Anything you can Underbelly, I can Bikie Wars better…

The Milperra Massacre is the most horrific bikie war in Australia’s history, and is a story layered with drama. It’s been some time since Channel 10 weighed into the serious drama stakes, however any move that offers Australian actors and crew the chance to work at home on something seriously decent – which this story is – should be applauded. Just please don’t screw it up Screentime (not that you were intending to – just saying, really…).

From the press release:

Network Ten is thrilled to announce the commission of a new six part Australian drama series, Bikie Wars: Brothers in Arms, the true story behind one of the most heinous criminal events in Australian history, the infamous ‘Milperra Massacre’.

From its beginnings in the closed world of Sydney’s motorcycle gangs to its inevitable end in tragedy, Bikie Wars: Brothers in Arms tells the gripping true story of two men’s journey from loyalty to rivalry…to deadly consequence based on the bestselling book by Sandra Harvey and Lindsay Simpson, Brothers in Arms.

Produced by Screentime – one of Australia’s leading independent production companies – Bikie Wars: Brothers in Arms brings together one of the country’s best creative teams, including writer/executive producer Greg Haddrick (Mary Bryant, The Society Murders, Underbelly, Cloudstreet), and writer/series producer Roger Simpson (Satisfaction, Stingers, Halifax F.P.).

Des Monaghan (Executive Producer Screentime): “I am delighted that Roger Simpson has joined us to tell this remarkable story. The Milperra Massacre is a unique moment in our history and in many ways marks a time when the culture of bikie gangs began a period of fundamental change.”

David Mott (Chief Programming Officer TEN): “Bikie Wars: Brothers in Arms is one of the most sought-after properties in television. This event mini-series will shine a light on this fascinating tribal culture and its code of honour – as intriguing now as it was when the word Milperra became synonymous with one of our blackest days.”

Bikie Wars: Brothers in Arms will broadcast on TEN in 2012.