Big Brother Australia FINAL WEEK – Sun 6:30pm, Mon-Wed 7pm, Ch9

Welcome to the final ever, Sunday night Big Brother eviction! Sit tight, and we will find out who will be leaving tonight, as well as the current totals of the WIN voting, ongoing to find a winner.

Sonia’s on stage and announces that one person will be evicted, and Delilah will also be taken out of the house and given a new home.

At this time in the program, the current totals are:

18% – ?

16% – ?

20% – ?

25% – ?

15% – ?

6% – ?

The faces will be revealed after the evictee is announced.

We’ve got the messages from each housemate to encourage viewers to vote for them. Zoe, Layla and Michael pick up the most cheers, Benjamin, Estelle and Sam picking up a very minimal, to zero amount of cheers.

We now reflect on the week that was.

And now some house action!

Michael and Estelle are in the backyard on the pods.

Estelle: “I think Zoe’s mad at me”

Michael: “She probably is.”

Zoe is sitting in the lounge, watching on, and sighing.

Layla and Zoe are talking in the bedroom, talking about Estelle and Michael’s relationship, and the sneakiness.

Michael and Estelle are in the BBQ area sitting on a pod, Michael saying that Zoe needs to grow up. Estelle says that Zoe probably wants to kill her.

Benjamin and Zoe are in the kitchen, and Zoe is explaining her feelings for Michael, and Benjamin helps her to understand and get over it.

To lead us into a commercial break, we’re shown a package reflecting on a party held in the bathroom for Surly, all housemates in costumes and playing around with helium.


Sonia announces that voting lines have now closed.

More house action, and housemates are in the diary room with Delilah. Big Brother announces to housemates that Delilah will need a home once the series have ended. Each housemate is given a booklet with information about four, fully screened families that could potentially own Delilah. Sam is not impressed with any, but the housemates have made a decision that the Bradley family will own Delilah. Sam remains in the diary room with Delilah, talking about how close Delilah is to him.

Sonia leads us into another commercial break, and tells us that Delilah’s family will meet Delilah after the break.

Side note: Stacey’s boyfriend tweeted before the show that Stacey will be entering the house as a ninja tonight to take Delilah and bring her back to meet her new family.


We’re shown a package of Delilah and an interview of one of the employees at the shelter Delilah has come from, AWL QLD.

Sonia throws to Mike Goldman in the audience, sitting with the Bradley family, having a chat to them about adopting Delilah.

Mike throws back to Sonia. Sonia throws to the house. Sonia tells housemates that tonight is a double eviction, but what she really means that Delilah is one of them. Sonia now announces that it’s time for Delilah to be evicted.

All of the housemates, and Delilah head to the eviction door. The door opens, and a ninja collects Delilah puts a collar on her. The door closes, and Delilah is out, the ninja removes their balaclava. And it’s Stacey! The Bradley family meets Delilah for the first time, and Stacey says goodbye.

We’re now shown a best bits/goodbye package for Delilah.


We’re led in with housemates talking to Big Brother about the absence of nominations and how the house has changed.

Sonia’s on stage and crosses live to the Big Brother house to announce tonight’s safe housemates.

Benjamin, Estelle and Layla are all SAFE, Michael, Sam and Zoe are the remaining housemates, each could be evicted tonight.

Sonia throws to another commercial break.


We’re back, and Sonia is now going to cross to the house to announce who is about to be booted out.

Tonight, the housemate with the least votes to WIN, and who is leaving the Big Brother house tonight is… SAM!

Big Brother counts down 10 seconds for Sam to exit the house, as the housemates all escort Sam to the portal.

Sonia calls Sam out onto stage, and he walks down the stairs and across the catwalk to talk to Sonia.

Voting stats, which are ongoing, and have now been reopened until tomorrow night’s double eviction and then reopened for the finale on Wednesday.

24% – Estelle

20% – Benjamin

18% – Layla

16% – Michael

15% – Zoe

7%  – Sam

We watch a package of Sam’s entry into the house, and his cleaning.

We then watch a package of the SAYLA relationship.

Sonia asks if the SAYLA relationship is real, and Sam says he certainly is in love with Layla.



#3 – ‘Life Drawing’

#2 – ‘Sayla’

#1 – ‘The Factory’s Best Worker’

Time for Sam’s best bits.

Sonia asks Sam who he thinks will win and who he wants to win, and Layla is his answer for both questions

And that’s it!

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Meep ya’ later.