Big Brother AustraliaSun 6:30pm, Mon-Fri 7pm, Ch9
A new sun rises over the BB house, and Sam is exercising. Again.

Without his shirt. Again.

Boys have their noses out of joint over the New Pretty Abs, as girls have their noses out of joint over who Rambo will play with next.
Ava and Josh continue to suck face with a soundtrack that can only be compared with a $1 oyster buffet, while Angie and Stella compete for Sam’s attention in the kitchen with a coffee stand off.

Layla has expressed confusion over her feelings for George, yet spent another night cosied up in their shared sleeping bag.
Rambo has become self-nominated house Personal Trainer and is guiding Bradley through his tricep lifts, while the girls ogle from the kitchen.

Looks as though Sam is still drawn to Estelle..and confesses to big brother that she is a cool chick, but feels as though he has to spread himself around and “spin himself a web” to prevent future nominations.

BBFM welcomes New Pretty Rambo to discuss first-world man problems, starting with peeing on the toilet seat, and how to impress the Ladeez by making oneself Buff.

Meanwhile the girls with the help of George, Bradley and Self-Appointed Resident House Psychologist Benjamin, discuss the shiny new plaything, He of the Abs.

George and Stacey discuss George’s Outside Love without realizing Layla is behind the couch…Um-Ahh!!! Awkies!

Sam has been set with the task of choosing teams for BBs latest challenge, starting with a game of Surprise Showers. As the pairs station themselves under strategically placed buckets of random liquid slime, Team Michael and Stacey let the bucket go somewhat prematurely, and are soon followed by other teams dropping like flies and dripping in various liquids.

Last team standing is ‘We’re Just Friends Like Brother and Sister but We Like To Cuddle’ Josh and Angie, who win the challenge…

Later; Stacey, Layla, Zoe and The Psychologist discuss Layla’s sleeping arrangements and awkward Ménage-a-George and make the decision that Stacey’s bed will be her sanctuary. Totes Awkies Silence ensues as Peorgie crashes the party.

In Captain’s Quarters, ‘We’re Just Friends Like Brother and Sister But We Like To Cuddle’ Angie and Josh discuss the Ava/Estelle situation in their hotel robes over breakfast. Totes unromantic, yeah?

Stacey and The Psychologist Ben continue their team Organising in the bedroom, plotting to prank Angie by relocating her belongings without her knowledge, much to Bradley’s concern having witnessed the fallout the last time this was done.

Layla and Rambo make up after he unleashes his secret hairdressing skills with Layla’s Velcro rollers, now becoming total besties.

BB hosts a garden party complete with frocks and heels, as Angie and Josh emerge from Captain’s Quarters the housemates show off their frockery, giving Josh the opportunity to suck face yet again with Ava over a glass of bubbles.

Estelle and Zoe bond in the kitchen over a conversation about the New Pretty Rambo Ab-Boy, while Layla confides in Angie about the Georgie Peorgie situation.

It’s a nice change from Layla’s feelings from the night before about feeling under Angie’s control. While Ange gives Layla an “in” to open up about their friendship, Layla decides on staying Switzerland and keeps things very diplomatic.

As the lawn bowls kicks on out in the garden, Josh gives Ava some advice about the housemate dynamic and its effect on NomNoms.

Cue fireworks as Angie discovers her THINGS. HAVE. BEEN. TOUCHED.


The Psychologist Benjamin cops the brunt of Angie’s wrath and, despite it being his idea cleverly shifts responsibility to Bradley for Moving Said Things. I think we underestimate the sneakiness.

Zoe attempts to explain but Angie is unconvinced, even with Ben’s apology.

As Angie calms and returns to the CQ for dessert with Josh, they discuss the future of his relationship with Ava.

Josh does not see the relationship continuing as that, rather just a house thing that might be a convenient friendship beyond.Ava has confessed her thoughts to BB and lays down the law of Hanky Panky: “Josh Shalt Not Snog Me and Hank the Pank with Ange at the same time.” Just sayin’.

As the garden party winds down, Michael is rocked by the announcement that Josh and Ava have swapped beds with Bradley, who will now bunk in with Michael.

Layla breaks the news to Georgie Peorgie that she needs her space, to which he responds “Whatevs, all good,” which we all know is boy speak for (insert expletives here).

As the news is broken to Michael (looking rather dapper with his gorgeous rusty tresses off his face, Konan the Barbarian-style) over yet another bed change, he seeks solace in the Diary Room.

Likened to Paul McCartney while Yoko Ava breaks up the band, poor Michael seems to be suffering a little displacement, but I’m sure the Psychologist Benjamin will psychoanalyse it all away. What a shame Sarah couldn’t be there with her repetitious arm patting.

George looks like he could also use a little arm patting himself as he goes for a BB chat in the diary room. Eyes glisten with a tear (!) as he tells BB the Goss (which of course with 5 million microphones and cameras in the house he wouldn’t know already) and of their ‘split,’ which BB describes as ‘amicable,’ then spends the next 10 minutes explaining the term ‘amicable’ to poor Peorgie.

While the boys gear up for another BBFM shift, New Pretty Rambo sets a few of the girls a-squeal by showering in the Nuddy. Most alarmed is Stacey, who was extended an invitation to join him(!). DubbleYooTee-Eff!!

Stacey and Layla are up to shenanigans as they fail with a miserable yet highly amusing attempt to destroy Yoko’s precious Tofu by throwing it over the fence.

Suffering remorse, Spacey confides in BB after she flushes the evidence.

In total bean curd conflict and an attempt to absolve herself of her sins, Stacey sacrifices herself for punishment at BB’s discretion as the housemates bunker down for the night and we watch on in night vision…

There’s Georgie, wiping tears from his eyes in the dark loneliness of his Layla-less bed; Estelle sleeping like a baby, and We’re Just Friends Like Brother and Sister But We Like to Cuddle Josh and Angie, nuzzled in together in CQ. Watch THAT space!!!

Massive thanks to the ever stupendous Island Girl who filled in for me to write tonight’s recap. What a stellar job! More to come from her, I reckon!