Big Brother AustraliaSun 6:30pm, Mon-Fri 7pm, Ch9
Tonight, it’s housemate against housemate in the ultimate game to win some hot wheels. The house will literally be torn in two (well, figuratively) and Zoe bails up Layla about Samikins

Early morning… and in the backyard, IT’S A NEW CAR! (where’s Larry Emdur when you need him) It’s the calm before the competitive storm. Sexy 80s music rouses the house. 10 mins to get ready. “dress for action” they’re told. Ben’s seen the car outside, he already thinks he won’t win. BB tells us how fabo this Holden Volt car is. It’s a fancy hybrid. Thanks sponsor. BB hypes them up. There are 2 rounds in this comp.

First round.
They must run the metal hook around the giant car logo without touching the sides and setting off the buzzer. The fastest 3 will make it to the final. Sounds easy but the HMs can distract each other with nurf guns, a catapult and water guns.

Sam gets off to a slow start. Stacey gets soaked “I’ve got balls flying at my head” she’s so bad at it, BB tells her to stop. Estelle has a crack while Ange is loving inflicting pain “this is fun” “I’ll remember that Ange” says Estelle… Ange is super competitive and does really well. Zoe’s not bad. Ben is really good and he knows it! Celebrating with handstands. But is he in the top 3? Layla will be tough to beat. While Josh makes a few slip ups and has to start over a few times. Josh pelts Michael a good one in the head – twice and has to start over.

Benjamin makes it through to the final. More handstands of joy. Layla’s through, mounts Ben with excitement. And Angie’s through. She would have cracked it if she wasn’t. Fake hugs of congrats.

Second round.
There are 8 keys in front of them. With every question answered correctly, the HMs can pick a key and see if the button on the key opens the car.

Q: How many litres of water in the BB pool?
Ange 786
Layla 250 oh no a la layla
Ben 10,600

A: 80,000 litres. Go Ben!

He picks key #6… Drum roll… count down from 5. And nothing. Wah wa waaaaa. Sorry Ben, no joy.

Q: In metres, how tall is Dreamworld’s Giant Drop ride?
Layla “Wot’s a metre?” …oh no a la Layla
“Roughly a yard” Michael helps out
BB “It’s the same everywhere in the world”
Layla “Yis boot I don know wot tha is?”
Ange 100 metres
Layla 4000. (Ha)
Ben 500

A: 119 metres. Ange wins. Everyone groans and looks pissed

She picks key #8. Countdown in 5 seconds…. and… Ba bow. No joy. Everyone’s relieved.

Q: How many litres of paint was used to paint the BB house?
Ange 3500
Layla 400
Ben 590

A: 2020 litres.
Ben is closest! Everyone cheers

Lucky #7 for Ben…. even I’m nervous now. The 5 second countdown. But nothing… Ben screams blue murder. Bugger.

Q: How many square metres of astro turf are in the backyard?

Layla “I hayte nombers, ids the only thang I hayte in laufe”

Ange 120
Layla 380
Ben 1001
389. Layla won!! She nearly got the exact answer. The HMs go mental for her. Bless her confused socks. So what number? Sam suggests 2, with a semi obscene gesture me thinks…

#4. She’s feeling lucky… but no. Ba bow…

Q: How many kilos of tofu have gone into the BB house so far?
Ange 22
Layla 38
Ben 52
32 kilos. Layla’s up again!

Ange fake smiles and tells her she has a 1 in 3 chance of winning a car.

Key #3… and beep beep. She wins! Hysteria and jealousy is rife.

“How does it feel to win a car when you don’t deserve it” jokes Josh.. He says he’s stoked she won it. And then he whispers something like “you and ben” but my lip reading fails me.. clearly they didn’t want Ange to win.
“I couldn’t let her win” says Layla. Ange’s competitiveness was too much.

Poor Ben laments his consecutive losses. Sam pashes Layla. “it’s so sick that you won” Zoe thinks it’s odd that Layla’s attracted to Sam. She can’t see it in her. Zoe can’t take him seriously…

Later that day..
The house has been divided in 2. The lounge is half blue, half red. This week it’s a game of turf wars. The task will see the HMs competing for use of different rooms. Eg Bedroom, kitchen, bathroom and other hangouts. The HMs enter the lounge and see that everything is split down the middle. Each HM picks a colored ball out of the box to determine their team.

Red team:

Blue team:

Stacey is neutral in white.

By chance all 3 nominees are on the blue team. HMs are given 5 mins to dress in their colours. Cute touch that Estelle’s given a blue cap to wear backwards, her princess ghetto trademark.

Over the next few days they’ll be battling it out over territory but there will be no communication between teams. No talking, no winking, no smiling. Break these rules and they’ll end up with a nomination point.

Stacey being neutral can talk to anyone and do anything. She will be the point of communication for the HMs. Sam tells Stacka to tell Layla that they can’t sleep in the same bed now. Clearly Layla can hear this, but Stacka plays along and tells Layla that Sam only wants her for the car now.

