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Benjamin is shaving in the backyard. Layla, Zoe and Estelle are dressing themselves up for their secrets banquet, after being informed that there are no more nominations remaining.

We reflect on the secrets packages housemates were shown during last nights LIVE special.

The housemates leave the banquet hall, now permitted to talk about nominations. Benjamin confesses his nominations.

Estelle and Michael are in the lounge talking. Estelle says that she’s happy that she has been shown everything before she leaves the house.

Layla visits the diary room to discuss what has been revealed to her tonight.

Michael says that Estelle is a good person, and he irrationally disliked her due to the annoying things that she did.

Zoe and Benjamin are talking in the gym area. Zoe says that she regrets how she treated Michael and how much she loved him. She feels that she has made him feel uncomfortable.


Zoe is still reeling after the way she had acted with her infatuation with Michael.

Zoe: “I’m such an idiot like…bloody ridiculous I don’t feel like that at all. Made myself look like a tit, make him look like a tit, got him worried about the outside and I didn’t mean to.”

Benjamin: “Joking around and having feelings for him is not going to affect his time on the outside.

Michael visits the diary room. He says to Big Brother that he’s not going to apologise for not being attracted to Zoe. He believes she’s an amazing girl, but he was not attracted.

Zoe says that she feels that she’s overdone her infatuation. She says she doesn’t know when to stop, and it’s the same way she treats her guy mates on the outside. Benjamin offers his support to her, which helps her reassess the situation and think about it differently. Benjamin says that Zoe shouldn’t focus on the bad things.

Benjamin: “Don’t focus on the bad things, if I go and focus on the bad things, I could pull it all apart. The one thing I’m most annoyed about is that Stacey got up for nomination and got evicted based on Layla switching the votes around. But do you know what? That’s what happens. It’s just what happens. One of my most favourite things about being in the Big Brother house is spending time with you Zoe. Stacey’s gone, people have gone, you and I are still here and… we’re here for a reason. Don’t focus on anything bad. Don’t think about this image that you think you wanna have, just be yourself.”

He then asks:

Benjamin: “Do you feel embarrassed about what you said about Michael? Do you want it to stop?”

Zoe: “Yeah! The video made me look like an idiot. Yeah it’s done, it’s out of my head. I look like an idiot over there.”

Benjamin: “Talking to me?” (referring to the footage shown where Zoe and Benjamin were sitting on the pods talking about Zoe’s love for Michael).

Zoe: “Yeah!”

Benjamin: “It was funny, I said that to you, I said ‘how would you kiss him if you were gonna kiss him?’ and you said ‘I would kiss him like this *pecks hand*’… that’s endearing! And Michael said to you as soon as that thing was going ‘Zoe that’s so lovely, it looked so nice when you said that you would kiss me like that’.”

Zoe: “You know what, now I think about it, I’ve put it in context and I’ve taken a deep breath, and I’ve listened to you. I’m not worried about my appearance, I’m not, because I am happy with who I am. I’ve decided that, I’ve worked that out. I am happy, like yeah I could lose a little bit of my weight, but everyone can lose a kilo or two, whatever.”

Layla, Estelle and Sam are in the lounge room. Layla says that Benjamin has the wrong view of her. She says that she is the opposite to what Benjamin said she was.

Layla: “I have spent all my life doing things for other people”

In the diary room, Benjamin admits that he is very bitchy, but what he has seen tonight was not bad at all. Benjamin says that everyone is accountable for what they say or do, and can explain or apologise for each thing he says.

Layla in the lounge says that she should follow her gut feeling always, as she felt that Benjamin was acting oddly towards her regarding the dinner for two provided by Big Brother.

Benjamin says that his comment “I will destroy Layla” was bound to come back to him.


Benjamin enters the backyard with some beers, yelling out “I’ve got a new rule for us in the house.  When Estelle does crazy things that makes you irritated, instead of us talking about it behind her back, let’s just tell her!” followed by cheers from Michael with his arms around Estelle and Zoe.

