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Tonight, we’re down to the final 7. Days, weeks and months have all blurred into one.  A montage of hugs, tears and missing loved ones back home. Very cute photos of the HMs as kids and their parents talking about them. Tonight is the final night of Noms and they won’t do it alone. Dramatic pause. Their families will be there too.

Sonia joins us on stage for Live Nominations. She tells us the HMs have been there for 71 days. Tonight the Housemates will see their loved ones in the Noms Chamber, but as part of the weekly task they MUST ignore them completely. Can they do it? Layla has the superpower and there’s a hint that she might get to hug her ‘loved one’…

Post Angie eviction, Estelle can’t believe she’s been saved for the 5th time. And Sam has broken the intruder curse of leaving first. Stacey is the only one to have not been nominated. Stacey (wearing leopard print leotard) asks Ben (wearing electric blue shiny tracksuit) what it’s like to survive eviction.

Ben likens it to finding out your best friend’s pregnant.

Sam says he would have drowned himself in the pool if Layla had left.

Ben, Diary Room.

He says tonight there’s more of a relief as 5 people are feeling pretty good about themselves being saved.

Estelle, Diary Room

Surprised that Angie left first. She thought Angie would have been more interesting to watch than her.

Layla, Dairy Room

Doesn’t want anyone to sleep in Angie’s bed. Even though they had their ups and downs, it’s weird to think she’s not there. In her cutie patootie hot pants, strolling round…she’s going to miss her.

Sam, Diary Room

Less people in the house is better for Sam! He dead set wants to win

Angie gives her final farewell to the HMs.

Estelle, let’s agree to disagree. Estelle’s still a beautiful person.

Zoe’s like her mum. Doesn’t give herself enough credit.

Having Layla in the house was a blessing. Her hairdresser, her little sister her best friend.

Michael, an amazing guy. Friendship, warmth, puts a smile on her face. Happy to say he’ll be apart of her life.

No message for Sam Angie??

Sonia tells us the Housemates don’t know that it’s the final nominations and they also don’t know that their loved ones will be doing one of their votes on their behalf.

Sam asks Layla whether she thinks they have a real connection. She says of course. He says he’s on the back foot wondering if it’s all real….  Their past dramas are brought up again – when Sam mentioned he might hook up with her friends on the outside. Nice one Sam. Layla said it made her feel like nothing and that everything between them is fake. Sam says he has feelings for her. Fake vs real.

Zoe and Layla debrief on Sam’s chat. Layla had NO idea he really felt that way. It’s like… WOT…so. Yeah…

Sonia reveals Layla is the only one who can talk to her loved one.

Ben apologises to Layla for making fun of the situation – referring to Layla and Sam’s date. And in a round about way Ben defends his ‘talking’ about everyone. explains the dictionary definition of ‘bitching’… Ben, you might find a picture of yourself there (as much as I love you)

Estelle tells Ben that she can’t defend him anymore, because he keeps pushing her away (and bitching). He tells her that he says careless things about people and hopes the reckless human nature that has come about can be forgiven… ? Everything is very emotional says Ben.

Now we see a cute package from all the HMs loved ones:

Advice from Sam’s mum

Play the game but be true to yourself.

Layla’s dad

Thinks Sam’s a player. Oooooh. And his nephew calls him a potato head.

Zoe’s mum

Zip your lips, haha

Stacey’s boyfriend

Keep being yourself, keep being funny

Ben’s mum

Doing a great job, needs to think carefully about each step

Estelle’s best friend

Doesn’t need any advice she’s doing really well

Micahel’s best friend

Cover up your bum crack. Put on a shrt and cover up your man boobs

Sonia explains as part of the weekly task, the HMs have to ignore a procession of strangers in the house. This will include their relos.

Here’s a flashback of last week’s noms – summed up in one word

Michael, guilt

Layla, surprise

Estelle, rejection.

Sam, Anger.

Zoe, optimism

Ben, acceptance

And then there’s Stacey the Lucky One who’s never been nominated.


Sonia crosses live to the house. The couch looks a little lonely tonight. Zoe is pumped and excited to still be there, doesn’t care if she leaves now. Layla says they do everything they’re not meant to in the Noms chamber. Sam is missing surfing the most. Michael says this week’s ‘ignoring’ task will be fine – he’s good at it. BB explains that they will only nominate one person for 4 points. There is a new superpower that will be revealed at the end of Noms. BB reminds them as they enter the Chamber to remember what their weekly task is… ARGH! HMs start freaking out. And off they toddle to the Chamber…

All Loved Ones are sent inside the house. They look around the lounge in excitement. BB tells them to keep their voices down and to sit on the lounge.  This feels like Parent/Teacher night at school. So exciting!

We see a promo in the ad break. Fitzy, Reggy, Trevor and MORE! Ex housemates from seasons past will be entering the BB house this week. The HMs will have to ignore them. Trickiest task ever.

