the start of the first episode that had made it to Australia and been successful in gaining refugee status. They were welcomed with such joy, such pride that these visitors came with news of their loved ones who were now in Australia. Everything was shared and the visitors were honoured. In both countries – Jordan and Kenya.

In an innocent moment both groups then offered vide messages to the families they’d met. In a most gut-wrenchingly honest moment we watched as the Congolese family had their excitement at seeing their brother, sister and family turn to dread and pain as they knew – they knew – they were so far awat from being as safe as they now were. From being as secure. From being as free. It was moving, disturbingly honest television. What is said by the families is heartbreaking and does not do it sufficient credit to transcribe here. Just watch the episode.

"Yes, the Congo. Look it up. It's in an atlas."

In leaving the Congolese family in Kenya, Raye delivered one of the most amazing pieces to camera about how her attitudes had changed, and that she saw the horror in her original viewpoint. Just amazing.

Both groups were then asked if they wanted to go to the places where their original friends came from – Iraq and the Congo. Both places decidedly dangerous and no place for “innocent” Australians. After a false start from Raquel, everyone agreed to go – Darren, Gleny-Rae and Adam to Iraq; Roderick, Raquel and Raye to the Congo.

In both situations, what the groups experienced was amazing. The might of the combined forces in Iraq protecting those there. The UN working in the Congo and the shocking human rights problems there (where an estimated 1,000 women a day are raped). That the repair of a soap making machine would cause the women of the settlement to burst into song about no more fear of being raped is… staggering. Just beyond belief. Then as quickly as they were there, they were gone again, and ready to head home – passport and mobile phone in hand.

The three guys involved in the series have surfaced on Twitter – Darren, Roderick & Adam.

Such a response has been seen by SBS that a panel session with the participants will be aired on Tuesday 28/06 at 8:30pm on SBS one discussing what happened and how the group felt the process impacted them. More stunning television guaranteed.

This series is amazing. What we do with the information we have learned from it will define us as a community and a generation.


Go Back To Where You Came From: Special EventĀ – Tue 28/06 8:30pm, SBS one.