Estelle visits the diary room, telling Big Brother that the house is full of love tonight after the secrets event. She says that she was surprised that what people were saying about her included that she is the strongest person in the house.

On the pods, Layla confronts Benjamin about calling her a spoiled brat. Layla puts it back on Benjamin, saying that after all it wasn’t her that was a spoiled brat, it was him.

Layla says that nothing usually bothers her, but watching Sam give Angie the hickey bothered her. Sam says that it’s a good thing that it bothered her, Layla says it is also a good thing, but it was weird to watch.

Sam visits the diary room, saying that to an extent it has shaken up the house. Sam says the footage revealed whether Layla loves him as much as he loves her.

Sam and Layla are in the bathroom mucking around while brushing their teeth. Yes, Sam mounted Layla… again. This is after they try to talk to Surly.

Zoe visits the diary room talking about how happy she is in the house at the moment, but also what she’s realised tonight. Zoe says that Layla is probably the only housemate that has taken anything to heart in tonight’s packages shown.

On the pods in the backyard, Estelle pulls out one of her special lines “what a journey!”.

Michael and Estelle talk about how he always felt sorry for Estelle as she had always pulled the short straw. Estelle says she only started to complain about Michael after she heard him nominate her in which resulted in her tears.

In the diary room, Michael admits that the girl that has caused him the most hassle now is causing him the most happiness. He apologises for waving a haunch of meat at Sonia at the event tonight.


Benjamin is delivering breakfast for the rest of the housemates, ever so delicately walking through the backyard and bathroom. He delivers to each housemate in the bedroom. Sam spills his porridge on the bed. Layla cannot believe Stacey is gone.

Housemates are in the lounge, and Michael is reading out the task description to the group. It’s time for the BBTV task.

Estelle, Michael, Benjamin and Zoe have been called to the studio to begin their program “Straight Talk”. They receive a question from Susan about baby names. What names do the housemates have planned for their first born children? What do they and don’t they like?

Zoe says that she has thought about the names of three children she is going to have with Michael: Hugo/Hugh, James and Evelyn/Evvy.

Michael shouts out that he has seen some stupid children’s names. ABCD was an example he showed that he said was from a future mothers forum where a woman literally wanted to call her child ABCD (pronounced: Absidee). He says that if he had a child he would name it Peter, as he has an Uncle Peter on both sides of his family and they are legends.


Michael and Estelle are in the kitchen, Estelle offering Michael an ‘egg date’.

Sam and Layla are on a pod in the backyard. They’re talking about relationships and how people think that Sam is always flirting. Sam says that whether a girl is ugly or hot, he’s still going to talk to them.

Benjamin is preparing for his broadcast, ‘Hard Ball’ on BBTV. Sam is called into the studio to be guest on Benjamin’s program.

Here is are the Qs&As from Sam’s session:

B: “Did you come on Big Brother to win the prize money?”

S: “It would be nice.”

B: “Was it your goal?”

S: “Yes.”

B: “Would you prefer to be in a relationship with Layla, or be the winner of Big Brother?”

Sam pauses, Benjamin insisting that he needs an answer.

S: “Big Brother.”

B: “Do you think that if you were the winner of Big Brother, and it was made aware to Layla that you chose Big Brother over her, do you think that she would find that hard?”

S: “Very.”

B: “Are you in love with Layla?”

S: “No.”

B: “Do you find that you may be in love with Layla when this comes to an end?”

S: “Quite possibly, yeah.”

B: “Is Layla in love with you?”

S: “I don’t think so, no.”

B: “Did you design a strategy to come in here and start being people’s friends?”

S: “Most definitely.”

B: “Why didn’t you like me?”

S: “Um, for the fact that, I just feel like, no it’s like, it’s not that I didn’t like you, it’s just that we…”

B: “You actually said that. You said that so, what are the things you don’t like about me?”

S: “I just don’t think that we gave each other enough time, as much as I maybe gave to somebody else”

B: “Do you think there were walls that were being put up?”

