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Oh my god, I don’t know about you but I have had separation anxiety because there was no Big Brother on Sunday night. I literally had nothing else to do. And tonight, Big Brother is back under a “SUPERSTAR” subtitle, a full 90 minute episode covering house action from Friday to Sunday night. Standby, the episode is about to begin.

Bye Tracey Grimshaw, and hello Channel 9 promo! They’re bringing their ‘big screen in an aircraft hanger’ theme to their idents, this one includes a ‘Gangnam Style’ soundtrack and features a whole lot of 9 programs with Big Brother housemates Gangnamming.

Day 47 opens with a musical start, housemates slowly welcoming the day, Stacey and Estelle get up and about dancing in the bedroom.

Big Brother has planned a talent show for the day, each housemate given their own roles. Roles are as follows:

Michael: Host

Benjamin & Stacey: Dancers

Angie & Bradley: Magicians

Ava & Josh: Singer/Songwriters

Layla & Sam: Thespians

Estelle & Zoe: Clowns

Bradley practices his magic skills, Michael assisting him getting into the outdoor pizza oven. Michael calls Josh over to put a roast in, Josh opens the pizza oven and is scared by Bradley’s face staring right at him.

Layla and Stacey are in the bathroom talking about things, as girls do.

All of the housemates are in their different parts of the house rehearsing their parts in today’s talent show. Angie and Bradley are in the lounge with a magic DVD to watch to learn the steps with their magician supplies. Stacey and Benjamin are in the bedroom rehearsing with a small stereo that plays the soundtrack for their performance. Estelle is in the BBQ area, trying to ride her tricycle, falling right onto her gluteus maximus.

Benjamin and Stacey are first up, sporting costumes reminiscent of Olivia Newton-John’s ‘Let’s Get Physical’ music video. They perform much to the other housemates’ delight. The producers found the cheapest-to-clear pop soundtrack to use. Budgets and all…

We return from an ad break, Josh and Ava performing a song they wrote for the talent show.

Michael then introduces Layla and Sam who will be performing ‘Romeo & Juliet’ for the housemates. Housemates sit quietly, as Layla and Sam read directly from their scripts in their hands. Housemates glad that it’s over, they applaud.

Michael gives his blurb introducing the next act, Bradley and Angie’s magic show! A badly executed dice trick from Bradley, followed by the classic colouring book trick. Stacey is called up to assist the magicians by placing a chocolate under a cup for Bradley to identify. Bradley just pushes all of the cups off the table.

Next up is Zoe and Estelle, clowns. One begins with an American accent, you can guess who that would be, sporting clown costumes it was really just an opportunity for Zoe and Estelle to throw pies at each other. Zoe kinda enjoyed it.

The talent show has concluded, and a commercial break has just commenced.

And we’re back, housemates have returned to another Friday night of drinking and fun. Angie gets into a scuffle, Stacey imitating Angie behind her. Angie storms off into the bedroom, Stacey follows on trying to work out what is wrong. Angie says that everyone just tries to push her to breaking point. Stacey says that there are too many people in the house.

The next morning, Michael finds the result of the festivities the night before. He begins scavenging for lollies while talking to himself. Sam is taking charge of cleaning. Angie and Bradley are in the kitchen, Bradley suggesting that they are the 3rd couple in the house. Angie denies it, Stacey offering to be Bradley’s girlfriend.

Sam is in the bathroom sweeping the carpet, claiming that Michael and Josh have not done anything to clean the house, and that it annoys him. Benjamin and Stacey are in the backyard, sun baking and commenting on how Sam wants to show up the housemates and act as if he’s better than all of them.

Layla comes to the diary room requesting cosmetic care products, and to open a Salon a’la Layla. Big Brother tells Layla that she needs to consult her fellow housemates, for she will need their support. Layla leaves the diary room and calls all housemates to the lounge to ask for their support in opening the salon. All housemates appear happy with the offer, and each visit the diary room to request some TLC from Layla.

