Big Brother Australia – Sun 6:30pm, Mon-Fri 7pm, Ch9
OK everyone, just be cool. No more Wahngie. This is a good thing. End public service announcement.

My GOD Michael has put on weight. And changed his hair. Oh no – that’s the new task: Unwelcome guests. All sorts of strange people will be in the BB House and the HMs must ignore them and make them feel unwelcome. The hot water is on for 15 minutes and Michael jumps straight in next to Visitor1 and showers, saying “I value hot showers more than anything.”

There’s awkward giggles from all (especially Layla) as they observe but can’t interact with the surprise visitors. Cut to Michael and Ben bitching about Layla and Estelle seemingly forming a friendship but how Layla bitches about people behind their back. Nice work, kettles.

Talk turns to Michael’s complete inability to do any – ANY – housework. And he doesn’t.

Ben and Estelle are working out in the gym area, when in walks Visitor2 – that dude who was on Gladiators. It sends Stacey and Layla into fits of giggles inside. Watching the HMs pretend like they aren’t noticing the Visitors is both hilarious and numbing.

Michael’s impression of Gladiator is pretty good, and they all talk about the Visitor now that he’s gone? Doesn’t sound like they ignored him. Sam & Estelle are in the kitchen and even Estelle says “It’s weird not having Wahnge around”!!! Talk between them turns to the groups that have clearly formed within the house.

Sam & Layla are in an awkward position – Sam confessed to Layla that his feelings for her are real, but Layla hasn’t said anything back (other than talk about it A LOT with the girls). Sam tells Estelle no intruder has won BB, and he’s surprised he’s still around.

Zoe, Layla & Stacey are analysing Estelle and her “need” for male company. The bitchiness has escalate.

Now there’s a new visitor that has red hair like Michael and is copying everything he does. Like walk on the treadmill. Do push ups. He gives Estelle a kiss on the cheek, as does his mirror. It’s enough that Stacey flees the backyard screaming.

Sam & Layla are caught kissing & confirming their mutual feelings for each other in the kitchen. Pashing.

As the HMs settle into the shade for an afternoon chat, Visitor4 is here and “the pool guy” is doing his best to be some eye candy while being as weird as he can be. Later, Visitor5 has appeared – a hot girl in a bikini sunning herself.

We see the recap of the HMs reaction to their family members appearing in the lounge during the nominations. Ben almost bursts into tears in seeing his mum and hearing her say “so proud” as she left. Once the nominees are announced all the HMs congratulate each other and share their excitement at seeing everyone’s family member.

Layla, using the superpower, save Sam & made Stacey score her first nomination. PLUS she scored a necklace from her dad. She won, no question.

Ben is now gnashing over his nomination – Stacey’s turn will come. Their mutual admiration society will get them through.

Ben is off the Diary Room to discuss how he feels about his nomination – he got the most points and he’s finding it hard to not be upset about it. Pouty pout pout. “Stacey and Estelle have happy faces on – why shouldn’t I?” He shares his feelings with Zoe and Stacey later in the bathroom.

FINALLY he gets it. There’s a hint that he gets that his bitchiness might be the cause of his nomination. Stacey soon talks him out of it though. “You are fabulous!” she says.

Michael’s in the Dairy Room to talk with BB about his concern for Ben. He can see he’s taking it hard. Meanwhile Layla is talking about Ben and how she’s upset with how he’s treating people. The intercut powerplay between the two is an intriguing conversation – including Estelle and Layla suggesting Michael raced off to tell Ben that Layla was bitching about him.

There’s two very separate groups happening – Ben, Stacey, Zoe & Michael and Estelle, Layla & Sam. Of course Ben bitches about it suggesting that his group isn’t playing “the game” but that the other group are.


Enter… the ninja… Visitor5. He pours himself a beer and it’s like they don’t even see him.

The group are all outside when Estelle is called to “the corner, formerly known as the naughty corner”. It’s now the nice corner, and Estelle is being rewarded because she’s the nicest housemate. It’s a private lounge filled with magazines about celebs and horses and celebrity horses. The HMs are so starved for reading material they are begging for Estelle to show them magazines.

Stacey is off to the Diary Room to share her concerns about Benjamin. She’s worried he’s so upset about it, and manages to slip a ‘lower status’ claim in to help her voting chances.

Ben hasn’t been talking to Sam & Layla because he’s upset at them because he believes they cornered him and pushed him to the top of the nominations pile. Michael says that the power has shifted to the lesser three – but it’s going to be a bloodbath for the next two weeks (so clearly they’re now aware of the ending timeframe). Michael and Ben continue to analyse the personalities in the house and Ben can’t get out of the grumps he’s in.

Zoe has taken her stalkerism to a whole new level – she stole a photo of him from his mic pack. Stacey tells her that’s why she’s upset with Estelle “macking on with him all the time”. Zoe knows she has no chance and she loves him for what he represents, not necessarily for who he is.

In the kitchen, Estelle announces she needs someone spoon and ask Michael to do so with her ‘platonically’. HE agrees it would be weird but also happily accepts.

Estelle is talking with BB now about how pumped she is for seeing her friend. She’s worried about her nomination again, but BB reminds her that she’s seen off most of the house and is yet to be evicted. She gets it and wonders when her time is up.

Estelle and Michael snuggle up for the night as all the HMs settle in. The way the ending is edited the sheer fact they are together is keeping Ben up. Curiouser and curiouser…