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Happy Friday!

Tonight: Ben and Estelle call a truce, Sam tells it how it is and Michael is desperate for a shower! Holy Moly this shit is going to be CRAY.

The housemates are waking up hungover after a night of drinking, and fighting between Benjamin and Estelle. Zoe is still trying to work out where her stuffed toy of Pumba from The Lion King, which Sam stole and hid inside the bedroom in order to attain photos from home that he requested from Big Brother.

Michael, Benjamin and Sam are preparing breakfast in bed for the tired mum’s as part of this week’s “Big Baby” task. Benjamin says to Michael and Sam that he’s going to spend the day being positive.

Stacey and Angie are freshening up in the Captain’s Quarters after a lap of luxury for the night.

Benjamin is in the diary room talking to Big Brother. I was still writing the previous paragraph at the time so I didn’t cop a drift of what it was about. I’ll review the episode and patch in this portion for you shortly.

All housemates are with Big Baby in the lounge for Big Brother to reveal whether they have passed or failed this week’s task. This week, housemates have PASSED this week’s Big Baby task, and will have a luxury shopping budget to spend on groceries this week.

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Angie and Sam are in the kitchen eating breakfast and watching Benjamin exercising. Angie tells Sam that Benjamin is not dealing with things very well today. Sam tells Angie that Estelle came to him last night about housemates bitching behind her back, and Angie says that she is totally aware that other housemates bitch behind her back.

Michael, Stacey and Benjamin are chilling in the bathroom.

Sam and Angie are discussing Estelle in the kitchen. Sam says that he wouldn’t say anything about Estelle behind her back that he wouldn’t say to her face.

Estelle has been called to the diary room and has been given a moral dilemma. There are two iPod shuffle’s sitting on the side table. One contains Estelle’s favourite Eminem song in which Estelle can listen only once in the diary room, the other is an hour’s worth of music from Madonna and Kylie Minogue that can be taken out of the diary room and shared around with the housemates, Benjamin in particular. Housemates have not heard commercial music for 67 days.

Michael, Stacey and Benjamin are in the bathroom. Stacey says that she doesn’t hate Estelle or any other housemate, it’s just some of the things that she does that make it difficult for her to live with.

Estelle has chosen to give Benjamin the hour’s worth of Madonna and Kylie’s greatest hits. Benjamin is excited and immediately turns into Madonna around the house. Estelle is in the diary room where she is asked if Ben has thanked her.

Estelle: “Not directly… but I’m sure he will later”

Big Brother directs Estelle to the hatch where she will find the iPod with the Eminem track on it for her to enjoy. She is crying as she listens to ‘When I’m Gone‘ in the diary room.

Estelle leaves the diary room and goes to the kitchen, wiping her tears as Benjamin thanks Estelle for giving him such a treat.

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Estelle and Benjamin are patching things in the bedroom. Benjamin asks her: “why do you think I would talk about you? Have you heard me?“, Estelle responds that she just sensed it.

Michael is developing an aqueduct system using aluminium foil in the bathroom to create a hot water service to allow him to wash his hair with hot water from the basins, as hot water is on all the time. He devises the plan with the assistance of Sam, successfully creating a system. Angie walks into the bathroom to try to put her own input into the system. Angie forces her help onto the system, Michael ends up leaving the room and chats to Stacey in the lounge, saying that he has literally been meeped by Angie. Sam decides to leave the bathroom to retire to the bedroom.

Michael returns to the bathroom where he finishes his system. He finds success and sits on the floor for Layla to assist him in washing his hair with hot water. Big Brother booms into the house: “This, is Big Brother. The hot water is now on”.

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