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Here we are – first eviction AND the reveal of the girl’s secrets. What a night. Sonia enters through the eye like a returning Olympian at a ticker tape parade – dressed in a fashionable lemon number. Crowd screams, etc.

We get a reminder that Estelle, Layla and Charne (pronounced Shar-ney) are up for eviction and while Facebook voting is now closed for the week, you can still call for the next 10 minutes – why has FB closed early? Seems strange. Two of the housemates are close in low-voting percentage, meaning it’s down to two (clearly Estelle is the 49%-er and nowhere near fear of eviction).

After a quick recap of the numbers to vote with, seeing the girls on the couch, it’s time for a quick recap of the week’s activities – Road Trip; Nomination Split; Girl’s Hissy Fit; Ryan & Estelle’s Ship; Michael’s Bathroom Trip; Housemate cray cray. Apparently fans of Ben are calling themselves “Benjamites” or “Fanjamins”. Good grief.

The shortened Daily Show catch up is all about Ryan’s birthday party. Ryan gets a suit in the Diary Room while the girls are glamours, the boys papparazzi’s. He goes outside to walk down a red carpet where Ray snaps him and asks if the rumours are true about him & Estelle. Layla gets snarky at dinner while Zoe whispers in Angie’s ear about the fascinations with George.

After dinner, it’s the highlights from Ryan’s modelling portfolio. The HMs love paying out on him for his model work and the connections to Derek Zoolander are obvious. The girls dissect Layla’s chances with George in the bathroom, then at bedtime Ben tells George to move beds to spoon with Layla. She instead comes to him and once the lights are out we catch them kissing. OOO-MA!

Before Sonia throws to the break we see three really weak videos from the girls up for eviction begging the audience to vote for them and keep them in the house – possibly the reason we’ve only just seen them now. “Keeping it real”?!?! What is this – 2004?

Voting lines are closed, and now the aftermath of Ryan’s party. Layla’s concerned that the kiss may backfire as to perception of her. Ben asks Sarah if it’s bad that Layla and Zoe annoy him? Sarah says something about being a vegetarian and no one cares again.

Bradley mentions alliances at dinner and how Josh is part of ‘the original crew’. Ben throws a glass of water in Brad’s face – “there’s only so much I can take”. Seemed like it was a bit over the top. Ben & Bradley catch up later in passing and Ben says that he was upset and he’s seen many spots where Brad’s upset people and he obviously didn’t realise it. Ben feels Bradley is being rude to people and he’s being egged on by the other housemates. Somehow Ben was getting offended and now Brad is perplexed as to why. AREN’T WE ALL?!

Time to find out if the boys picked the girl’s secrets – a great and very funny recap of the boys on the hunt, including Ryan staring at Stacey’s hands for a VERY long time. Ray’s rationale for Estelle being the member of a royal family? “She’s pretty hot, she could pass as a princess.”

Ryan has been called out for breaking the rules around the challenge this week (asking Estelle directly) and that’s likely enough for the boys to lose the task. Time for the boys to reveal their guesses… blah blah blah BB reminding them that’s why the girls are up for eviction.

The boys get four lives like the girls, but thanks to Ryan asking Estelle directly AND George asking Charne (pronounced Shar-ney) if she was an emo – it now means the boys have only three lives. Game on. If the boys guess right, they can’t be nominated again.

George is called first – “Who is the one with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder”. He says Charne (pronounced Shar-ney) – she’s called forward and confirms that is her secret. She’s benched.

Ray’s next to match a girl to “I was a hand model”. Stacey is called forward and admits its true. The boys celebrate and Stacey’s benched. Back to Sonia where she continues to build the non-existent tension. Charne (pronounced Shar-ney) shares about having OCD, where she offers it’s very hard to hide. Stacey says she was just born with fabulous hands. Wow, stop the revelations.

We’re back, and this time Benjamin has to match to “I am a high school dropout”. He calls Sarah and… he’s WRONG! The boys have two lives left. So he then calls Estelle and… he’s RIGHT! They’re stoked, and Estelle is benched.

Michael’s next, having to match “I am a nude protester”. He calls Sarah and she admits it was her (bloody PETA). The boys go nuts while Sarah is now benched. Three girls left and two lives. Estelle shares she was off skateboarding most of the time so didn’t complete high school. She did, however, find time to create the WORST. RAP. EVER. Sarah shares she protested in the nude for unnamed place in a park in the nuddy. She felt it had a huge impact, but nobody ever heard about it before this. Hmmm.

