Big Brother AustraliaSun 6:30pm, Mon-Fri 7pm, Ch9
It’s the final day of the Housemate’s motorcycle task. A 3600km simulated drive across Australia. Bleary eyed Zoe & Benjamin are still 800km away and they only have today to do it. Fail the task and it’s boring food all week.

Lovebirds Ryan and Estelle spent the night together on the ‘love boat’ luxury liner (secret room). It was Estelle’s prize for winning the chilli eating contest. Did they actually get it on? I’m sure we’ll find out on Big Brother Confidential…

Back in the main house Layla and Michael are having an early morning snuggle. The house’s newest couple? Talk about IQ extremes…

We cut back to Zoe & Benjamin having a moan about Ryan aka Zoolander. They can’t get over his dopey lack of conversation skills.

Back to Ryan and Estelle in the Captains Quarters. A stimulatingly conversation-less breakfast is taking place… it is a gourmet breakfast however. The rest of the house will be so jelly. Estelle reminds him it’s his 22nd birthday…and that’s the end of the conversation. zzzz

Meanwhile the house is moaning about the food situation. It’s bread and prunes for breaky. Delish…  Sarah offers Bradley a sausage. He isn’t so keen for it. It’s one of those weirdo vegetarian ones. She wows Bradley with a fun fact “vegetarians live 15% longer than meat eaters”… he’s still not going near that sausage.

We cut back to Zoe and Benjamin. The bitch sesh has moved onto Sarah. “when she talks about animals, that’s when I walk away”. Yeah. Screw animals… Nasty pastie Zoe is showing a very different side. Watch out people.

We’re now in the gym watching Bradley struggle with some weakling weights. Bless. It’s become a daily ritual for him.

Back to Zoe and Benjamin. They like Charne, they think she’s cute. They dislike Sarah immensely. So why did they vote for Charne then? 22 Votes says you wanted Charne out.

Estelle’s enjoying a facemask and a spa. Ryan’s sunbaking and fishing for clues. This week the guys must find out all the girl’s secrets.  “would you ever nude protest?” Um, Ryan you can’t come right out and ask the question.

Eventually the couple emerge from the love boat. Everyone cheers an insincere birthday greeting. Ryan is immediately summoned to the Diary Room and is in big trouble for asking Estelle the nude protesting question straight out. He will be dealt with later!

The HM’s are counting down the task. 2km to go, woo hoo!  But did they do enough to win the week? BB informs them they got 7 traffic infringements. They failed the task. Oh my god. Bradley chimes in:  “Look on the bright side, no arguments” (over food) Layla: “At least we’ll be skinny” Everyone’s down in the dumps and hoping there will be a party for Ryan’s birthday. They all dress up in anticipation… Layla is giving Zoe beauty tips.

Michael finally asks BB if there’s a party. BB tells him that there will be some kind of party but not tonight and he must keep it from Ryan.  Ryan’s eating sardines on his birthday. Is this his punishment? Ryan gives a speech and everyone gives another fake cheer as Estelle and Ryan pash. They start a conga line “you don’t make friends with salad” Benjamin bombs the pool fully clothed.

There’s one last man cave gathering to work out the girl’s secrets… is Estelle from royalty??  The jury is still out.

It’s beddy byes. Benjamin asks Charne if she’s ok. She’s totally cool and ready to leave this Sunday if need be. He tells her that people have been planning to take her bed when she leaves. He likes to stir things our Benjamin… He’s good value. Charne’s not cool anymore.

We find out who’s evicted this Sunday!