The nominations begin:


4 points, Stacey. Because she’s a bit of an attention seeker, doesn’t take other people seriously.

Zoe’s mum enters the room and Zoe gasps out loud. Her mum walks straight into the chamber. Awe, poor Zoe. It’s killing her. Zoe’s mum is lovely, nervous.

1 point, Sam. Thinks he’s becoming popular, and a threat. After noms, Zoe’s mum walks straight out ignoring Zoe. Poor Zoe starts tearing up, Michael tries to comfort her. Awe, this is heartbreaking!


4 points, Estelle. She’s starting to make strategic alliances with Layla. Everyone in the house thinks Layla will go far, so Estelle is playing the game.

Michael’s best friend enters. Michael’s trying not to crack up laughing. VERY funny.

1 point, Layla. Good choice! She’s disconnected herself from the rest of the house. BB tells him he sounds like a Housemate and asks if he’s auditioning for BB 2013. He asks if it’s too late to join? BB says he’ll get back to him. Funny. He leaves the Chamber and Michael says he can smell something terrible and looks the other way.

BB tells them that their Loved Ones are nominating 1 point for them. The HMs LOVE it!

Sonia crosses to the Loved Ones on the couch. They all agree BB is tough. He flirted with Zoe’s mum. Zoe’s mum cried on the way out too. Ben’s mum’s not sure how he’ll ignore her. Will he let out a squeal?


4 points, Estelle. They have the least in common. She flirts with the boys and uses her looks.

Grant, Stacey’s boyfriend enters. He totally tries to distract her. Stacey quivers and covers her face. BB teases Grant and says he know a lot about Stacey and is going to give him some fatherly advice “You better be good to her” Awe BB, you softy.

1 point, Sam. He reckons he’s her biggest competition. BB tells him he’s Australia’s answer to Ryan Gosling. Stacey has a massive smile on her face, trying not to crack up.


4 points, Benjamin. He’s the instigator for things that are nasty in the house. He needs to be a little less reckless. His heart is mostly in the right place, but when’s it’s in the wrong place, it’s really nasty.

Her best friend Lisa, enters. Estelle tries her best to ignore her and looks at the wall.

1 point, Michael. He has a big influence over everyone in the house. And he’s said some pretty horrible things about Estelle. She leaves the Chamber and Estelle nearly cries.


Before he nominates BB give him a serve about trying to contact people in the outside world during live crosses with Sonia. He’s done in a couple of times – the next time he does it, he’ll be evicted! DRAMA.

4 points, Sam. For strategy. He has no flaws. His romance would be fun to watch. Ben thinks perhaps he’s not as deserving to win as he came in later.

Jane, his mum enters. She tries to wave at Ben. Ben has a MASSIVE smile on his face. BB tells her he knows where Ben’s good looks come from!

1 point, Layla. Her relationship with Sam is affecting her relationship with Ben. Ben looks like he’s crying. She walks out and says she’s so proud of him (so Ben can hear) He starts crying. Awe, this task is horrible!


4 points, Ben. He’s a big player and needs to be eliminated.

Sam’s mum enters. Sam smiles. She says Layla’s a beautiful girl and picked her from the start.

1 point, Stacey. Been flying under the radar, hasn’t been up for eviction. She leaves and Sam puts his head down to ignore her.

BB tells the HMs that Layla has the Superpower. Layla groans. She’s sent to the Diary Room instead… she’s told the intruder rules do not apply to her.

She runs to the Diary Room and screams and hugs her dad. Tears, hugs, lovely! Layla says its awkward that she’s wearing her “I Love Mum’ tshirt. Hilarious. Layla shows her dad her sweat patches. He says she has a lot of support on the outside. BB now tells Layla she gets to see he tallyboard and vote any which way with her 5 points. Her dad can help her, but he can’t give her info from the outside…

Here are the points she’s allowed to look at:

Benjamin 8

Estelle 8

Sam 6

Stacey 5

Layla 2

Michael 1

Zoe 0

Her dad jokes about giving 5 points to Sam. Funny.

Layla gives Stacey 3 points because she’s a big threat. And of course she wants to move Sam out of the red zone. And 2 points to Ben, because of his bitching.

She says her goodbyes to her dad. He gives her a necklace and big hugs.

The other HMs are sent to the  lounge, while the Loved Ones are sent outside to leave. They all pass each other and the HMs look stunned. Trying SO hard to ignore them..

Ben 10 – nominated

Estelle 8 – nominated

Stacey 8 – nominated

Sam 6

Layla 2

Michael 1

Zoe 0

The HMs are told about the Superpower and the Noms are announced. Stacey cracks up laughing.

The HMs start screaming about how cool the Noms were.

Next Monday there’s a live special where BB will trade info with Housemates.

Great show. Zoe and Ben’s reactions were beautiful! Thanks for reading. You can follow me @whatCJsaw and chat with be about all things BB.