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Big Brother booms into the house, warning Ava that she must quickly get dressed, or else she’ll jeopardise the task. Worker 1, Sam is called to begin his shift. Sam has been tasked to butter bread.

The other housemates have begun their party in the backyard.

Sam, Worker 1 is called for his shift to come to an end, the housemates are in the lounge awaiting his return. Sam exits The Factory, and is confused when he finds the other housemates are all out before him. Big Brother then plays to the TV in the lounge, a package revealing that all of the other housemates have been treated with a carnival in the backyard full of treats and activities, and worker 1, Sam, the only housemate actually working. Big Brother booms into the lounge, revealing that housemates have successfully completed their task. Sam is distraught that he had missed out.

Bradley and Angie are talking in the lounge about how annoyed they’d be if they were Sam. Estelle bumps in saying that she wouldn’t mind being Sam, because she’d be happy that there is a luxury food budget. Angie and Bradley leave in frustration, and express their frustration together in the kitchen. Estelle left laying on the floor of the lounge.

Layla and Sam go into the diary room, Layla asking Big Brother if Sam burned her hair rollers, and her Burberry bag. Big Brother does not reveal anything, saying that Layla should focus on winning next week’s Captain’s Challenge.

In the kitchen, Ava has cut her lip. Josh fixes it by pashing Ava, again.

Michael is still feeling guilty about burning Layla’s hair rollers. He visits the diary room where Big Brother gives Michael two options. Either, a $440 luxury shopping budget OR a Louis Vuitton purse and a $220 shopping budget for the whole group. Michael selects the latter.

Michael sneaks the box containing a Louis Vuitton purse, new rollers and a new comb into the kitchen, and places it in the hatch. He then summons the housemates into the kitchen to deal with the shopping budget, a letter in hand from Big Brother. All housemates go to the kitchen and Michael tells housemates that the budget is $220 for the week, providing a false reason for the low budget – Delilah has not been looked after at some points during the day. He then tells Layla to go the hatch to retrieve her gifts. She straight away starts putting hair rollers into her hair.

Housemates are in the kitchen. Benjamin suggests to the group that a big game of hide & seek take place. All housemates scurry off as he begins counting. Housemates find hiding spots, Sam assisting Michael as he attempts to solidify himself up in the roof of the toilet above the door. Benjamin is successful in finding all housemates, Michael revealing himself, now the final housemate to be found.

Estelle and Angie are talking in the kitchen, Angie suggesting that Ava was on a secret mission to fail the shopping task, as she failed to quickly get dressed into her worker uniform for the day. Angie also suggests that Estelle had clued into Ava’s task, and wanted to keep it to herself so she can take credit for identifying the task. Estelle reveals that Angie’s suggestion was absolutely right.

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