S: “Um… by me? (Ben nods) Nope, no way”

B: “Do you think we’ve reached a level of friendship now that…”

S: “Most definitely”

B: “…you thought we wouldn’t have?”

S: “Most definitely.”

Layla is next on Benjamin’s show.

B: “Did you come on Big Brother to win the prize money?”

L: “Half/Half.”

B: “What half would you say is leaning towards wanting the money?”

L: “No, I definitely would want the money, I think it would help my family a lot.”

B: “I have a scenario for you. Would you prefer to be the winner of Big Brother, and for your relationship with Sam to end, or for you to walk out of here not the winner of Big Brother and have Sam as, um, the possibility of a future partner?”

L: “Umm, at this stage, I would rather win Big Brother”

B: “How would you spend the money? 

L: “Ah,”

B: “Oh wait no I can’t ask that!” (As it is against the housemate guidelines)


In the backyard, housemates are relaxing. Estelle is called by Big Brother to the BBTV studio.

Layla and Sam are talking about their relationship and it’s potential on the outside.

In the BBTV studio, Estelle is a guest on Benjamin’s program, ‘Hard Ball’. Hooked up to the fake lie detector.

B: “Why do you think in particular, you draw upon male affection?”

E: “I don’t know, it’s human nature isn’t it, to want to whether you’re a gay person or a straight person, you want affection from other people. I don’t physically go out and seek it independent or not, I don’t go out and seek attention from people. If they give it to me, well that’s wonderful, cause everyone likes a little, a little juujj and feel like they matter.”

B: “Is there any truth behind your flirtatious advances towards Michael?”

E: “Yeah there’s a bit of a spark there in that we get along very well and we’re both starved for affection and comfort in the house but I don’t see it being anything more than that, no.”

Next up, Zoe is in the studio, hooked up to the fake lie detector. Benjamin listens intently.

B: “If you could picture the guy that’s for you, if you could picture Zoe being with this man, could you describe what kind of man you’d like?”

Z: “Yes, I could say tall, like taller than me because I like to make myself feel a bit smaller, like shorter, um, I’d go tall, probably dark hair, green eyes, maybe tanned skin, don’t care what the face is like, maybe just a strong jaw, really big across the shoulders like a big footy lad… yeah”

B: “Do you find, um, Michael’s attention towards Estelle at this stage of the game to be upsetting?”

Z: “No not at all, I make a deal out of it because it’s funny and I know that other people think the same and we laugh about it together, umm, but, and I say it to Estelle, “get off my man!” but it’s all just a bit of fun and I um, I know for a fact that Michael finds her attractive but would never actually follow through so it’s just a laugh.”

B: “If I was to say to you that Michael had genuine feelings towards Estelle, and that there was something to happen with that relationship, would that affect your time in the house?”

Z: “No not at all, if Michael and Estelle found a connection of some kind, follow that through, every happiness to them.”

Michael is up next on ‘Hard Ball’.

B: “Is Zoe’s affection for you endearing or is it annoying?”

M: “Ah, it’s somewhere in between.”

B: “If this flirtation and advances were coming from Estelle, would that be a different scenario for you?”

M: “No. It would be the same sort of thing”

B: “You would feel equally annoyed?”

M: “No no, I’m not annoyed, I’m comfortable”

B: “Do you think you would have pursued a relationship with Zoe in the house?”

M: “No, no no I’m not particularly attracted to her and she’s not my type of girl”

B: “If ah, you were not setting those boundaries on yourself, would you have pursued a relationship with Estelle?”

M: “Ah, no she’s not my type of person, I’m physically attracted to her, I think she’s a very pretty girl, um but I, I wouldn’t have pursued a relationship. I just think it’s a bit, it’s not my style.”

B: “Thank you so much for your time, you passed with all the questions you were answering… some of them you lied when answering, you lie a lot (jokingly).

3:54PM, Michael is in the kitchen, asking about the questions Benjamin asked in the BBTV studio to Sam and Layla. Michael admits that he lied, knowing full well that the lie detector was fake.

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