Big Brother Australia – Sun 6:30pm, Mon-Fri 7pm, Ch9

Tonight, it’s the Halloween special from hell and Michael & Estelle… is it really happening?


2.49am A ghostly intruder is wandering the house…


9.31am  – outside

Ben jokes to Sam about how Estelle nominated him so many times and he never nominated her.. (but he did – twice, for 4 points)


Inside, Michael gives Estelle a spare egg for breakfast. (insert joke about fertilising her eggs later) Outside, Ben tells Estelle that she was flirting with all the guys when she first arrived – and even now with Sam. She says she goes into ‘boy mode’. ‘no you don’t’ says Ben. Everyone’s noticed the flirting…


Inside, Zoe talks about how pretty Estelle is. Michael says she looks stupid with those glasses. Zoe reckons Michael and Estelle will hook up..on the outside.


BB TV task – Michael and Zoe have their first job as “BB Uncovered”.

They’ve decided to ‘investigate’ whether Layla is really English. They head outside with their camera to interview the HMs. Ben confirms she’s a vegemite eating, Diana hating Aussie. Michael asks Layla the full name of the Queen….she doesn’t know. Who was the Prime Minister during WW2? Nope. Who is Winston Churchill? Nope. PROOF!!! Layla is an Aussie.


Ben asks which old HM would they have back in the house right now if they could?

Charne – because she wouldn’t win, says Michael.  Ouch.


Bedroom, Layla & Estelle.

Layla is still fuming about the revelations from the other night – comments that Ben made. “I’ll destroy her” She says she would destroy him first


Zoe says to Ben that he’d be a chick in another life…

“a chicken??”

“no, a chick”

“why, because they talk about this sort of thing”

“…just bitchy…”


Layla whines about Zoe who was whining about Layla… now Zoe is whining to Ben about Layla whining… phew.


Layla & Estelle are on the BBTV job.

Layla stalks the cross dressing Michael and asks the important questions. He’s just fabulous. “what would Beyonce do” says Michael

Reporter Layla takes a load off after a long day of reporting and gets stuck in the chair. Hilarious.


Halloween is here and the HMs are in for a fright filled evening.


It’s family dinner night, and BB has provided the costumes. The HMs just have to come up with a ‘trick’ for BB later that evening.


Count Benacular

Rambo Sambones

Gangstella Devil

Hocus Pocus Layla

Munster Mikey

Tombstone Zoe


Michael tells Estelle she looks like a hot Devil…


Tonight’s dinner:

Vomit dip for entree

Ribs and Entrails for main

Brains for dessert


It’s all hands on deck for the dinner preparation, seeing as there are no official ‘nominees’ to make dinner this week…

Conversation topics:

Do you have a dark side?

Ben has a down side he said. And ‘Brenda’ his alter ego..

Zoe has an alter ego Gaz.


Have you ever seen a ghost?

Layla apparently had a twin that was never born, she has freaky feelings and experiences all the time because of it.


What would you like written on your gravestone?

Here lies Zoe…legend.

Estelle – Sometimes riding her skateboarding horse while paving her way, saving the world

Stop standing on my tits – Layla

Sam – nice cleaner (says Zoe)


What’s the most terrifying experience you’ve ever had?

When Ben realised he was gay and had to tell his parents… he wanted his parents to be proud and felt dishonest about hiding it for so long… and then Sam interrupts a touching story.


Scariest thing about leaving the house?

Zoe says she’s terrified that she’s made a fool of Michael

Michael says she has nothing to worry about..


The lights turn off! Everyone screams. Ben now has a bloody pumpkin on his head! Mwa ha haaaa.


Michael does is not-scary-zombie. Then his scary version.

Zoe goes postal.


Estelle, in the kitchen.

Hears a creepy voice saying ‘please help…help me…Estelle…”


The Hauntmates all do their best scary tricks for BB in the Diary Room. Ghost Stories, Exorcist walks and killer Koalas…all very amusing.


Estelle’s Poltergeist calls her name in the bathroom again. “Estelle…help me…” She’s looking scared now.


Sam asks Layla why she was snapping at her all night… BB asks him about it. He thinks she might not even realise, and it’s not cool. Oooh, lovers tiff



The HMs head to bed with a Ghost Story from BB.

BB tells them before the house was built it was a graveyard! Ha!

Tales, sightings and stories of a little girl… she runs inside the walls of the BB house. They all scream in fear! Who is this ghostly presence?

Ben asks is it Freddy Krueger’s sister, Sonia Krueger


They all scream and scare each other stupid. The walls start making noises and Sam jumps on top of Layla. Then Estelle on top of Michael. They all end up in bed together, screaming in fear. Ben collapses to the ground. Everyone returns to their own beds… except Estelle. It’s happening. Michael and Estelle cuddling and making out…


Big Brother’s Little Sister begins…


We flash back to when BB had a message for Michael from his real big brother… a teary Michael watches.



What’s surprised you most about your time in the Big Brother house?

Feeling emotion, can’t believe he’s cried on tv. He didn’t think he’d be feeling the broad spectrum of emotions




She’s found a heart in there. Doesn’t cry on the outside…



Being emotional

Getting attached to people

Not emotional on the outside



Hopes he’s enjoying the ride



Can go from euphoric to very low quickly


What’s your greatest memory of your time in the house?



Celebrating her birthday in the house, which she hasn’t done since she was 8.


What’s one thing people in the outside world would be surprised to know about the BB house?



Things aren’t always as they seem – when it comes to people who are still in the house. Eg. Estelle


Has this experience been anything like what you expected?



Nothing like it. It may look like we’re on a ride of enjoyment, but it’s hard. You forget about who you are when you’re up against big personalities..


Remember Ray?

Is it weird to think there are other HMs who you never met and have never shared the experience with?


When Ray walked in it was weird and strange. He looks forward to meeting them.


What’s your greatest moment in the house?


Playing cricket was a great way to get to know each other



The Chilli eating comp. DON’T EAT THE CHILLI

And the cake fight – it was naughty but was good



Yep, the cake fight.

Finding out there was no house 2


After 3 months, what do you crave other than loved ones?




And running around the pool is boring

Sidenote: He’s also been checking out his own hot new body… busted!


What will you miss from your time on BB?


Talking to BB

Even when I’m shopping, it would help to talk to BB


What things have you become conditioned to in the house?


Showering not so weird cause he went to Boarding school

Astro turf

Not wearing shoes

Talking to a beautiful blonde on Sunday nights



Microphones and not wearing a watch is weird

Not carrying a wallet



Farting, burping and gross behaviour that people do with no shame



People disappearing out the back door during eviction



Everything being controlled except the weather


You’ve won a car, would it be fair for you to also win BB?


Probably no…


Who do you want to win Big Brother?











Sam or Layla – they haven’t stepped on anyone



Zoe – she’s genuine, heart of gold





General consensus is that Estelle will win. Or Layla.


Does it make you feel different about yourself for lasting this long?



The longer she stays the more positive she’ll feel about herself


It’s your last day in the BB house, you can do anything you like. What would you do?



Open all the doors and see how it works

Get on the BB speaker



Take all the furniture outside and build a cool fort



Bring all his family inside and have a massive party



Dance on the benchtops and get inside the hatch



Sing songs



Get her ipod and play all her fave songs


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