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It’s nomination night, so settle in for weak reasons for nominations and the aftermath of the ‘accidental’ reveal of House 2.

Kruges welcomes us reminding us of everything we already know, and pointing out the nomination super power comes into play. More on that later. Bur first – the Daily Show…

The HMs go nuts over the reveal of House 2, which Layla and Estelle insist is a joke. There is no convincing some, and Ray still can’t believe it. It’s doing Michael’s head in – he thought he had it all worked out. He’s quick to remind them that just because they are House 1 doesn’t mean they’re better than those in House 2.

Benjamin’s “crop circles” theory show just how seriously he shouldn’t be taken. BB excuses them from the lounge room and the chatter spreads elsewhere. Michael tries to gain access to the ‘special’ room in the bedroom, and wonders if there are other rooms back there. Ray climbs a pole hoping to see the other house.

BB summons the HMs to the Diary Room. He confirms that the reveal of House 2 was indeed an accident. He continues to set up the House 1/House 2 situation and says that both houses are running in parallel. BB announces he’s had to bring forward the plan of pitching the houses against each other in a series of challenges, forming the basis of the next few week’s worth of activity.

BB also reveals he had to catch House 2 up so they got a package of House 1 and their first few weeks – now House 1 gets the same on House 2. Benjamin still doesn’t think it’s real, but the other HMs talk him down.


The HMs have gathered in the lounge to see the package from House 2. There are open mouths through the entire thing, and Michael is still not smiling. Josh reckons they should all just play on as they are. Ray announces that all the girls in House 2 are “so hot and skinny”. Bradley reminds them that they’re all probably in the house because of who they are. Sarah-two-face attempts an inspirational speech, but no one listens.

Zoe thinks it’s unfair that they’ve given up their lives and it could all be ruined because they lose a stupid challenge. She goes into the Diary Room to tell BB that they’re all slowly falling apart over the entire thing. The rest of the HMs are still dissecting it in the bedroom. They’re totally sold on it and have no idea how to respond. Zoe would love the chance to get to know the other HMs but is “actually, literally freaking out”.

Ray’s in the Diary Room, knowing he’ll be ‘nom nom-ed’ because of what happen with him and Sarah-two-face. Cue replay of stuff we’ve already seen. Again. Ray predicts it’ll be him and Sarah and someone else nominated this week.

Sarah-two-face is doing her washing having a bitch with Benjamin. Natch.

Estelle is now in the Diary Room talking to BB about Sarah-two-face. Cue more repeats of last night’s footage. Again. Estelle hopes it’s all sorted out and no more crossed wires – meanwhile Sarah-two-face is telling Benjamin that Estelle just doesn’t get it.

Angie, Stacey & Michael are talking about the changes in strategy for nominations some people may now use based simply on perceptions with regard to challenges. Cut back to Ray reading off a list of why he’d be the best to keep – holds his breath longest, etc. Somehow Ryan was allowed to write Estelle a note and leave it under her pillow in case he was evicted. Oh how times have changed.

Oh, it’s nomination time, bitches. But first it’s all about identifying the fractured relationships since we’ve started. Estelle and Angie. Benjamin and Ray. Bradley and Sarah-two-face. Michael and EVERYTHING EVER.

The HMs are gathered on the couch for a quick cross to Kruges. “You guys know you have to be quiet, right?” says Sonia. It’s no “quiet as a mouse”, but Gretski may have that one copyrighted.

Blah blah chat with the HMs. Still don’t understand why the shot of Kruges when she talks to the house is a side shot and not her down the barrel of the camera. Contractually obliged profile shot? We’ll never know. Kruges sizzles BB’s big surprise for the HMs, and Michael asks if it is two of her. Snappiest answer to a stupid question ever.

BB reminds the HMs that everyone can be nominated, no one is safe, but one person is going to receive a huge advantage – the nominations super power (really? super power?). BB let’s Ryan read a piece to camera announcing Estelle gets this week’s nomination super power – he’s a worse live script reader than Eddie McGuire (but only just). Estelle will learn what her super power means LATER, but for now – all HMs to the Nominations Room.

They’re all seated, and it’s time for Stacey. She likes being able to nominate anyone. THREE points for Ray – the more she gets to know him, the more he gets aggressive/rude. FFS. TWO points for Bradley – he’s not contributing to the house at all.