Ryan’s turn, and he has to match “I used to be an emo” with a girl. He calls forward Layla and… he’s WRONG!. The boys are down to one life remaining. He now cals Zoe who confirms she was indeed the emo. Benched. Back to Sonia again and we learn that Zoe was into the whole black t-shirt thing for a holiday break. Wow, that’s commitment.

Time for the last two matches. Josh & Bradley are called up to match Angie and Layla to “I am a member of a Royal Family” or “I am a champion weightlifter”. If they get it right, the boys are safe en masse for another week. Brad is called to match to the royal family secret – he calls Angie, and he’s… WRONG! That means Angie is the weightlifter and Layla is the royal. The boys are gobsmacked, and the girls have celebrated wildly.

BB, however, reminds them that none of them can be nominated this week but that one is about to go now. They’re all sent to the lounge, but first it’s secrets – Angie was a Qld rep in weightlifting, but she had to give it up to finish school. Layla is a descendant of the Polish Royal Family (“but I act like a princess, I know that”).

Kruges crosses to the lounge to tell the HMs that Layla received the most votes and therefore is safe this week. This after it had to be explained to them. Then, “It’s time to go… Charne (pronounced Shar-ney)”. Cue the expected circle of hugs and tears (from some). There’s pleasant farewells and then BB calls her out for her 10 second get-out-count.

Charne (pronounced Shar-ney) leaves, the doors swing shut, and the house is one person smaller. The HMs shout out to her once she’s left, and it’s off to an ad break reminding us to watch Howzat so that Charne (pronounced Shar-ney) has time to get from the house to Eviction Stadium.

The crowd are chanting wildly as Charne (pronounced Shar-ney) enters Eviction Stadium and walks across the stage to Kruges. “You look fantastic” says Sonia to the evicted housemate. She’s too caught up waving and laughing at the people in the audience that she knows. Voting in the end was: Layla 49%, Estelle 27%, Charne (pronounced Shar-ney) 24%. Charne (pronounced Shar-ney) says she felt she was either going to be first or last, and here she is.

“Who’s going to clean up after the HMs now?” asks Kruges. “Dunno, but not me!” offers Charne (pronounced Shar-ney).

Cue package of Charne (pronounced Shar-ney) cleaning, doing things, cleaning, complaining about people not cleaning properly, and cleaning. Two weeks in and her roots have kicked in. Charne (pronounced Shar-ney) says that living in the house with Michael – WHO HAS THE IQ OF A GENIUS – it was very hard. More recaps of her time in the house complaining about not getting along with some of her other HMs. She takes it all in her stride. “I’m an oddball and I don’t care,” she says.

She recounts living with so many different personalities as being hard, but she works with a wonderful company and people and that’s why she’s so ‘mature’. That made no sense. Having so many of the HMs being younger than her made it hard, but we definitely saw the ‘real’ Charne (pronounced Shar-ney). She’ll miss Sarah and Benjamin (“because, let’s face it, he’s Benjamin”). Time for another ad break.

RIP Neil Armstrong. Oh, and Campbell Newman seems to have produced a commemorative plate that’s cracking up. What a guy!

At this point it’s now running overtime – how long before 60 Minutes permanently starts at 8pm during the BB season? We’re back to see the public’s three fave moments of Charne (pronounced Shar-ney):

3) playing trumpet at the party.
2) failing the secrets task.
1) “Please don’t hug me”.

“You can’t explain an experience like this, so I’ll go on and completely explain it”. Charne (pronounced Shar-ney) has basically had a two week holiday. She’s missed her phone, singing, dancing, her friends. She can’t sing now because she’ll get sick allegedly. Instead, let’s see a recap of Charne (pronounced Shar-ney)’s two weeks in the house.

Lots of laughing, lots of cleaning, lots of everything we’ve mostly seen already tonight. There’s nomination views, and watching the newly-departed HM is good because she sees who nominated her. “Two weeks is probably just long enough before I start hurting someone or myself,” she says.

Charne (pronounced Shar-ney) thinks it’s too early to tell who will win, but would love to see Benjamin or Sarah win. Guhd. More applause for she of the blonded hair, and that’s it. No prizes, no nothing. See you tomorrow night for the second nomination show where only dudes can be nominated.