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It’s not only the kookaburras making a call as the housemates wake this gorgeous Wednesday; BB is making a call of his own: SHENANIGANS.

An air of fun and intrigue flavored with a dash of tension (or is it the residual smoke of Layla’s cremated Velcro rollers?) has wafted in off the Seaway and the housemates once again find themselves victim to the manipulation BB is so famous for.

Kanine intruder Delilah appears to have made herself quite at home Thankyou Very Much, as she snuggles in for early morning cuddles with her carer, Zoe.

The calm does not last long however, as the housemates make the grizzly discovery of the charred remains of Layla’s Beloved rollers and limited edition Burberry carry bag, still smoldering in their foil coffin.
As the housemates speculate in shock as to how BB could play such a mean trick, Michael visibly struggles with his conscience and hurriedly retreats to the Sanctuary of the Diary Room.

It just so happens that Self-appointed Housemate Psychologist Benjamin also moonlights as a forensic arson CSI, and scours the evidence closely, pointing out that yes, it is Layla’s Burberry bag because you can see the Burberry bag. Love him.
With the sudden arrival of Michael’s dandruff shampoo, Zoe has put 2and 2 together but Ben kindly puts a quick stop the breakfast table investigations as Layla is visibly perturbed over the event, leaving Michael to heave a sigh of relief over the end to this uncomfortable line of questioning.

Housemates are summonsed to the lounge where their task awaits- bagging manure in the sweatshop of The Factory.

As the HMs deck themselves out in overalls and Chesty Bonds, He of the Bulging Biceps (at least he is dressed today) Sam is directed first to his individual work station where he must weigh and bag 200g packages of manure (I can hear a collective sigh of relief from Queensland farmers who no longer have to do this for themselves…and if you don’t pick up the sarcasm there I. Give. Up).

Shenanigans are definitely afoot however as whilst Sam completes his poo shift, the rest of the housemates given their Real Task: to completely bludge all day at a secret backyard Fair of sweets, candy, inflatable surfboard ride and dodgem cars in the form of toilets and bathtubs, of course. Should Sam discover this secret then all HMs will be without doubt Severely. Punished.

Lovely OatsALaLayla is feeling incredible guilt at the thought of her hunky cutie-patootie up to his elbows in poo while she drowns in chocolate and vows to save some for him.

Blissfully unaware, Sam emerges from his smelly shift to his fellow HMs sporting strategically places stains and smears on faces and dungarees, and rather convincing small chat over the day’s slog.

Cut to Josh (still FROTHIN’ over how therapeutic all the poo packing was) and Estelle having a little tete a tete in the bathroom following an Incident which occurred while the HMs hid in the Factory. Apparently things got a bit noisy and in fear of Sam hearing the kerfuffle Estelle (and a few others) were told to Shut Up.

Yep, we all missed it but apparently it was Incredibly Rude and Disrespectful of Josh and poor old Totally Miss Understood was quite hurt, taking it Very Personally and, although it was aimed at more than one HM (& Stell admits a little sensitivity on her part), waterworks ensue. Luckily Dr Ben is on hand to give Stella her Daily Constructive Criticism.

Sick of being “cut down” for simply being herself, poor old Stella makes a valid point of saying that she never seeks to cause hurt, bitch about people or be anything other than herself, which Dr Ben admits is why she is still in the competition yet estranged from her fellow housemates (all this with a few affirming hand gestures).

Meanwhile the Stella-bashing outside, with Josh showing no sympathy for her apparent difficult life. Michael expresses his frustration over being told off by Estelle for telling offensive jokes in the context of a discussion about why jokes are offensive, and Sam has his shirt off.

New scene: Ben in diary room, psychobabbling about how great Delilah has been for Zoe, and how he doesn’t gravitate to one person but likes to spread himself around (as we all do, Ben!).

New scene: Stacey and Sam in bathroom. Sam says “It’s nice to have a sneaky kiss.”
Yep, note the randomness there.

New scene: Layla and Zoe in bedroom discussing Sam’s kissability which Layla ensures Zoe is sheer perfection however she is still determined to leave the house “single and ready to mingle,” while Zoe tells Layla she must teach her the Art of Seduction so she can also Woo the Menz.

Further shenanigans abound as the housemates are given their newest Captain’s challenge in the fight to a night in CQ.

The task: one team member must stack as many blocks as possible on a board balanced on the other team-member’s head. Oooohh, ahhhh.

A determined Team Ben & Stacker are ready for action, certain that Ben will not remain the only housemate to miss out on a challenge; but his determination is short lived when Team Smoocharooni Sam & Layla win out.

Insert a very sullen-faced Team Ben & Stacker, crushed over their loss…wallowing in self-pity at again being the losers, whilst glowing in the anticipation of an evening of luxury, Team TonsilHockey make their grand entrance to CQ…..

Unbeknownst to all, the CQ overnight has been pillaged by a band of cutthroat pirates, leaving nothing but a trail of debris, two hammocks and an open fire, exposed to the chilly Gold Coast spring elements.

Whilst Sam and Layla adjust to the realisation that their hopes of a evening in luxury have been dashed, the other housemates are shown the state of CQ via monitor, giving Ben and Stacey the chance to breathe a huge sigh of relief and run in to the Diary room to tell Big Brother how bad they feel that Sam and Layla have missed out on the nice stuff.

Ooh hang on, nope they don’t feel bad, they’re just still spewing about losing.

It’s time for Ava to take centre stage as she is again caught out not wearing her microphone and sent to the naughty corner, but not before she has had a chance to cry in the Diary Room because BB is being really mean to her.

The Michael/Estelle debate continues in the kitchen over dinner about offensive jokes, and Michael again tried to explain himself to Estelle’s finger pointing.

Later, Angie and Ben devise a plan to get food and treats to the Castaways in CQ who have nothing but tins of baked beans, Spam and a broken can opener. The plan: throw a Tupperware container of freshly cooked chicken over the wall.

Bring forth the flying foul, fruit and other f-words as edible projectiles are strewn across the grounds.

“Does this mean more Shenanigans?” I hear you ask?

Why, yes- again at the evil hand of BB, who has Ava counting small change in the naughty corner as Josh paces aimlessly until Ava basically tells him to nick off, then banishes Ben and Angie to Delilah’s dog house for the evening in their PJs. Literally.

Estelle breaks up Ava’s pity party by dancing for her and telling her she looks hot in her underwear (sorry Josh).

And so, as another day closes in the BB house, it is with the heavy air of exhaustion, frustration and a little tension at the hand of Big Brother that the housemates retire to their beds…..
Antes are being upped, patience is being tested, and as the tricksy breeze blows west, I feel a new wave of challenges are coming for the housemates.

I think BB has a lot more in store.

Thanks again to the lovely IslandGirlAU for her wonderful recap of last night’s episode!