Stacey: “Everyone’s faces look like they’ve been trampled on by a horse.”

Ad break.

Michael, Benjamin, Stacey and Bradley venture onto a trip to the Big Brother Gallery, parts of the Big Brother house and its contents being various art installations. The housemates have a commentary judging the content of the artworks.

Michael visits the diary room, Big Brother asking how he thinks Josh would react if Ava were to be evicted. Michael concedes saying that he has never seen any couple kiss as much as Josh and Ava do.

In the bedroom, Josh and Michael are talking about how big the eviction will be, talking about how the house will be affected if each nominee left.

Josh and Ava are in the backyard, Josh talking about what he misses from the outside world. Ava says that she thinks she is going to be evicted this time around. Her radar points to ‘strong’, on her eviction radar. They finish with another pash.

Ava and Estelle are in the kitchen. Ava asks Estelle how she’s feeling about the eviction, Estelle says that she’s become used to the feeling. Ava feels she is moving further away from other housemates.

Ad break.

Time for housemates to learn of their task for this week.

Housemates have been provided with $1000 in $1 coins to spend on special offers provided by Big Brother. Housemates must spend all of the money.

Big Brother’s first offer is poached brains, and if successfully eaten will cost $10 per brain consumed. The housemates attempt to accept the offer. Layla visits the diary room to ask what animal the brains came from. Big Brother tells her it’s a lamb, Layla wonders if it would make her smarter.

Bradley is called on the special deals phone in the kitchen, and is offered a mankini, revealing way too much family jewel. Big Brother is forced to censor the content, we still need to keep within the ‘family-friendly’ label.

Michael goes crazy about meat drying out, after housemates cut meat inside of foil. He confronts Angie, who points the finger at Benjamin. Michael asks Benjamin who tells him that he didn’t incorrectly serve himself meat, revealing that Angie cut pork in the fridge whilst in the foil. Angie and Michael argue about it in the kitchen.

Ad break.

Michael is feeling bad about his argument with Angie, but is holding off his apology.

The special deals phone offers Layla a brand new wedding dress. Benjamin and Angie are Layla’s bridesmaids, and follow her into the diary room where they are greeted by a gypsy wedding dress in which she gets dressed in. Angie applies her makeup.

Layla leaves the diary room with her bridesmaids, housemates very excited to see the dress.

The housemates are eating dinner in a circle in the BBQ area. In the circle they give parting words to each of the nominees. Little do they know, there won’t be an eviction taking place tonight. The nominees are packing their bags, Josh gives Ava her favourite singlet to keep, warning that he must protect it and treat it like his baby.

Layla is on the sun beds in the backyard in her gypsy wedding dress. Layla complaining that nobody would love her, she is left alone.

The housemates are wondering why Big Brother has not alerted them to get ready for the eviction. Bradley wondering if there had been a natural disaster preventing the eviction from going ahead.

Layla needs to go to the toilet, but she cannot take off her gypsy wedding dress. Zoe assists her in the difficult task of sitting on the toilet. Success is found.

Ad break.

Housemates have been waiting in the lounge room for over half an hour. Big Brother booms into the house, offering housemates a deal. For $10 per housemate, housemates can jump in the pool with all clothes on. Josh jumps in wearing Ava’s prized singlet. Ava is not happy, and confronts Josh.

Ava (to Josh): “You put yourself… before me.”

Layla visits the diary room, begging Big Brother to tell her whether there is going to be an eviction tonight. Big Brother doesn’t budge.

Josh and Ava are in the kitchen, Josh apologising to Ava for jumping in the pool wearing her singlet.

Estelle visits the diary room, saying that she’s happy that nobody may be leaving the house tonight.

The housemates are existing in the house, confused and worried about what is going on, as they have not yet been called for eviction.

And then the episode ends, which is somewhat a relief, because I am exhausted.

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Be sure to check back here tomorrow for the live eviction, I’ll be back to recap on Wednesday for the LIVE NOMINATIONS.

Ciao for now!