Big Brother Australia – Sun 6:30pm, Mon-Fri 7pm, Ch9
What have the HMs made of all the unwelcome visitors? What about Michael’s new snuggle buddy? What about Stacey only just realising that perhaps HER bitching means people might be bitching behind her back. FACEPALM!

The HMs awake to their latest Visitor – Mike Goldman! The faceless BB narrator has a face and a body and a microphone and is laying on the bed next to Sam & Layla narrating their every move. Awks and hilare and so forth.

Delilah welcomes Mike by licking him on the face.

Mike walks around the house, seemingly sussing things out. His mic runs through the internal PA system and every time he talks it runs through the system for them all to hear. So when he announces the kitchen is in a mess, they all hear it – even in bed.

Layla is cajoled into cleaning up Delilah’s sandbox. She doesn’t want to.

Enter Ryan ‘Fitzy’ Fitzgerald from S03 who walks around trying to introduce himself to all the housemates as they do their best to ignore him. He’s loving it. You can tell it’s very hard for the HMs – especially Layla when Fitzy goes the reacharound on her.

Estelle is happily freaking out in the Diary Room. “It’s crazy! To have all these people injected in here and we can’t even talk to them is ridiculous!”

Zoe is third degreeing Michael over his new snuggle buddy Estelle and the motivations behind the new sleeping relationship. She doesn’t buy it.

“Yes or no, are you happy?” Stacey asks Ben. “That’s a really hard question,” he replies. Stacey insists; Ben vacillates.

Sam & Layla discuss Ben’s animosity toward her over the superpower use. Still? He’s still wussing over that?

The HMs chill – Estelle and Layla relax together while Zoe and Ben bitch about how Layla bitches about Estelle. WHAT HAS BB BECOME?!?!

Entree Mike again, followed closely by Pete Timbs from S01, then Nathan Morris from S02. They’re very friendly with all the HMs who are doing their best to ignore them. THEN IN COMES REGGIE, winner of S03, and her dress nearly has her undone. It’s so good to see Reggie again (even though she trips over as she and the other visitors corner Layla to talk her). Nathan & Reggie get in the pool with the others – fully clothed, while Pete just takes a lot of photos. BB calls them out (probably for the best).

Later that day, Ben and Zoe bitch about Stacey who they think sabotaged the task by not following the rules and let herself interact with the Visitors. They think she does it so that she’s seen as the funny one.

Layla has only just caught on that Ben is a complete bitch, and so bitches to Sam about it. Ben justifies himself to BB in the Diary Room.

Stacey predicts she’ll be evicted this week. Zoe bitches to BB about Stacey breaking the rules and interacting with the Visitors.

More Visitors – Trevor & Paul have entered with suitcases. Then in come Tim and Vesna. It’s a bloody HM reunion!

These 4 Visitors are doing their very best to get in the face of all the existing HMs and it’s proving to be really hard. Ben is discussing the environment in the house with the other HMs in the lounge, and how it feels pretty hard with everyone bitching about everyone else.

Stacey gets the guilts over Estelle noting she never gets bitchy about any of the other HMs. Estelle can easily pull the moral high ground on this and Stacey just needs to SHUT. UP.

Zoe reports back that the coffee has been destroyed (Mike tells us by Trevor). After Stacey leaves Estelle lets out an exasperated gasp over being accused for being a bitch for not bitching. Zoe, Ben and Stacey immediately have a bitch while they clean the kitchen about Estelle not bitching. THE THREE BLACKEST KETTLES IN THE HOUSE.

Michael feels terrible for snuggling with Estelle, and confesses as much to Ben and Stacey. He feels physically ill. Entree Estelle and end conversation.


The nominess have to prepare the family dinner – Ben, Stacey and Estelle are in the Diary Room to get their costumes for the theme (German) and then must away to prepare the dinner.

Ben bitches to those that weren’t in the Diary Room about how Stacey has to be the centre of attention. This is getting out of control.

The dinner is being prepared, and in comes Ray – yes, Ray who was evicted but weeks (and weeks) ago. He picks up some chocolate and asks if he can eat some of it. He walks around and helps himself to the food around the kitchen.

Dinner is served, and family conversation topics are quite reflective and fun. They all agree that Layla scored the best so far with the car and with Louis.

One of the topics opens up about aligning yourself with a group of people. Stacey can’t get over that Estelle hasn’t bitched about anyone and forces the point and offers a twisted statement to try and trap her. Justification of the bitchiness comes from Michael – “It’s human nature”. Sheesh.

“Is it more important to pass the task or be funny?” This question over dessert fires Stacey up, and Zoe is conspicuously silent (so she slips into the Diary Room to share her thoughts because she knows Stacey would nail her in public debate – rightly or wrongly). She knows Stacey would never take in on board.

Zoe really regrets saying what she said about Estelle today. She doesn’t want to be like that. Ben mentions he’s the only one person that hasn’t been in the Captain’s Quarters and hopes to win the challenge tomorrow – but expects Sam and Layla to win it again. IT WILL DRIVE HIM MAD.

BB offers a nice time for Michael and Stacey in the Nice Corner – Board Games! Estelle, Zoe and Ben sit to watch the other two play games. They don’t hang around long and head to the kitchen to polish off the leftover cake from tonight.

Michael and Stacey talk about Estelle’s flirtatiousness and how it’s sexually awkward as she’s very forward. Estelle is called to the Diary Room, ruining their episode of the Golden Girls. Stacey & Michael can’t help themselves.

Ben & Zoe alone allows them to talk briefly about Zoe’s feelings for Michael. Stacey & Layla are asleep, and the other HMs follow close behind. Night night, HMs…