Big Brother AustraliaSun 6:30pm, Mon-Fri 7pm, Ch9
A special intro from Sonia Kruger from inside the camera corridors of Big Brother. We’re about to meet the new intruder. Opening titles begin!

Tonight Estelle, Bradley & George deal with their nominations. Bradley gives the intruder the lowdown on all the housemates, Michael has some advice for Josh & Radio Big Brother hits the airwaves.

After nominations on Monday night, Estelle basically has a breakdown. She’s really upset she got 19 nomination points. (at least she didn’t beat Charne’s record of 22!) She’s inconsolable. Ben takes her to the bathroom for hugs. Meanwhile Bradley sits on the lounge in shock about his own fate. “you might finally get rid of me” he jokes to Ange. They hug – the universal symbol for “I nominated you but I can’t say anything”

Ben explains to Estelle that they might not want her in there holistically or collectively or some rubbish, but that she will survive…I think. Was that his nice way of saying no one wants her there? If he sounds supportive Ben can say anything. She breaks down again and they hug. Yep, the universal symbol again.

George to Bradley: “if I leave, you take my spot in bed next to Layla” A lightning fast “OK” from Bradley. It also dawns on Bradley that his current bed must be cursed from Housemates of evictions past.

Estelle runs outside in the rain like a maniac for some reason.

George in the Diary Room. He really wants to know who gave him those 4 points at the end of the nominations.

Josh hugs Angie from behind and congratulates her on being in the house for at least another 2 weeks now and making it halfway. Ange says there could be another intruder though. Bradley jokes around in the kitchen about how everyone gave him ‘a week off’ nominations” but they’ve punched him in the gut again. “we clearly hate you” jokes Josh “but not as much as you hate Estelle!” SSH Bradley, she’s walking in! Josh tells Bradley to pull his head in.

BB calls Bradley to the Diary Room and asks him to clean the fishtank. We know what that means! Surly the fish gives Bradley a heart attack when he starts talking, funny. He tells him about the intruder in the Captains Quarters and that his job is to go in there and tell him about the girls in the house. He goes via the Diary Room where he’s blind folded and led away on his mission by a black ninja. Back stage Sonia tells us the intruder will soon gatecrash the party.

We get a sneak peek of Sam who’s from the Gold Coast – currently waiting in the Captain’s Quarters. Hot body, shaved hair, he’s patting himself dry from the spa. Meanwhile the housemates are wondering where Bradley is. Did he take his nomination badly?

Back to Sam, wearing only a towel and Bradley enters the room blind folded. They introduce themselves in a kind of awkward way and sit down to business – the women in the house according to Bradley. It’s hilarious:

Ava: “extremely fit” “it’s so good”
Estelle: “the most confusing person you’ll ever meet”
Layla: “she’s already in a couple”
Sam points out her hotness.
Zoe: “country girl”
Stacey: “she goes off…so much fun”
Angie: “she’s probably single..but she’s still a bit attached to THAT guy”
Bradley’s so funny. He’s so serious and all business with Sam. Now Sam tells us a bit about himself: he surfs, he’s single, girls are trouble he reckons…

Meanwhile Michael’s giving his own rundown of his fellow Housmates to Ange & Josh:
Stacey: “nice enough, crazy”
Josh: “nice enough, bit aloof”
Me: “nice enough, bit of a wanker”
Ange: “nice enough, bit cranky”
Zoe: “nice enough, falling apart at the seams”
Ben: “nice enough, can lose the plot”
Estelle: “nice enough, can be really annoying”
Layla: “nice enough, can be really thick”
George: “nice enough, doesn’t open up much”
Bradley: “nice enough, can be a little twat”

Back to Sam. “are you a jerk?” he jokes, wondering why Bradley’s nominated this week. BB tells them Bradley must go now and leaves the photos for Sam to peruse.

The next day, Sam wakes up alone in the Captains Quarters. We see him working out, guns blazing.

Over in the house Josh & Ava wake up snuggling. She still has her cute fluffy eye mask on. She gets up to give morning snuggles to Estelle. In the bathroom Zoe is really getting down about the whole BB experience. It’s too much for her. She goes and speaks to BB about her issue with Angie. She’s really worried about her gossiping and bitching. It scares her, because she knows what it feels like to be bullied. She feels for Estelle, she genuinely likes her. She doesn’t want to be around it. Later on, Zoe & Ben talk about how everyone needs to make an effort and get to know other people in the house, like Estelle.

Fitzy and Wippa give the Housemates a task. They get to start their own radio station, Double B FM. They’ll be judged on how entertaining they are. Josh & Michael are first up, talking about Mens Issues. They play it quite straight. Josh gives love advice on when to say “I Love You”. They joke, “6 hours”

Layla, Zoe and Stacey discuss Angie’s theory about Estelle playing the game. Zoe’s worried she’ll lose their friendship if she decides to befriend Estelle.

Estelle in the Diary Room is feeling newly confident with her friendship with Ava and Josh.

The girls are daydreaming about a hot intruder. Layla reckons George would get upset. Meanwhile, Sam goes through all the girls. He really likes Layla. Thinks Angie is a typical Gold Coast girl. Ava is hiding something, but she still has beautiful cheek bones and brown eyes.

Angie wonders what would happen if someone hot came in and took Ava away from Josh! What would Josh do? He he he…

Ava & Estelle are on the radio now. They chat to Elvis on talkback and talk about his missing cat, Terence Trent D’Arby. Stacey wonders how “Boring FM” is going in there. Funny.

Ben talks to Josh about the Ava situation. Is he feeling guilty? He’s worried about Angie’s feelings. Ben tells him to stop being paranoid and neurotic. He shouldn’t worry.

Now it’s Ben and Stacey on the radio with The Hot House. “Fashion Bashin” They talk Angie’s GC barbie look. “the Kylie before Michael Hutchence…the Kylie who shopped at Supre” Stacey’s digging Bradley’s nerd look. And they have a caller! It’s Ray on the radio!! They talk about him being a breath of fresh air. A “shirts off for festivals guy” So funny. These two should get their own show.

Michael is suspicious of Josh’s relationship with Ava. They discuss it. Michael advises him to back off. “let it go now!”

Ava in the Diary Room. She’s really attracted to Josh and she’s worried about it affecting the dynamics in the house.

We see a promo for the intruder meeting the 6 saucy housemates on 6 saucy speed dates! The girls are all dressed up and look pretty excited! Fun times ahead.

Ben and Stacey are still
On the air. Pash, Dash or Marry is the question. Stacey on the HM’s:
George: Marry
Ange: Pash
Bradley: Dash
Layla: Marry
Josh: Pash
Ava: Dash
Zoe: Marry. Perfect mother!
Estelle: Dash
Michael: Marry
Very funny banter.

The Housemates talk about when there might be an intruder. Angie thinks TOMORROW.

Layla stays up to talk to BB. She’s worried about how close Ava and Josh are. “boys nowadays…”

We cut back to some late night pashing in bed with Josh and Ava… Will this all end in tears?