The competition is on! The teams head outside and are playing for access to the ‘kitchen’. Losers will have to survive on staples and a camp fire…in the camp kitchen. Heaven forbid. First challenge is to guess value of groceries in a trolley.
Red team guess: $165
Blue team guess: $147

$148.50! Blue team win. Let’s squeal like banshees. Very exciting. Michael’s IQ is finally coming in handy. They now have exclusive control of the kitchen.

Poor red team…but it’s all kind of novel and fun for them. Stacka points out that the best people are on the red team (besides Michael). Ben agrees, he’d cry if he was on the blue team. Stacka’s virtually their slave now, running errands back and forth with Delilah.

Stacka, Diary room. Stoked she’s white. She’s told it’s her duty to bake the bread and deal it out as she chooses.

BB rewards the blue team the contents of the trolley. Much gloating. Ben says Reds are richer in personality. They’re much happier.

Michael’s special peanut butter Oreos are a hit! He goes outside to gloat NEAR the red team without actually talking to them.

Red team say they will be gracious when they win… I would much rather hang out with those guys.

Layla, Diary room.
She’s excited about her car! She has no idea what a hybrid is though. BB tells her to watch out for the ejecter seat. The fear of God washes over her… what does that mean? She’s also missing Sam. And she believes in Karma for the blue team.

Michael, Diary room
He doesn’t want to get sucked down in eviction talk with the other nominees . He wishes he was on the red team…

Estelle and Angie argue about music. Are Birds of Tokyo famous? Who cares. Michael confides in Stacka about the boring eviction talk ad how competitive Ange and Estelle are. It’s doing his IQ in.

Zoe, Diary room.
Donning a high ponytail, she’s loving the week so far and there’s no reason she can’t stare at Michael if he happens to walks past.

Sumo challenge time! Appropriately scrappy Ange is sent in to fight Zoe. But it’s a smackdown from Zoe who shows no mercy. Red team win the battle of the bedroom! While blue team are given camp beds outside…

Red team are kicking back in comfort. Josh states the obvious again that the blue team can’t come in there. Yes. We know.

Outside, Michael is forced to hang with Sam which ends in an awkward wrestling match.

Ben talks about how hard this is psychologically. He thinks he’s withdrawing and Michael is showing off. Delilah snoozes on his bed…

Red team, Diary room
They’re only allowed on the red side of the seat… Ben decides to break the silence with a fart which is always hilarious. Red lentils and kidney beans are for dinner.
BB tells them his favourite colour is red.

Blue team, Diary room.
Succulent smoke salmon salad is for dinner. And Rump steak for main.
Choc brownies with vanilla bean ice-cream and strawberries for dessert. Ange says she can’t wait to walk past the red team with her dinner. Biatch. BB tells them blue is his favourite colour.

Outside, red team are making the most out of their canned delights. Blue team walk past red team and Ange and Sam gloat about their dinner… Red team grumble.

Stacka has decided to dine with the blue team and grit her teeth with the company.

Ben points out that if the Blues fill up on crap they’re going to be crap. We cut to Ange shoveling Rump in her mouth. Ben continues to eat his burnt napkin tasting dinner…

Stacka, Diary room
She doesn’t like sitting on the fence during this week. She’s going to try not to make it too obvious that the Red team are ace.

Michael chats to Stacka. He can’t wait for it to be over… Meanwhile Sam gives Ange a massage. She gives him a hand job, erm, massage and Estelle watches on… if only Layla could see…

She’s in bed discussing Sam as a heartbreaker… Stacka says Layla deserves someone who will fall at her feet. Not Sam…

The old parlour room has been turned into a Swiss Alps retreat. Stacka visits Switzerland, where she can choose one HM from each team to talk and hang in there freely. Ben & Michael are invited.
Stacey “BB, how do I say goodbye in Swiss?”
BB “Very elegantly”
Stacey “What? Is that how you say it?”

Michael and Ben are invited in there and jump up and down with joy. Michael tells Ben all his woes of the blue team… red team is WAY funner. Ben asks why he carried on and gloated about the Oreos? Michael said he didn’t mean for it to sound so…mean. He wish he could swap. Michael says he can’t pretend to get into it with the blue team. Michael points out his team has been nominated over 10 times…they’re definitely the rejects. Michael is just word vomiting all his dramas, he can finally be himself.

We see a promo for tomorrow nught with Angie crying, Michael not coping and it’s lover against lover as the war continues!

Michael and Ben leave Switzerland and are not allowed to tell their HMs where they’ve been. Sooo, they tell them they’ve just been on The Giant Drop, the Dreamworld ride. Many animated stories are told and the HMs are going crazy!! OMG! SO EXCITING. WHY ARE WE YELLING!

Ange and Estelle continue to bicker all night… we feel his pain. Michael can’t cope and heads to the Diary Room. He feels like he’s in High School and all his friends are in different classes.

Red team are snuggled up in their comfy beds inside. No dramas there.

Ginger ninja Michael wishes he was on the red team… He feels bad for gloating about the Oreos and he’s just over it.

Estelle, Diary room.
She can’t sleep and attempts to on the floor of the Diary room…

Day 1 is over. Thank God.