Angie’s turn. FOUR points to Ray – she doesn’t like some of the things he’s saying. It’s a personality thing. ONE point for Estelle – she’s being confrontational. As Angie walks out the HMs applaud her. Cray cray.

Layla’s turn. FOUR points to Bradley – she’s finding it harder to look after him because he’s getting rude and cause conflict. ONE point for Ray – she’s finding it hard to form a bond with him and she thinks he’s playing some sort of game. “All HMs are playing some sort of game. It’s called Big Brother,” BB reminds her.

George’s turn. THREE points to Sarah-two-face – he felt she over-reacted to the dance battle brou-ha-ha. TWO points for Bradley – he feels he’s not doing anything around the house to help. “Are you saying Bradley is lazy?” asks BB. Yep.

Bradley’s turn. FOUR points to Sarah-two-face – he feels tense around her after her reaction to the dance battle situation. ONE point to Michael – he feels he’s slipping under the radar by sleeping to avoid conversations. His stutter is overly pronounced again. Stress. Interesting he remembers and names Friday night as the party – is he keeping track or have the HMs been reminded of the day of the week?

Benjamin’s turn. FOUR points to Bradley – he’s over-using his one liners and is happy he’s not doing anything in the house. ONE point for Estelle – she’s repeatedly told to follow simple instructions like not talking over people yet she persists.

Zoe’s turn. THREE points for Ray – again with the dance battle crap. TWO points for Estelle – three weeks in and she still doesn’t understand waiting for her turn to speak (it took them that long to realise?!).

Josh’s turn. FOUR points for Estelle – talking over everyone and butting into conversations. ONE point for Layla – he feels she wouldn’t be any help in the competition against the other House. Her “mental toughness” isn’t up to scratch (just as well Ryan is gone then).

As Josh goes back BB tells the HMs they don’t need to applaud everytime a HM leaves the nomination chamber. “This isn’t a night at the theatre.”

Michael’s turn. “Nice headband.” “Thanks Big Brother.” ONE point for Bradley – he’s acting like a rude, selfish boy. FOUR points for Ray – he’s too competitive and it’s all dance battle related. Again. It gets people down that Ray is so motivated and intense(!).

Estelle is told it’s her turn to nominate, but she’s called to the Diary Room where the consequence of the nomination super power is revealed: she can see the leaderboard now before she nominates, which could affect her noms. She’s allowed to nominate based on what the scores are, and conveniently it pretty much lines up with what she was planning to do nomination-wise anyway.

Stupid Ryan does a stupid piece to camera as we come back from the ad. Stupid.

Estelle’s nominations. FOUR points to Sarah-two-face – it seems she’s being one thing to her face and then another behind her back. ONE point to Angie – Estelle feels Angie is holding a double standard on the over-talking instance. Estelle has to stay in the Diary Room until she’s released later – cue angled chat with Kruges.

Estelle is surprised that Ray has received so many nomination points, and she sees the super power as a double-edged sword. She also thinks that many of the other HMs will want the super power because they’re very competitive (if a little simple). More stupid Ryan as we got to the break.

Cue package of Sarah-two-face bitching about everything. Again. It’s now her turn to nominate anyway. THREE points to Michael – a strategic vote because he has a lot of influence in the house, she’s threatened by it. TWO points for Angie – because she’s a game player and is influencing conversations while manipulating people. It’s getting harder every week, Big Brother.

Ray’s turn. He’s hot and sweaty and ready to share. FOUR points to Angie – the pancakes she cooked were far too sweet. “Because of her I feel like I have diabetes.” ONE point to Sarah-two-face – the dance battle blow up from the antagonist’s point of view.

(Interestingly, no tears this week from anyone.) The HMs are dismissed and sent to the lounge. Kruges lets us know who is now up for eviction this week: Ray (15), Bradley (13), Sarah-two-face (12).

BB announces Estelle, who appears from the storage box in the lounge. He tells all the HMs what the nomination super power was and what that meant. No HMs can ask her what she saw as she’s forbidden to speak about it. The HMs up for eviction are announced and there’s some grumpy faces on the lounge (Bradley!). It is determined that Benjamin gives great shocked face.

Vote, vote, vote, people. Save your fave HM. Or don’t – it’s not like it’s going to put a man on Mars or anything.