While I predicted it, I didn’t expect Channel 10 to drop The Biggest Loser into 7pm so early but here we are. The second paragraph comment from James Warburton is the big f*ck you to Ch9 – 2012 is indeed game on. From the press release:

Following the recent announcement of TEN’s Super Sunday, the network today unveiled the next stage of the multi layered plan to strengthen its early evening line up, designed to reclaim audiences from the start of the season.

Kicking off on Sunday January 22, The Project will take up permanent residence at 6pm, six days a week. This move returns Ten News at Five to its traditional one hour format and introduces an exciting new 30-minute edition of The Project to kick-start TEN’s Sunday nights.

Moving The Project to 6pm opens up the early evening for TEN’s big franchises across the year starting with The Biggest Loser, launching Monday January 23. This year’s “singles” will lead the charge, weekdays at 7pm, Monday to Thursday.

Network Ten Chief Programming Officer David Mott said: “Being true to our brand, I couldn’t think of a better way to start primetime than with The Project. Their innovative style in presenting the news of the day, broader stories and fierce and funny debate has been a refreshing alternative to the competition’s traditional news and current affairs hour and in keeping with the irreverence TEN is known for.”

“The Project has already made significant headway in building our news hour audience with its recent shift to 6.30pm and this final move of 6pm to 7pm, led by Carrie, Charlie and Dave, will firm up the show’s place as a true contemporary alternative news offering.”

“Starting our entertainment schedule earlier at 7pm with reality TV giant The Biggest Loser, positions TEN to be competitive across primetime and dramatically improves three hours of television every night.”

TEN NEWS AT FIVE: 5pm – 6pm Sunday to Friday
THE PROJECT: 6pm Sunday to Friday
(6pm to 7pm Monday-Friday, Sundays 6pm – 6.30pm followed by Young Talent Time)
THE BIGGEST LOSER: 7pm – Monday to Thursday (launching Monday Jan 23)

Network Ten CEO, James Warburton: “This announcement continues our focus to set the agenda in 2012. We’re back where we should be, an hour of news at 5pm and shifting The Project to 6pm – 7pm is the perfect contemporary news offering against traditional competition.”

“Early evening stripped entertainment programming at 7pm was a space TEN introduced to the TV landscape and previously dominated. We see this move as an opportunity to reclaim that space and we have the shows to do it.”

“TEN have some of the best big franchise shows in the market with The Biggest Loser and MasterChef Australia and we must make more of what we’ve got. These changes compliment our recent Super Sunday programming line-up announcement and take a step closer to resetting that connection point with our viewers by offering bold and exceptional programs throughout the evening and the entire week.”

TEN’s new look 2012 kicks off Sunday January 22, 6pm.