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It’s our first Wednesday nominations night, and one thing we already know is that Estelle’s nominations super power is that she will be able to hear all of the nominations of her fellow housemates. This is by far the most controversial super power used so far in the series.

The titles are rolling, if you haven’t grabbed your popcorn, you’re just a little bit too late. Sonia’s on stage, and welcoming us to the program. We are then shown a package of Ava’s departure from the Dreamworld bungalow. None of the housemates are overly shocked or upset, except for Josh – although Michael is trying to get ‘Mosh’ back together, as if Ava never existed.

Stacey comforts Josh in a conversation in the bedroom, saying that it was cool that Josh and Ava had their relationship in the house.

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Sonia’s back, and tells us that Estelle has been given the super power. Layla, Angie, Benjamin and Zoe are in the BBQ area talking about Estelle. Layla believes that Estelle is acting all the time, and she has not realised it until now.

Benjamin and Stacey are in the bathroom talking about Sam. Sam originally believed he was a good guy, but now doesn’t see him as attractive and has the most bland conversation with. Meaper really.

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We’re back to the auditorium. Big Brother will now be imposing nominations points on housemates who do not provide sufficient answers. Before the break, we saw Big Brother offer housemates $10 per head to hold a continuous smile. During this, a new and improved Josh entertains housemates.

The housemates are all shocked afterwards about how Josh has changed since his clip Koala, Ava has been evicted. Angie says that Michael and Josh have made their comeback.

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Big Brother welcomes us back to the show in a package about the chamber, and reveals a big red button in the diary room. We’ll find out more soon.

A package rolls about nominations this week, Big Brother asking whether they would nominate Delilah, the house pet if they could. Benjamin replies:

“There are other dogs in here”

Another package rolls of Estelle’s 70 nomination points history over the series.

Sonia crosses to the house before nominations. And then crosses to Big Brother’s command, who announces that it’s time to nominate and Sam is no longer an intruder and can nominate and be nominated. A clip rolls of Ava in the nominations room from the night before, announcing that she wants to hand the superpower to Estelle tonight. Estelle is called to the diary room.

Estelle is in the diary room, as other housemates enter the nominations room. Big Brother instructs Estelle to remove the black cloak over a red button. Big Brother instructs Estelle to look at the screen, on screen is a shot of the nominations chamber. Big Brother explains that Estelle will not be able to hear the housemates nominating unless she presses the red button. The red button will only allow her to hear two housemates nominate, but no more. Estelle will nominate last from the diary room. Big Brother is talking to Estelle in the diary room, but Sonia rudely interrupts Big Brother to have a chat to Estelle. Sonia is wearing a lavender over her ear, in the Estelle way.

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Sonia welcomes us back, and Layla is in the chamber ready to nominate.

Layla’s nominations:

4 points – Bradley

She believes that they aren’t getting along at the moment and he is not contributing to the house.

1 point – Angie

She feels as if there is too much bitchiness and she knows they clash. Layla believes it will be easier to live in the house without her bitchiness.

Zoe’s nominations:

3 points – Michael

Strategic vote in the belief that Michael has a lot of people under his control, including Zoe.

2 points – Sam

Tends to get creepy at times with his compliments.

Josh’s nominations

4 points – Angie

Speculating ways, has a lot of theories about how the show is run and how housemates are being seen on the outside.

1 point – Stacey

Strategic vote  in the belief that Australia will gravitate toward Stacey and she has more of a chance to win the competition.

We head to a commercial break, Estelle has not yet used her power to hear the housemate’s nominations.

Estelle has chosen to listen to Michael’s nominations.

Michael’s nominations

2 points – Sam

Living in a house with him could become unbearable as there is no deeper connection and the conversations are not interesting enough or do not vary.

3 points – Estelle

Still finds a complete lack of social skills and has an inability to flow a conversation or personality. She says random things, Michael has a better ability to converse with other housemates.

Angie’s nominations

3 points – Sam

Feels he spends too much time to impress housemates rather than talking and getting to know each other.

2 points – Bradley

Been in house for 8 weeks and still has not picked up common decency skills and appropriate behaviour with other people.

Stacey’s nominations

3 points – Bradley

Meaps around, does not contribute to the house and does not contribute anything of substance.

2 points – Josh

When he was with Ava, he removed himself from the group and became a different person. Believed it was detrimental to him in the house.

An ad break has come and gone. And Sam is waiting in the chamber. Estelle has chosen not to listen in to Sam’s nominations.

Sam’s nominations

3 points – Benjamin

See him as a threat as he really wants to win.

2 points – Bradley

Finds him annoying and believes he has not given him enough time to get to know him. He also says that he puts people down, and he doesn’t like it.

Bradley’s nominations

4 points – Layla

Finds her snappy, in the case of the coffee situation earlier in the week when she snapped at him.

1 point – Michael

Strategic vote saying that Michael is a better person than him. If it were to be between Bradley and Michael, Michael would win.

We skip off to a commercial break and Benjamin is up next to nominate. Benjamin is also Estelle’s final option to listen into, the choice is obvious, I doubt she can listen to her own nominations.

Estelle has chosen to obviously listen to Benjamin nominate.

Benjamin’s nominations

4 points – Sam

He’s not the kind of guy Benjamin can deal with. He’s a bit boring and there is no feedback in a conversation.

1 point – Angie

Calculates all the beers and drinks a lot. Angie drinks a lot, and can become very very demanding and rude to other housemates.

It’s time for Estelle to nominate in the diary room. Estelle says that she is shocked at Michael’s comments.

Estelle’s nominations

2 points – Michael

Personality is closed minded and does not converse with her. This is a response to Michael’s nominations she heard.

3 points – Bradley

Overly rude and does not give respect to her or other housemates.

The final voting tally: (housemates up for the public vote are in bold)

Bradley – 14

Sam – 11

Angie – 6

Michael – 6

Layla – 4

Estelle – 3

Benjamin – 3

Josh – 2

Stacey – 1

Housemates have been told who is up, Michael is literally shrinking into his seat.

The show has now finished, and Bradley, Sam, Angie and Michael are in the firing line. Who goes? You decide!

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Ciao for now!