Big Brother AustraliaSun 6:30pm, Mon-Fri 7pm, Ch9
Tonight, Ava’s making friends & enemies quick smart. There’s a new secret room. And anyone for cricket?

Ava’s spent her first night in the BB house and wakes up to her new BFF Estelle. Isn’t it a bit early for hugs in the bathroom?

George & Ray wonder how Ava is going… Ray compares entering the house to starting a new school. George has heard the girls talking about her and they think she’s flirty. “bring it on” they agree that girls just get jealous.

Zoe in the Diary Room. “she’s bloody gorgeous…tiny…she’s getting on with the boys” She’s happy that Estelle now has someone else to annoy. She wants to know if she’s going to be flirty like Angie. The competition begins!!

Michael tells Angie how beautiful she looks this morning over breakfast. Ava arrives for breaky with her little shadow, Estelle.

Ray in the DR, reflects on all that is Ava. “She’s nice, she’s kind, she’s funny, she’s hot, she’s flirty”. Ray’s smitten. He just wishes Estelle would leave her along so he could talk to her

Layla, Angie & Stacey talk about “crazy face” aka Estelle in the bathroom. They wonder whether “crazy” has always been normal and THEY’RE all the weird ones. Ava in the DR. BB asks how she’s feeling about Crazy befriending her. She’s happy but feeling like a fish out of water in the house.

The Housmates must don their cricket whites for a challenge! Boy/Girl teams are competing for a night in the Captain’s Quarters. They all chatter about how good they are at cricket, but then they’re faced with the actual challenge: a 60 second quiz – while wearing a face mask full of 1000 live jimminy crickets! Ray’s up. He’s got the cricket hat on while Estelle shows us how smart she’s not. 2 questions right. Ben & Stacey, 7 questions right. George & Layla (?). Michael & Zoe 8 points. Bradley & Ava, 6 points. Josh & Angie, 7 points. Michael & Zoe win! Off they go to the Captain’s Quarters for a spa and a night of luxury. The other housemates are so jealous. Ben & Stace talk more about the weird Bobbsey Twins – Ava & Estelle. Josh patiently waits to make his move on Ava…

Zoe’s letting it all hang out in the Captain’s Quarters. Face mask, dressing gown and snoring.

Josh starts up “honest” conversations where everyone can say what annoys them about one another, so as to alleviate bitching. He tells Layla that she doesn’t back herself enough. Ange butts in and wants to know what he thinks. He says she has an annoying voice.

More wildlife escapades between the elephant Estelle & Josh the Buffalo as part of the weekly task. Josh has a quiet moment with her and tells her she’s hard to figure out and people struggle to connect with her. She tells him he’s hard to read. He finds this hard to believe.

The housemates start drilling the new girl. Ava tells them she’s into fitness and health, she then gets up and walks off to find her BFF. Stacey thinks she doesn’t like her… Angie is SO annoyed about the twosome. Bradley doesn’t even like Estelle now! And Layla can’t get a word in.

Bradley the cheetah is ON! He’s running around the yard full pace. So cute and gangly. The Housmates watch on during dinner.

Angie heads to the Diary Room for some medication Feeling a bit sick, but not sick enough to stop her whinging about Ava…

And in a complete faux pas George refers to Layla as Ava! Classic. Housemates go nuts and jump around. Layla pretends not to care. Ava must surely realise she’s now the token hottie.

There’s a new room in the house that’s replaced the old Parlor. It’s a chat room cafe where only 2 people can go at a time for a private talk if they’re invited. The gossip queens Ben & Stacey are the first to go in. Squeals of joy at the sight of cakes, pastries and lounges. They immediately start trying everything.

Meanwhile Michael & Zoe get a special screening in bed of Midnight in Paris. They look like a married old couple in bed together.

Back to the cafe, Ben & Stace decide they don’t like Ava. She’s a bit moody and not trying. Ben’s calling her Eva for some reason and he’s decided it’s their mission to separate Estelle and Ava-Eva.

We cut to Estelle & Ava hugging outside again. So much lady love…

Josh brings out the hidden chocolate he’s been saving. The other 8 blocks have been eaten by the housemates already. He looks like a dealer rationing it out. Ava gives her piece to her shadow.

Ben in the Diary Room. Big thanks for the cafe and also talks about how interesting Stacey is. She’s so fun but there’s still so much not known about her and he loves it.

Ava & bestie do another weird love dance together and finally manage to extract from one another long enough to go to sleep…Ava next to Josh. (!)

Ben, Layla & Stacey lay in bed whispering about Estelle’s weirdness. Ben would like to send her to the weird corner. Little do they know… Estelle is still awake. Not clear if she can actually hear them though. It’s certainly survival of the fittest.

And now for Big Brother Confidential. A chance to reflect on the week so far.

The intruder arrives, cue montage of hot bikini shots and the guys fawning themselves stupid. Michael has a sensible conversation about the whole situation with BB. She’s hot. Josh is hot. They’re around the same age. It’s gonna happen. And Angie is out of the picture. “kudos to you Big Brother”

Zoe’s sad. She’s lost her confidence and is feeling crap about herself. Doesn’t help that all the hot girls are flaunting their hotness all day and everyday. Ben gives her some words of advice, in the only way that Ben can. He’s a genuinely good guy. He will go far in the competition if he keeps dishing out these stellar scenes.

Layla & Angie in the DR. Talking Estelle and how much she’s loving male attention. Montage of Estelle being man handled by everyone. Michael does his best Estelle impersonation which involves creepy crawling all over Josh’s body. Hilarious!

House Hits Vol#2 Montage of their best home made hits. “Oats a la Layla” is very catchy. “Everybody goes cray cray today” is also quite lovely. Josh belts out “My Jellyfish suit”

A UFO has planted a “visitor” in the house. Montage of creepy faces and odd behavior.

A new tradition has started. After every eviction the house will play an honorary cricket match. Layla is awesome at it…if only she could just work out the rules.

Late night chats lead to Truth or Dare. Estelle is dared to kiss Josh. Ange hovering near by. It’s over and done with in a second. Ange is dared to kiss Bradley. “Lips closed” she tells him. Poor Bradley just gets a dismissive peck.

The next morning, Josh reenacts the Estelle kiss to Stacey who’s horrified! It was just a peck for God’s sake but some how Love God Josh has turned it into Estelle wanting his body.

First World Problems. Ange’s hair tie breaks.

The girls start their own girl band Gosling’s Girls. Show stopping outfits are made and rehearsals begin. Ben admits that Ange has ‘crazy’ singing eyes. They dedicate their performance to the man himself, Mr Ryan Gosling. Ange brings new meaning to hot pants.

New confessions. Ray can actually top his last confession of collecting toe nail clippings. This week he milks his nipples. The house is disgusted and excited and repulsed!!

Josh tries to hook up with Bradelina, the hot sister version of Brad.

Finally, a rude bit! Josh walks around pantless and they all laugh at his flat arse. End of rude bit.

Michael reveals that his hair is an important part of who he is and he’ll never cut it for a “sensible” job.

Josh thinks George & Layla’s late night kissing sounds like they’re eating bananas. Eeeeewe. We see some lounge room loving under a furry blanket. They think they’re alone, but yet again there’s an audience of horny housemates peering on.

Stacey announces she would like to fart on Bradley’s head. She does. And runs for cover in the toilet.

And on that tasteful note…goodnight.