Big Brother AustraliaSun 6:30pm, Mon-Fri 7pm, Ch9
Tonight, on Big Brother: Josh meets Ava, Everyone is surprised by Ava, and Ava, Ava, Ava.

Ava’s learned already that the only way you get on the Daily Show is to shower in your swimwear, so she does. All this prep for her big date with Josh, who’s staring into the fire. It prompts a fire-fort discussion with Stacey but nobody buys it. “It’s such cute wood,” says Stacey. It’s all a euphemism.

Ray & Estelle are bonding over being nominated. Ray insists in the outside world he’s friends with every person he’s ever met (but he’s only met two).

Josh is called to the Diary Room by BB. Ava’s having breakfast. Gripping.

Josh is sent to the bathroom where he gets to meet Surly. “Our little secret” that almost everyone has now. They have a conversation about Josh’s dating history and how Surly used to date an Angel (fish). Surly’s got his own challenge for him – he’s being sent into the special executive bathroom off the bedroom to prepare for his date with Ava.

Stacey, Layla, Zoe & Angie are speculating as to where Josh has gone – they think he may have left the game for good. Seriously girls?

More date prep, and Josh is finally dressed in his captain’s uniform. The HMs are called to the lounge room and they fear this is the announcement Josh has gone. He leaves the bedroom and the HMs erupt at seeing him all dressed up. He goes into the Captain’s Quarters to meet Ava where he is to wine and dine her and “treat her like a lady”. An Officer and a Gentleman here we come…

Just as Josh meets her, the TV in the lounge turns on and the HMs go crazy at seeing him with a new person. They all rate her pretty highly, and immediately speculate as to where she’s from and, in the classiest of manners, start rating her out of ten (the consensus is 8.5).

Ever the gentleman, Josh does his best to look after Ava’s food needs. Some of the HMs gather in the outside bathroom to see if they can listen in to the conversation in the Captain’s Quarters. Josh tells Ava that this is their first date, but if she plays her cards right dinner will be their second date. Flirt central.

Josh explains who the players in the house are, including mentioning Angie. In the Kitchen Ray, Estelle and George dissect the reacting to seeing Ava, and not the girls all went a bit too wild. Over compensating much? They continue to discuss how they’re ‘above it all’, but they do point out that it will be interesting to see how Angie reacts to Ava and Josh.

All this to and fro between the House and the Captain’s Quarters is bloody hard to keep up with.

There’s talk of sleeping arrangements and while Josh jokes Ava will want to sleep at the other corner of the room, he does point out there’s a single bed spare next to him. Ava’s concerned that the girls will react badly to her, but Josh assures her that as long as she plays nice it’ll be fine.

Ava & Josh leave the Captain’s Quarters and most of the HMs hide behind the couch to surprise them both. Josh introduces Ava and Layla immediately explains they’ve been watching them have lunch. Then there’s the massed House tour including the awkward “where is Ava gonna sleep?” question. After a visit to the Kitchen, most of the HMs are staying there discussing Ava while Estelle and the new addition walk back to the bedroom and start to bond – which immediately becomes a topic of conversation in the Kitchen.

Estelle’s insecurities immediately come to the fore.

Josh and BB have a discussion re: his lunch date in the Diary room. Josh is pretty happy with Ava being in the house. The HMs have already worked out she’s a vegetarian, which causes an uproar for the boys: “She was a 10 and instantly became a 5…”.

BB asks Josh if this will change his relationship with Angie which he says is a good question, and instantly deflects this to be about how the girls react. Nice work, playa. For some reason Michael and Bradley feel the need to bail up Layla in the garden and tell her she’s still the most beautiful female in the House. She looks puzzled as to why they felt they needed to tell her this.

Estelle is in the Diary Room and tells BB she thinks Ava is fabulous. She feels so connected to her… after 5 minutes.

