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Tonight on Big Brother the Live Eviction! Angie, Estelle & Ava. All looking pretty devo about the whole thing. And enter Sonia Kruger in front of a screaming crowd wearing a gold sparkly, stripey, see-you-next-Tuesday wrap around sultry number. We’re told it’s a super sized night with a lot happening.

The voting so far looks like this: 47%, 15%, 38%… So there’s a definite front runner:
Will it be gangsta Estelle?
Finger pointer Angie?
Or Josh’s lip warmer, Ava?

We get a suck-up message from all 3, desperate for us to vote and save them. Please, please Estelle, I’ll vote if you stop rapping.

Let’s see what those HMs have been up to this week… Week 7, Sam worked while the housemates played. Delilah the dog came, saw, and peed her way into their hearts. Josh & Ava pashed. Surly lived up to his name and got revenge on Layla by getting Michael to burn her hair rollers in the pizza oven. Ava & Josh pashed more, the Captains Quarters was taken over by Pirates, Ben won a message from home that yanked the tears out of his girly guys and made us cynics tear up. Josh & Ava continue pashing… Big Brother took no mercy on those naughty HMs. Ava cried her way out of the naughty corner while Sam cried himself through a pile of onions and claustrophobic Ben was sent to the dog house. Layla got new rollers but they lost their luxury budget. The HMs showed off their talents while Josh & Ava made everyone sick.

Back to Sonia who explains the unusual Tuesday night eviction has messed with the HM’s heads, who have no idea when it’s all going to umfold. For the last 24 hours they’ve all been speculating. Bradley offers Ange his Superman t-shirt to wear for one day if she’s not evicted. He then gives her a smooch on the shoulder that Ange looks thrilled about.

This week the task sees the HMs having to spend $1000 on ‘special’ offers that Big Brother phones into the house. The ‘bat’ phone rings and Michael’s dreams have come true. He’s offered a friendship bracelet handcuff that he and Josh must wear all day, manacled together by their friendship. It’s a beautiful thing.

Sam informs us he’s on a bicep diet. No pancakes for him, but let’s just take a moment to look at those guns again. Then he sabotages the pancakes for no apparent reason… Layla tells Ange that he and Sam will ‘hang out’ on the outside as friends (after BB) but she’s hoping it might become a fairytale story. Awe. Don’t cage the bird Layla, let him fly.

Michael tries his hand as a Bush Poet, while Josh wishes he was manacled to Ava… And more random hot shots of Sam, tick. While Ange and Layla reckon Estelle would definitely crack onto Sam if she had the chance.

Estelle, Diary Room. While looking into her imaginary mirrorball BB asks her about Sam and whether she might have hooked up with Mr.Guns. She says ‘perhaps yes’ but perhaps she took a step back so as not to step on anyone’s toes. She’s not all bad people!

Michael & Josh, Diary Room. BB asks how the handcuffs were going while toileting, showering, swimming and making out (erm, as in Josh &Ava) leaving Michael ill to his core, funny.

Back to the house and Layla’s alter ego “Shaniqua” is about to spew out in fury over HMs not doing the dishes. She walks off in anger over Bradley joking around with her. The HMs think it’s hilarious that she changes colour when “Shaniqua” comes out. She seeks cuddles from the happy couple – Michael and Josh. Later on, Sam says to Layla in bed that he can’t stand being around Bradley. He’s a pest and puts everyone else down.. Kissing continues.

The boys play ball in the backyard, while the ladies give some love lessons to Delilah. “first they take your heart Delilah, then your inhibitions…before you know it they’re dropping off papers that say Divorce”. Delilah listens intently.

BB tells them at 5.30pm they have 1 hour to get ready. “for what!?” barks Ange. Another night waiting for eviction? Ange MUST know and heads to the Diary Room demanding an explanation so she can coordinate her outfit accordingly. BB plays with her, revealing nothing. Very funny. They glam up and sit in the lounge ready to go. They’re told it’s a Double… A double or nothing! Ka-ching! It’s all part of the week’s task, nothing to do with eviction. Ange is unimpressed. The task sees them being offered a shot of tripe and veggies to drink. All HMs must drink, including Ava who’s a vego. That’s a ‘no sale’ on the task. Wa wa waaaah.

Later, Ange gives BB the evil eye. She says she’s living out of a suitcase and is not impressed.

Sonia crosses to the house live while BB announces that there’s REALLY an eviction tonight. They don’t look convinced but they’re all dressed up. Ange’s got ‘the good’ eyelashes on, so she must be ready.

After the break, Salon a la Layla is open for business. Foot massages, haircuts, fake eyelashes and makeovers. Ben’s scared of the bat flapping lashes but is impresses with Layla’s work.

Ben’s faced with a raw brown onion to eat for the weekly task. The HMs watch on while he gags away and Layla makes up words like ‘expressionative’. Later on Estelle has a tar and feather treatment for her part in the task. Ange relishes in the event, while Delilah wants to eat her.

Ava montage. Could she be given the boot? It seems to be the trend for first time nominees muses Sonia…

Let’s check out Sam again. Shirtless and doing furniture gymnastics while kissing Layla. Sigh.

Ben, Diary Room. Rants about how annoying Ange is. He thinks “Channing Tatum” aka Sam is nothing but play candy for Layla. He’s bored by it.

Ava’s on the couch telling Michael he’s not fat. Michael’s wishing he was far away. Later on Michael feeds his boyfriend Josh dinner, while Ava sits in his lap and makes out. Poor Michael.

Montage of the week’s task including the classic Gypsy Wedding dress that Layla wore.

Sonia crosses to them live and offers Michael and Josh the results to either to one of the Grand Finals on the weekend as part of their task. They choose League. And the winner was….the Wentworth Magpies from some unknown league. Sonia’s just pulling their leg, oh Sonia you cheeky devil. Her REAL offer is $10 for an eviction outfit for all the boys. They all take up the offer. The outfits turn out to be ballerina tutus.

Sonia crosses back live and the boys look delightful in their outfits. Bradley does a spin around. The girls discuss their eviction woes, Ange has another whinge about how the last 3 nights have been tough.

Sonia has the news. The Housemate who received the most votes and will be staying in the house is Angie. Wowsers. Worth getting dressed up Ange? Estelle and Ava look very nervous.

And after the break we find out the big news. Drum roll… It’s time to go… AVA. Josh is about to cry. Estelle is hysterical and hugs her best friend for what seems like an eternity. Ava gives Josh one last massive pash in front of the exit doors and off she goes in her sexy shirt dress. There’s a quiet in the house. Josh throws off his ballet shoes…

Sonia welcomes Ava on stage. The crowd goes cray cray. It’s now very apparent how tiny this pocket rocket is. Sonia is a giant next to her. The votes reveal she was at 14%. Sadly not many people tried to save her. They chat about how hard it was being the intruder and the “holiday commune” she was a part of. She gets to see who nominates her – Zoe said she hooked up with Josh to help her chances in the house. We look back at her loveboat romance with Josh. It’s non stop making out and Ava looks horrified and surprised.

After the break Ava sheds no light on the conspiracy theories that she was famous or a princess or had privileges in someway. She doesn’t really explain what that was all about, but it would seem she made it up.

The Tofu-Gate incident is played back to her and laughs at Stacey flushing it down the toilet.

Ava’s top 3 moments:
#3 Cleaning jock straps
#2 Ava & Estelle
#1 Ava hearts Josh

She agonises over the superpower and thinks Josh can get it done without stressing but gives it to Estelle anyway. Eek.

Flashback of her time in the house which basically consists of a love Fest.

Tomorrow night it’s nominations!

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