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This week’s retrospective begins, crazy 3D text flashes past our faces and dramatic music. It’s EVICTION NIGHT!

Sonia comes out of the eye, still no sound effect. Not a fan of the lack of sound effect, I’ll stop.

Sonia tells us that this week was “monumental” and “epic”. Tonight we’re going to see the housemates informed that “house 2” is not real. This was shot on Friday.

A female intruder will enter tomorrow night, and we’re going to get a glimpse later on tonight.

Unidentified SAVE voting standings at this time: 32%, 50% & 18%

We reflect on week 4, the “bombshell that shook the house to its floor” reflecting on the “house 2” conspiracy. Sarah and Benjamin talked about nominations and both got the first strikes of the series.

They are being shown a daily show featuring themselves and fake “house 2”. The conversations are almost matching from house to house. A badly executed fight is also included. Housemates are shown a shot from the kitchen, the shot continues to reveal a production crew. Housemates have a shocked looks on their faces, Big Brother reveals that “House 2” does not exist, and that this week’s task was to find out of the house would fall apart, or come together as one, and they indeed became a house united. The girls talk in the bathroom, Angie is certainly pleased, Layla claiming that the house needed it because it makes them value their time in the house even more.

Sonia’s back and leads us into some more house action, voting lines have now closed.

Stacey and Sarah sneak to the kitchen for a late night snack on some chocolate. Benjamin and Bradley join in.

The boys (Bradley, Josh and Michael) are interrogating the girls about the amount of chocolate that was consumed.

Stacey snaps back at Bradley, who was thinking about punishing the girls – she said he came in, took some chocolate and thanked her – BOOM BRADLEY, BOOM!

Michael has a heat detector, and is testing the temperature of the relationship between Josh and Estelle.

Stacey gossips over in the BBQ area about Estelle, she’s chowing down on all of the fruit. A little hypocritical considering herself and Sarah had been demolishing some chocolate the night before.

Michael and Josh go to the diary room, saying that everyone is going crazy and talk about Estelle flitting around with the boys, now that Ryan has been evicted.

Benjamin pulls the girls, Estelle and Angie out of the beds with the boys (Michael and Josh).

Angie believes that Estelle wants to steal her role in the group, as she revealed in a conversation in the kitchen with Benjamin. Benjamin suggests that she doesn’t have the people Angie has, and her ‘social network’ is a lot smaller in terms of house dynamics.

Benjamin is in the diary room, sitting at the most inconvenient angle for the cameras talking about the boys at the house. He finds Josh attractive, but believes that Michael is his director.

George and Michael are talking quietly to each other in the BBQ area, watching Estelle and Josh interact at the BBQ. They’re as confused as everyone else about Estelle.

Ray is getting waxed by Sarah and Angie, crying like a baby – I hope it hurt. “I’m bleeding”, ugh waaa shut up. 

The waxing spreads to all of the other boys. Legs, chests… whatever.

We reflect on noms this week, heartfelt moments.

It’s time to check in with the house. Sonia apologises for the “house 2” trick. Housemate with most votes to SAVE tonight is RAY.

It’s the big announcement. The time has come, dramatic music cued up.

It’s time to go… SARAH.

Crowd is chanting Sarah’s name, the doors fail to close properly on exit.

A quick edit, they lied about it being LIVE for that portion, but whatever. She’s on stage, and they have seats this time!

We can now reveal the SAVE percentages:

32% – BRAD

50% – RAY

18% – SARAH (She’s 30!)

30-year-old Sarah says the cliché, “stay positive”, when talking to Sonia about the feeling today in the lead up to tonight’s eviction.

30-year-old Sarah is shown that Ray, Bradley, George & Estelle nominated for her this week.

Sonia Kruger the Cougar asks 30-year-old Sarah about the Sarah Vs. Estelle conflict. Sarah does not regret who she nominated this week, and not for #dancegate.

We reflect on Sarah’s serious moments, she can be serious. Also she’s 30 years old.

Sarah (who is 30 years of age) says that she did not live up to any of the other offerings housemates provide, and she ended up settling for the mother figure.

Fresh promos have run confirming Sarah’s eviction, and giving us a preview of the new intruder’s bootay.

A clip rolls of the letter-shredding sitch.

Sarah’s partner, Brian comes up on stage and recaps what has been going on while she’s been in the house. He doesn’t have a chair.


#3 – “The power of positivity”

#2 – “The great shred”

#1 – “Telling it like it is Estelle”

Nominations super power has been handed to BENJAMIN this week from our latest evictee, 30-year-old SARAH.

We watch Sarah’s best bits, you don’t rip people’s hats off – it’s not funny guys!

Also, honestly… Ray was most saved? You guys are cray cray.

Sarah wants Benjamin to win.

Sneak peak of tomorrow’s intruder. A whole lot of shots of her body. She has no game plan. Lots of skin shots, and a beach… with some sand.

We’re overtime by 1 minute, and that’s all folks! Also, Ray was saved? 

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I’ll be back on Friday!

Ciao for now!