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Day 4 and the Housemates are woken at dawn by the dulcet tones of Heavy Metal. It’s a mad dash to the dance stage as part of this week’s task. Nice undies Michael. They have 90 seconds to get there. Pass the test and they win money for food. Fail, and it’s staples all week. Another successful rock out…

Sometime later… Michael muses the mysteries of Ryan’s intellect to Angie & Layla. “he’s just ridiculously stupid”… Ryan works on his Abs nearby.

Josh & Angie get close and personal on the lounge and discuss Bradley “blossoming”. “he’s an adult he can do what he wants”… but Angie wants to whip his arse again over the Stacey incident.

Big Brother summons all HMs to the lounge, it’s time to find out if they’ve passed the weekly task… guess what? They passed! Much jumping for joy. Does this mean more booze this week? Here’s hoping. They’ve scored some sweet gym equipment too. Bradley’s six pack is merely hours away.

Poolside… Ray the Vet tells us his greatest pleasures in life are going to the gym, walking his dog and chocolate milk. Stacey’s addiction is Nutella. Fascinating.

Bradley in the Diary Room… Says he has a lot to learn when it comes to girls. He’s still not sure how he offended Stacey but he apologised anyway. Good boy. He hopes the other guys will teach him the “tricks of the trade” Just don’t start talking about your workbench Bradley…

Shop time. $50 per head for the week. Arguing starts over Milo and Nesquick. Some HMs have a short attention span and soon get bored and walk out. Leaving the work to the sensible types like Charne and B-Rad.

Backyard cricket. Always great for bonding. The ladies cheer on. Michael’s been sent to the DR to pick up the groceries. Somehow the HMs ordered $1400 worth instead of $700. Whoops. BB has given them exactly half of what they ordered. But which half?

That evening… Charne talks ghosts. George agrees. Spooky. Bradley is attacked by a moth. It’s a sign. But he doesn’t believe in tarot cards.

Josh has a quiet word with Estelle. “So.. how are things with Bradley?” “Shut up”.. oh dear, is she leading our little geek on?

Angie tells Ryan that people are still trying to work him out. Code for “people think you’re stupid” She also reassures him that “NO one talks behind people’s backs here”… she quickly goes and tells the others what just happened.

The guys are in the kitchen revealing their favorite girls in the house. Michael says Stace. “she’s the funniest human I’ve ever met” Josh likes Estelle. Bradley likes her too.

The girls are off discussing their secret business task… Josh is definitely the ladies man, while George could potentially be the juvenile offender.

And finally Benjamin reveals he’s a sleep eater.

Until Sunday night…