Big Brother AustraliaSun 6:30pm, Mon-Fri 7pm, Ch9
Tonight, Ben and Ray have a scrag fight. Ben gets an extreme hair cut, and Bradley has his first kiss! Woo hoo.

Day 18 – It’s the last day of the YES/NO challenge where they must say yes to all of Big Brother’s demands. The worst demand has seen them serving Ray gourmet meals everyday that the Housemates must cook, while they’ve all been starving on rations. Whatever he’s served, he must eat.

Ben and Angie get their revenge on him. They cook up 2kg of blueberry pancakes. Bon Appetit. Meanwhile, Ben’s already in trouble for tasting the ingredients by accident. That’s it. They just got their third NO. One more, and they’ve failed the task.  Ray is feeling sick from all that battery goodness. He has the whole day to eat it but it’s a struggle.

Ben and Ray are left alone. A perfect opportunity for Ben to blast Ray. Why has Ray been rolling his yes? Why has he been talking about him behind his back? Blah blah blah.. bitchy whine… George walks in. Awkward. Walks out. Ray keeps talking about nominations, he better watch out, he’s borderline breaking the rules. Ray tells Ben he’s borderline nasty. Ray called Ben a poof. The truth’s ALL coming out now. Big apologies, hand shake. Will they be friends? Probably not.

Task result time. Success in this task rests in one final challenge, Drum Roll…. “Bradley would you like to receive your first kiss?” YES BIG BROTHER!! Woo hoo. It could be anyone and Estelle offers up her services. Bradley looks stoked, Ryan not so happy. They embrace in a tangle of sweaty, shaking hands, as housemates jump up and down with excitement around them. Tongue? No tongue? Let’s assume there was tongue. And it’s over in around 5 seconds. Ryan is mortified. The House has passed the week’s task and it’s party time!

Food budget has gone from $5pp to $50pp. It’s tim tams, smoked mussels, top deck chocolate, coco pops and whatever their hearts desire! Layla’s asked for a 24 pack of ice cream cones. Nice one. Did you order the ice cream too? Um…no. Hilarious, it’s a frantic race back inside to try and order. Not the smartest tool in the shed.

Ryan chats to Sarah in the bathroom about THE KISS… He’s gutted. Bradley heads to the Diary Room to debrief. He says it was quite good. He got really nervous. Awwwwe. He becomes very analytical about the whole thing. Even though it didn’t mean much it meant MORE coming from Estelle he says. Later that night Ryan confronts her in the bathroom. She tells him not to stress. Ryan is stressing. Could he be jealous of the B-Rad?

We see a promo in the break that announces a “Game Changing Twist” on Sunday. Yawn. Here’s hoping for something good… An intruder? A double eviction?

And we’re back, watching Stacey give Ben a new look. It’s hilarious. A cross between Jim Carrey in Dumb and Dumber and one of the 3 Stooges. Ben runs away in embarrassment. The house cracks up.

Ryan heads to the Diary Room and tries to have a go at Big Brother about THE KISS. BB reminds Ryan that Estelle actually VOLUNTEERED. It’s only just dawned on him. Now it’s a WHOLE lot worse… all the housemates are talking about it, and why they’re now not sleeping together. Awe.. sad times for Ryan.