Ava still hasn’t worked out where she’s sleeping, which leads to a conversation about sleeping arrangements. Benjamin tells Josh that “You should get her to sleep next you to so as to keep the pests away”. WOW. The others in the group (Zoe & Stacey) naturally agree. Josh sounds like he’s pretty over Angie though she doesn’t know it. “She can’t be next to Bradley, that’s not fair.”

Ray & George are laying on the bed trying to work out what’s going on. Ray asks if it’s karma from when he was 16 and reckless.

Layla and Stacey are discussing relationships too, and Layla’s confused as she and George are nicely platonic during the day but have little smoochies at night. Ray & George are discussing the same thing in a round about way.

Michael tells BB in the Diary Room it’s good to have a “normal human” in the House. He’s working through pros and cons of Ava. BAMP BOW.

Later in the bedroom, all the HMs regale Ava with their songlist. Good god.

Angie the baboon is off on a hunt for another of her favourite treats – honey. Big David Attenborough gets Angie to pour the honey all over herself. It’s very entertaining for everyone else, but it allows time for Ava and Josh to catch up in the bathroom and for he to see how she is settling in.

Meanwhile the honey has become covering in flour too on Angie. “It’s one of nature’s greatest mysteries.”

As it’s family dinner night the nominees have to prepare and host dinner, and Josh is looking after Ava. Angie came looking for him/them. She’s also hosting dinner, so gets to read out the discussion topics they’ll talk about over dinner.

There’s a question of who has stolen food. Josh & Michael admit after seeing the chocolate vanish in the first night, they’ve hidden a block of chocolate and a packet of tim tams. Benjamin admits to maybe having stolen chocolate once, twice, maybe more than three times.

There’s more discussion in the lounge after dinner, with the HMs briefing Ava on who is who. Ray gets really excited by stuff. They sing Stacey’s song and she dances. It’s mentioned Estelle raps, but we’re saved that indignity. Afterwards Ray, Estelle and Angie are cleaning up, so Estelle uses the time to complain about something that no one really understands.

The “shower boys” bust out a performance in the bathroom, with Josh looking more than a little Hemsworth. There’s claps and cheers from the assembled masses. Estelle, however, is back in the Diary Room reporting on her improved relationship with Angie. “She’s not a little book you can judge by the cover.”

There’s talk at bedtime of which of Estelle or Angie will join Josh in bed tonight. Lots of speculation, but then Bradley pipes up with the offer of a bet that BOTH will be in bed with Josh before morning – the winner gets served by the other for 15 minutes tomorrow morning.

Zoe has been caught speaking without her microphone again, so is sent to the naughty corner where she has to shine a pile of leather shoes. The HMs all gather round and stare at the shoes (particularly Stacey who seems keen to score a pair). Ava is having a chat with BB in the Diary Room and says she feels more like a newbie than the intruder.

Josh, Michael & Bradley have started serenading all the HMs in the bedroom, making up the lyrics as they go along (Michael possibly the worst baritone ever). If it weren’t for the fact this episode has been dragged out to 90 minutes we only would have seen a few seconds of that, which is all it deserved.

The bed bet pays off as both Angie and Estelle end up in Josh’s bed before bedtime! Out in the lounge Benjamin and Ava are watching Zoe while Ben fills the new HM in on all the relationship stuff – Angie & Josh & Estelle. He can’t help himself, especially in regard to him considering himself the font of all HM knowledge.

Then Zoe starts talking out loud to herself which scares Ben and Ava, but she offers she was talking to BB. But, no, she’s talking to herself. Whatever gets you through the task ultimately.

Ava gets into the single bed near Josh and reports back on Zoe going crazy. Out in the Naughty Corner, Zoe’s going crazy. As the HMs settle Josh & Ava are whispering about how when Josh can’t sleep he counts the lights like stars once they’re out. Ava declares that to be cute.

Zoe is excused from the Naughty Corner after polishing 17 pairs of shoes (after 2 hours in there). Michael heads to the Diary Room to report Angie isn’t coping with both being up for eviction AND Ava. Michael would be keen for Ray too get some loving. He’s so nice, caring about everyone else but himself.

Nigh nigh, HMs…