Big Brother Australia – Sun 6:30pm, Mon-Fri 7pm, Ch9
Tonight’s Sunday episode of Big Brother is going to be very different. There is no eviction tonight due to Josh leaving the competition. The theme song was different, and is the soundtrack that is used in the background of voting promos, FYI.

We are shown a reflection of the week. We return on stage with Sonia, and she crosses to the house to chat to them in light of the events of the week and the fact that there is no eviction tonight. Sonia says that Josh has recorded a video message for housemates to see later on. They have been told by Sonia that Josh will be on stage and having a chat.

We begin our sequences of house action. It begins with the housemates in the diary room for Big Brother to inform them that there won’t be an eviction this week in light of Josh’s unfortunate departure. Estelle and Angie both squeal in excitement, and then realising that it wasn’t overly respectful.

Big Brother has tasked the housemates to write and perform “Big Brother’s Big Sitcom”. We are shown a montage of the best bits of the sitcom, which includes canned laughter that was fed into the house when Big Brother deemed the performance to be entertaining.

Sonia returns and sends us off to an ad break.

Ad break.

We’re back. Earlier today, Josh recorded a video message for the housemates, and Sonia throws to the house where Big Brother introduces the video message from Josh. Josh appears on stage to give housemates messages to each housemate.

We remain in the house for a a little bit to watch the reactions. Michael is wiping tears away and giving Delilah a pat.

Ad break.

We’re back and it’s time for more house action.

Stacey and Michael are doing exercise, both sprinting side-by-side in the classic ‘shuttle run’. I know what it’s called because I’m still in high school, take that.

Ben is in the kitchen talking to Sam in the presence of Layla, telling him that he should be glad but humbled that he is safe for another week.

Sam is in the diary room talking to Big Brother about the number of people in the house in correspondence with the amount of weeks remaining.

Michael, Angie and Zoe are in the diary room. Michael says to Angie that the way she dresses can make people judge her as being ‘trashy’. Angie fires back with a comment

Michael and Benjamin are talking in the kitchen. Michael is talking about who he likes and dislikes in the house.

Sonia comes back and sends us off to another ad break.

Ad break.

We’re back with more house action. Angie, Layla and Sam are talking about relationships. Sam believes that relationships are all just about fun. Angie says that his comments are just because he has one night stands all the time and breaks girls’ hearts.

In the lounge, Michael, Stacey and Benjamin are talking about house dynamics. Michael says that there was a better click between the three when Josh was in the house. Michael says that he feels as if he is a better person than Layla, Angie, Estelle and Sam, and also said that he knows what they have talked about and they think they are better than him.

We’re thrown to another ad break.

Sonia is back and welcomes Josh on stage. He walks through the eye and sits down with Sonia. He is greeted by cheers.

Sonia asks how Josh and his family are going. Josh says that they’ve been taking it quite well and that there is a lot of support for the family. Sonia now asks Josh about deciding to leave the competition considering the circumstances. Josh says that family came first, and he knew that he wouldn’t be returning the show once he saw his family. Josh talks about how he is thankful to have been able to return to the house to say goodbye – the privileges housemates usually get when they are up for eviction and have time to say goodbye.

We are now shown a package of the attraction the girls had towards Josh.

Sonia suggests that the audience was waiting for Josh and Angie to become a pair, Josh says that Sonia would have to ask Angie about it.

We’re now shown a package of Ava and Josh’s relationship in the house.

Josh says that he wasn’t expecting to find love in the house, and he says that Ava was his emotional release.

We’re now shown a package reflecting on the bromance between Michael and Josh.

Sonia asks if the bromance was true love, Josh agrees with that suggestion. Sonia quotes a message Michael wanted to give to Josh: “You are more than just a singer in a band”.

Another package, this time about Michael’s reaction to the change the sleeping arrangements.

Now a montage of all of the musical times in the house, with such hits as ‘jelly fish suit’, ‘Oat’s a’la Layla’ and Stacey’s song, which leads us off into the commercial break.

We return from the break, Josh and Michael in the diary room telling Big Brother that Josh may have a crush on Sonia.

We’re back, and Sonia asks Josh who he would like to hand the ‘Nominations Super Power’ to this week, and has predictably given it to Michael.

Josh then sings ‘Oats a’la Layla’ with the crowd, and we are then shown Josh’s best bits.

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Ciao for now!