Big Brother AustraliaSun 6:30pm, Mon-Fri 7pm, Ch9
Bradley, Ryan and Benjamin are nominated this week. It’s a time of quiet reflection and moaning. If only Benjamin hadn’t thrown that glass of water, there’s no way he would have been nominated. He also worries about 19 year old Bradley coping.

We cut to B-Rad in the Diary Room saying it’s a punch in the guts. He seems genuinely upset. Out come the Kleenex. He’s worried about being up against Benjamin because he’s so popular. Now it’s Benjamin in the DR. He thinks he’s not likeable. He’s been rejected by the house. He’s feeling very alone. We can hear some very tiny violins playing.  Ryan’s upbeat about it all, or so he says. He’s here to have fun and he’s going to God damn it. Bradley makes a toast over dinner and quotes the Dark Knight again and everyone cheers.

Day 15 and a new task is due. They failed last week and have been on basic food. The pressure’s on to win this week. Stacey announces the new task. BB will make requests during the week that the HMs must say YES to. BB will only accept 3 “No”s during the week. All hail BB!

First up, Layla and Michael must serve Ray breakfast. YES BIG BROTHER. Ray gets a full cooked breakfast, plus his favourite choccy milk. He’s a happy boy. Meanwhile outside, Stacey and Benjamin compare Ray to Tom Cruise. He’s just super arrogant and they can’t stand him.

9.24am – it’s crazy bicycle exercises with Sarah outside, while inside Ryan and Ray bitch about how fake she is. They’re sick of her. “The spiritual stuff”. She’s way too happy, when really she’s missing her boyfriend. Ray thinks something’s happened to her in life that’s made her overly positive. They bring up Sarah kissing George (on the cheek) in the shower. Ray thinks it was hugely inappropriate seeing as she has a boyfriend. Sarah enters. Dum di dum. Ray’s nice as pie.

Josh is sent to the Diary Room and has a letter from Sarah’s boyfriend Ryan. The other housemates are watching him from the lounge as he’s asked to read it out “my Smuz…you are somebody’s reason to smile” the tears begin flowing from Sarah. Before Josh can finish reading the love letter, BB asks him to shred the letter.. Will he? Won’t he… YES BIG BROTHER. Good boy. Oh God how will Sarah cope. She’s so brave.

Later on the girls are lounging by the pool with Bradley.  Bradley says to Layla  “you have to realise you’re an attractive person and you deserve to be here” – the girls think he’s wonderful for saying that. Their little guy is growing up and maturing.

The boys are in the kitchen making jam. “We call this dish ‘Sarah’, cause it’s extra bubbly…and super sweet…and super hot” says Ray dripping with sarcasm.

Cabin fever is kicking in. Stacey is hiding under the rug. Zoe is staring intensely in Josh’s face. Benjamin is penguin walking. Everyone’s gone a little nuts.  George says his feminine side has really blossomed. He’s been talking about marriage and babies.

Stacey and Benjamin report to the Diary Room for their usual “Song and dance” for Big Brother’s amusement. These two are great. They would like to make hot pants out of the shiny gold cushions. Could they please make them? They just need a needle and thread. BB will get back to them.

George is sent to the Diary Room. Big Brother asks him if he would be happy to lose his dreadlocks…. YES BIG BROTHER. NOOOOOOO The Housemates can’t believe he’s accepted. Poor George, his dreadlocks are his ‘thing’. He must choose a housemate to do the honours. No one in the house wants him to do it. They’re happy for him to say NO…. so off he goes back to the DR to tell Big Brother. This will be their first strike.

Bradley is asked who his perfect girl is… Brown hair, greenish eyes, olive skin and plump. “not fat, just a good figure” Dare we say he’s just described Layla. Look out. Ryan says his perfect girl is a question mark, he doesn’t know. A horse rider? Loves the Lakers? Angie says that makes her want to spew in his face. Josh says there’s a girl in NY he likes… He brings out a photo of her… is Angie getting jealous? They’ve become quite close in the house. Angie says her man would be tall, big and strong. They start making fun of her. Angie walks off annoyed. Zoe has a go at Josh for ‘flaunting’ the NY girl in front of her. Angie takes refuge in the fridge. Josh follows her out and hugs her. They go and have an awkward heart to heart in the pool area.

We cut to the Diary room where Stacey ‘Ms Minogue” arrives in her gold hot pants with Sarah and Benjamin. She performs a sexy routine for BB. Hilarious. BB asks her to put on a show for her fellow HMs. Stacey is a good egg. Out she goes and does her best dodgy burlesque number.

Later, Layla is asked if she would like a fluffy cute teddy bear to take to bed. YES BIG BROTHER. So what’s the catch? The Teddy Bear is revealed and is nestled amongst 2 giant pythons. Layla is terrified of snakes. Who wouldn’t be, these dudes are mammoth. She has to put her hand in the glass tank and retrieve the teddy. SUCCESS. Much cheering. What a good sport.

Zoe and Ryan are sent to the DR and asked to serve dinner to Ray. “that’s so unfair” says Ryan. It does suck. The funny thing is, Ray’s already finished dinner beforehand. Now he has to eat the entire steak they’re cooking for him.  Can he do it? It’s bloody massive. He looks like he’s going to be sick. Mouth. By Mouth. Can. He. Do. It… And YESSSSSS… Meal completed. Cheers all round as Ray goes and purges it all in the ouside bathroom. Gross. Zoe and Ryan are greatly amused.

It’s 11.57pm – Josh and Angie drill Ryan on Estelle and their loved-up lovey dove-ness. Ryan is tight lipped.  Benjamin is lying in bed with Zoe having a laugh at how Bradley, Ray, Ryan and Estelle are all hanging out post nominations. Benjamin jokes about wanting to be in their gang.

Michael is in heaps of trouble for swearing too much and is sent to the naughty corner in his pink satin pajamas. He must write an essay on 19th century steam trains. He’s stoked as he gets to read a book. The nerd within is released.

Ryan and Estelle make out in the bedroom, while George is egging B-Rad on to be cheeky. Layla tells Bradley that she gets her boobs out in the shower, but he can’t see because he doesn’t have his glasses on. The Housemates are getting sleepy and it’s nighty night… while Michael must read his whole essay out. Hilarious.