Big Brother Australia – Sun 6:30pm, Mon-Fri 7pm, Ch9
Angie is having a crisis.

Her sugar-free diet using honey as a sugar substitute is leaving her without legs or a heartbeat it seems. True sugar converts will know this is actually a no-no but it’s a good start. Perhaps not for the other HM’s who are noticing their depleting honey supplies.

BB tries to rally the penguins into doing something entertaining with some Ragtime wakeup music. But with Angie and her sugar depletion and depleting housemate numbers it’s not effective. Nope, the penguins aren’t playing today.

Sneaky Stelle decides to use a little of the remaining honey before hiding the rest…
Big Baby, subject of this week’s task, is woken up by Stella and Layla in time for kitchen mother’s group.

Meanwhile, in the living room Benjamin questions why the boys are being assassiminated while the girls reign over the BB house. Michael self-proclaimed Renaissance Man, Rambo Sambo and Dr Ben remain.

Mothers’ group decides topic of today is their One Great Love. Everyone has a story to tell here, even Zoe bless her heart who admits she needs to find self-love before finding true love. Bless your little cotton socks Zoe that is most wise.

Back in the living room Benjamin is telling his story of his brush with fame:
[In a cinema for the premiere of Mamma Mia, as canons burst confetti into the audience amidst cheers and lights, Benjamin realises he is sitting next to the one and only Meryl Streep; Ben loses all control of all speech functions and claps her with the word ‘Groodle.’ Ah yes, Ben- we’ve all been there. Except with me it was Chris Isaak and a drop of his sweat on my shirt which he was signing and the realisation that I now have his DNA and may someday be able to have his babies. Erm, anyhoos.]

This week’s captain’s challenge is upon us, and I’m sure Ben and Swacker are chomping at the bit to get themselves a night of luxury in the restored quarters. BB announces the game Peg Face: HM able to cover their face with the most pegs in one minute wins. BB also tells us the world record is 153- thanks for the trivs BB.

Michael is up first and manages 15 pegs on his adorable face, while Angie goes for 22. Yes we can all feel Ben’s nerves and the HMs do their best to rally with a pep talk. Most of the housemates come in at the 20 mark, including poor old Benny Boy. But ya can’t keep a good man down and as Angie accepts her win, Benji gallantly has suggested Angie takes Stacey with her as she too has missed out. He’s still a little down in the mouth though, (possibly because of all those pegs) and feels that if ever there was a challenge he could have won, it would be that one. So, while Stacey and Angie enjoy their temporary luxury, Ben reports to BB for a debrief.

Ever the analyst, Ben tells BB how despite all odds in his favour the pressure of the challenge just prevented him from bringing it home, shaking hands and all. Sam tends to a little manscaping with the clippers, while Angie and Stacey bond by the Captain’s pool, and Ben & Zoe chat in the kitchen.

Both Ben and Zoe share their frustrations over the constant need for fellow HMs to interject and silence good conversations. Ben is again questioning the voting polls, wondering how the voters choose who to save; Ben thinks it’s the most annoying people that are being saved by the outsiders.

Meanwhile Layla gets chosen as the recipient of the message from home, which brings her to tee-yers (of course) as her family serenade her with their rendition of Oats-A-La-Layla. The HMs are told they have forgotten Big baby’s 1st birthday and are set with the challenge of creating a birthday celebration fit for a little princess.

All gather in the garden for a pink party of bubbles, sweets and cake, as Sam and Layla bring Big Damn That’s An Ugly Baby out to celebrate.

It’s all fun and games by the pool with a game of pass the parcel. But while distracted, Delilah has attacked the bunny cake, made so carefully by Sam and Michael. Doesn’t look like the most fun game and the Mariachi music keeps being stopped by BB every time it gets to Stacey. Stacey is loving it. The rest of the HMs watch on in total boredom (really they’re just totes peeved about missing out on all the tiny toys hidden in each layer).

It’s big day for the HMs and while Big Baby is put to bed Estelle, Layla, Michael and Zoe chill outside on the big comfy chairs. Estelle entertains herself by putting stickers on Michael’s gorgeous sleeping face.
Sambo is called into the diary room where BB offers the challenge of hiding Zoe’s Poombah in return for family photos. Sam is wearing a shirt.

While outside, Zoe takes advantage of Michael at his most vulnerable and plants a big smacker fair on the lips.

We are back to the kitchen and Estelle is a bit devvo over her broken wand which she had grown quite attached to. As she leaves the kitchen Ben, Zoe and Michael immediately take the opportunity to talk about how much she still seems to annoy them. Michael says the way she presents herself is totally unacceptable, Ben agrees. BB has a chat to Estelle to get her take, and still with high spirits (this girl is a trooper) she tells BB she is just being herself. It’s Estelle Talk in the Captain’s Quarters too as Angie and Stacey talk about her game plan.

Estelle goes in to the bedroom and confides in Sam, revealing the topic of conversation between her and BB. Sam agrees with Estelle’s suspicion that people are still talking about her. Estelle tells Sam that he can trust her, that she won’t do the same as other people are doing to her. A difficult and rather noble thing to do given the circumstances, I think.

Layla joins in, and is still surprised that people are saying mean things about others in the house. All three agree it’s unhelpful and unnecessary at the business end of the competition; but Michael and Ben continue the tradition with talk about Layla being “just nice” and “as thick as two planks.”

Yes, the screws are tightening and yes this is a social experiment, so whilst the HM behaviour (divide, beetch and conquer) is not at all unpredictable it’s still interesting to watch them form fragile alliances and tear each other apart.

Ben may say that the most annoying are being saved, and while I do enjoy he, Michael and Zoe, it is Sam, Layla and Estelle that seem to be holding true to their sensitivity and integrity. Perhaps these are the qualities the peeps on the outside are looking for in a champion of Reality TV, in a fickle world ruled by the not so deep and meaningful.

Angie and Stacey are given their extra reward of a movie and icecream, while Sam is rewarded for the great Poombah heist with family photos. I said last week that Sam is pretty sensitive- a lot deeper than those ab ripples! He can’t wait to go and show off his family to Layla, sealed with a kiss.

He then shows them to the other HMs outside, at which Michael is overwhelmed at the gorgeousness of Sam’s best mates in his picture. He squeals.

At bed time, Zoe cannot find her Poombah, and seeks BB’s help. Or not.

The mind games are on. May the odds be Evva in Your Fayyyverrr.

Hang on, BB Confidential has started and Sam’s in his undies. I’m out.