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Welcome to Monday night nominations!

A dramatic opening package shows us the cracks are now showing. A possible 16 point Superpower will truly make a difference.

And Sonia welcomes us live, in a candy pink frilled number. She talks about how unpredictable the noms were last week. And this week, Josh could score a massive 16 points… more on that later.

Post Braddles eviction, we see all the HMs are sad (what’s new). But not necessarily surprised. He’d had his fair share of noms after all. Zoe mentions that they weren’t told the stats though, so they have no idea if Michael was close to leaving. They reckon Josh will be given the superpower. Sam’s relieved. It was hard being the intruder. While Layla knew Bradley was going, she had a feeling.

Michael, Diary Room. Was terrified in the lead up to the eviction. Looking pretty stoked with himself now.

Angie, Diary room. She’s made it to the Top 9 and isn’t she thrilled! She thinks maybe they only have 4 weeks left in the house (really?) She’s super happy.

B-Rad’s final recorded message to the house. He cracks them up with a bad joke, then goes on to say some really lovely things about his fellow HMs. Zoe, beautiful. No one’s ever said a bad thing about her.. Ben, learnt the most from him, he’s wise, young at heart. Josh, great charisma. Oozes coolness. Taught him a lot about girls. Stacka, big heart. Estelle, awesome hook up. They cheer! Ange, so wise for such a young girl. She’s known as Frank the Tank. Michael, his favourite in the house! Sam, effortlessly came in. Needs to show more of himself. Layla, don’t question how beautiful you are. (She tears up). Big thanks for a wonderful time. Best experience of his life. Brad that was the most mature thing you’ve said the whole time.

After the break Sonia wonders where all the noms will go, now that Brad’s left the house. Could it all come down to the “red wine” incident…. We cut back to the housemates where Estelle is winding up her night and offers her half glass of red wine to the housemates. Sam says Ange and Layla should “rock it out” (rock,paper,scissors) but Ange decides to share it with Layla. Josh teases Ange that she couldn’t handle losing and having none. “you need it more than me” says Layla. Ooooooh. The live crowd is loving the drama. You can feel the tension. Estelle and everyone quickly exit the lounge. Angie sits alone on the couch and skulls back the glass.

Estelle comforts Ange who just wants to sulk outside. She’s sick of people making up reasons to nominate her. Estelle reminds her it IS a game don’t take it personally.

In the bedroom everyone wonders where Ange and Estelle are. Apparently they’re outside talking about morals. Ben jokes that they’re just trying to spell it. Ooooh. More gasps. And someone yells out that they have none…

Later, Ange whinges some more to Michael about her constant nominations. He points out that Noms is about negative tallies. People find it hard, so they look at what people have done wrong even if it’s a small thing. He also says he’s trying hard to not be in people’s tally by really making an effort and being up and happy… Hmm. So Michael is playing the game!

Stella, Diary room. She realises it’s a game and people are playing it.

Ange & Michael continue. Angie says Josh is having digs at her all the time. They used to be close. Michael says Josh doesn’t want to be there anymore.

Josh and Estelle on the couch alone. He hates the pointless convos in the house. People are getting to him.

Sam, Diary room. BB asks about the end of the game. Are people playing? He says def yes and people are focussed on the prize.

Sonia asks if there’s anything the HMs like about noms. We see a montage of reasons. Ben finds it cathartic. Josh, powerful. Stacey says it helps with people like Brad who don’t clean. Layla says it’s like getting rid of lumps. Ben enjoys it and likes having fun…he then gets in trouble for trying to say hello to the outside world. Whoops.

After the break we see a Superpower package. The good and the bad of the power. It changes how you feel and how you think.

Sonia talks about the surprise nomination of Michael last week and how he seems to have his own power. Everyone he noms ends up for eviction. Who will be next? We see the Michael Puppet Master montage….

Sonia reminds us that Zoe, Stacey & Josh have never been up for eviction yet. We cross Live to the house. Ben says he misses Brad’s meeping. Sam’s survived more than 1 week, yay! Sonia teases the big superpower news. BB shows Brad announcing Josh as the superpower holder and teases HMs they’re closer to 250k prize!

Josh in Diary room. He’s told it’s about how well he knows his fellow HMs. He has to guess who he thinks they’re nominating. For every correct answer he gets a point. That’s a possible 16 points he can use and distribute in anyway. This is a great power. We can find out what he’s thinking. Josh looks nervous.

Sonia chats to Josh. He’s not a fan of the superpower in general as it’s a burden. He thinks it’ll be hard, will people be strategic or personal? Stacey will be the hardest to predict he thinks.

We see a montage of Sam cleaning and cooking. Will people get to know him better this week? He’s up next in the Nominating Room.

Josh prediction for Sam:
Angie, because he’s closer to Layla. Zoe, they haven’t formed a bond.

Josh, 4 points. Strategic reasons, he’s a threat.
Stacey, 1 point. She makes no effort with him.

Josh on Stacey
Angie & Estelle for strategy.

Sam, 3 points for flying under radar and complimenting everyone. He’s a bit forced and fake.
Estelle, 2 points. Doesn’t click with her and is over opinionated.

Josh on Angie
Him, for things he said to her.
Estelle for their rocky relationship

Michael, 3 points. For strategic reasons and the way he’s talking about wanting to win.
Estelle, 2 points. They clash alot.

Josh on Layla
Estelle & Angie

Angie, 3 points. Because they’re alike, they clash.
Estelle, 2 points. Her biggest competition.

Josh on Estelle
Angie & Benjamin

Stacey, 3 points. Being horrible to people behind their backs.
Michael, 2 points. She’s forgiven but not forgotten his comments last week during her superpower noms. He was nasty.

Josh on Zoe.
Estelle & Sam

Angie, 3 points. Her possession of things, alcohol, food, people.
Sam, 2 points. For strategy.

Josh on Ben
Sam & Angie

Sam, 4 points. Doesn’t say anything around the house. His strategy is just to be beautiful.
Angie, 1 point. For eating & talking at the same time. His pet peeve.

Josh on Michael
Sam & Angie

Estelle, 2 points. She’s playing the game.
Sam, 3 points. Hasn’t found out anything personal about him. He needs to open up more.

So everyone’s voted but Josh now. Noms so far:

Sam 12
Estelle 8
Angie 7
Michael 5
Josh 4
Stacey 4
Benjamin 0
Layla 0
Zoe 0

Josh has 8 points to use!

During the break a promo tells us that Big Brother is dividing the house in two this week! And one housemate will win a car! Drama is ahead no doubt.

Josh thinks he’s only won 3 points. BB tells him he’s actually won 8. Who is he thinking of nominating?

Angie, 5 points. Her speculative talk all the time.
Layla, 3 points. Strategically. She never does anything wrong and reckons she’ll be popular on the outside.

So this is the final noms:
Angie 12
Sam 12
Estelle 8

Let’s cross to the house for their reactions. Angie looks angry. Sam looks anxious and Estelle takes it all in her stride, she’s a pro.

Looking forward to the house being split in two!

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