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Last night Josh was called to the captain’s quarters, and has not returned overnight.

Big Brother calls housemates to the diary room to inform them of Josh’s personal circumstances and that he will not be returning to the competition. Big Brother informs housemate that housemates will be invited to the Captain’s Quarters to have a private conversation with Josh, none of which will be recorded and used in the program. Housemates are very upset for Josh, and it has come as a big shock.

Housemates spent over 1 hour in the Captain’s Quarters, before being offered the opportunity to visit the house for the last time. Housemates give him a warm farewell as he is alerted by Big Brother that his time in the house has come to an end.

“Friends and family come first” – Josh

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Michael and Benjamin are talking in the backyard, Michael saying that he does not want to seem selfish in this situation. Angie, Layla, Zoe and Estelle are talking in the lounge about Josh.

Benjamin is in the diary room. Big Brother says that he appreciates the support housemates have given Josh.

Back in the lounge, Layla says that housemates should take on board some of the things Josh had told them in the Captain’s Quarters and stop moaning about the small problems they face.

Michael is called to the diary room to collect the luxury shopping budget. Big Brother asks how Michael is, and Michael says that he is okay. It is obvious that housemates have had the wind knocked out of them, as you would expect.

Sam and Benjamin are in the BBQ area talking about relationships in the house and how Sam has not clicked in.

All of the housemates are in the kitchen, except for Angie and Layla who are in the BBQ area. Michael comments on the rain looking on in awe. Estelle concedes that the weather is reflectant on the mood and emotions of the day.

Michael suggests housemates jump in the pool as it is raining. Michael and Benjamin are first to jump straight in.

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With the red/blue task cancelled this week, housemates are unsure what their luxury food budget is. The shopping budget has been increased to allow housemates to have a family dinner to celebrate Josh’s time in the house. Housemates have been given $70 each, more than they have ever had before. Housemates start the shopping list.

Layla, Sam and Benjamin are in the bedroom. Sam and Layla have had an on-off relationship, and Benjamin to makes it official and move Layla’s photos and name tag over to share a bed with Sam.

Michael, Angie and Zoe are in the BBQ area. Zoe initiates a game of ‘who am I?’. Michael starts off. Angie asks him questions to try to identify who Michael is thinking of.

Stacey is in the kitchen preparing her dip she is going to serve as an entree.

Back to the BBQ area, the girls guess Michael J. Fox incorrectly. Big Brother booms over the house:

“Michael. Are you thinking of William Shatner?”

Angie, Zoe and Michael are entertained as Michael announces that Big Brother is correct.

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Stacey has prepared some of her signature dip to share with Big Brother. Stacey places the dip near the diary room as she waits for Big Brother to open the diary room. Stacey leaves the room for a moment, and returns to find Delilah licking her lips, and looks over to find the dip eaten by Delilah. Big Brother calls Delilah to the diary room, and Stacey accompanies her. Big Brother interrogates Delilah for eating the snack Stacey had prepared for Big Brother.

Housemates are getting ready for bed, Zoe visits the diary room to sum up her feelings for the day. She feels that housemates have quickly gone from a segregated house due to the Red Vs. Blue turf wars task, to waking up to a house banding together being there for each other in the tough circumstances.

Zoe retires for the night, which also brings us to the end of the episode.

Remember, there is no Live Eviction this Sunday, more information is available here.

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