Big Brother Australia – Sun 6:30pm, Mon-Fri 7pm, Ch9

Benjamin, Michael, Zoe and Layla are waking up in the captain’s quarters after a night of partying and watching Anchorman. After winning the captain’s challenge, Benjamin was allowed to take three people into the captains quarters with him.

Sam and Estelle have spent the night in the house alone with Delilah.

Big Brother informs housemates in the captain’s quarters that it is time to return to the house.

Michael, Zoe, Layla and Benjamin return to the Big Brother house to be greeted by Delilah and Sam in the kitchen. Housemates leaving the captain’s quarters bring home food gifts for Estelle and Sam, including danishes.

Sam compliments the returning housemates for looking fresh and clean after their time in the captain’s quarters.

Michael enters the bathroom to be greeted by Estelle with her pants down, greeting each other after spending the night apart.

Each of the returning housemates head to the bedroom each greeting Estelle and being complimented for being clean.

Layla and Sam are kissing and talking about the night they had apart from each other.

Michael is on one of the pods in the BBQ area of the Big Brother backyard.

Estelle is getting dressed in the bedroom. Estelle  asks Zoe if what she is wearing is looking “super trash”, showing her bra. Zoe says that one boob is nicely pushed up, and thanks Estelle for dragging her attention to her boobs, which she will now be looking at all day. Estelle does some boob adjustments.

Estelle joins Michael on the pods in the backyard, lying into Michael’s welcoming arms. They lie down on the pod together.

Zoe, Benjamin and Layla are in the lounge room, confused about Michael and Estelle’s relationship. They try to speculate what is going on. Zoe reflects on the boob conversation at the beginning of the day. Zoe also then says that she really wants to chat to Estelle about her need for male attention and flaunting it.


All housemates are in the BBTV studio preparing for their final broadcast as part of this week’s task. This program is “World News”, where each housemate represents a different country, and they must read their scripts in the language of the country they represent.

Housemates are in the lounge, and ready for Big Brother to announce whether they have passed or failed this week’s task.

Big Brother: “This is Big Brother. Housemates, this week, you ran your own television network. Housemates, some of you demonstrated great potential, others need to work on their presenting skills. So housemates, this week you have, PASSED. Housemates cheer in a synchronised fashion.

Estelle visits the diary room. Estelle tells Big Brother that for the past few weeks she has felt incredibly happy and is back to the place she was when she was 16.

In the backyard, Sam and Michael are moving one of the pods from the BBQ area into a corner of the backyard. Estelle is plaiting her hair.

Zoe watches on from the kitchen window, as Benjamin prepares food. She commentates as Michael sits down on a pod, and Estelle plaits her hair and “sexually” looks over at Michael. Zoe also commentates Layla and Sam macking on, as well as Sam going to pump iron.


All housemates are on the pods in the backyard at 9:31PM . Big Brother booms into the house.

Big Brother: “This is Big Brother. Benjamin, Michael, NICE doing business with you. You may enter the ‘nice corner’ now.” Benjamin and Michael both go to the nice corner, greeted with a fruit platter, dips and wine.

Sam is preparing food in the kitchen.

With all the male housemates occupied, the girls have the opportunity to talk about boys.

Zoe: (to Layla) “I’ve only known you in here so I don’t know what you’re like on the outside with boys, but like for me, you’re first in best dressed.”

Layla: “What does that mean?”

Zoe: “Like, you’re first in to get the guy, and you’re, you know, got it going on. It’s an expression.”

Layla is confused with what Zoe meant. Estelle asks Zoe to read her.

Zoe: “Maybe I think you are, I think you thrive off male attention.”

Estelle: “Oh really? I just like people in general”

Zoe: “Yeah, I know, I think you like having a fluff without realising it.”

Layla is in the diary room, expressing her confusion about what Zoe said, but thinks she may have said that Layla is a ‘man eater’. Layla says that Zoe must be on a downer, because when she is on a downer, she often talks negatively.

In the nice corner, Benjamin and Michael are talking about Michael’s relationship with Estelle. Michael says that he’s happy, and that because he has put up with all of the annoying things for so long, he blocks it out. He says that he’s never been with anyone as attractive as Estelle.


Michael and Benjamin leave the nice corner, saying to each other that they are both brilliant people. Michael visits the diary room and tells Big Brother how happy he is to be in a relationship with Estelle.

Michael is the last housemate to go to bed, and it’s Estelle’s bed that he goes to. He gives her a whole lot of compliments and then they make out.

And that’s it!

This is the final ever Friday night, 30 minute episode of Big Brother Australia 2012. Sunday night, one housemate will be evicted, Monday night, two housemates, and Wednesday is the finale (finally!) of Big Brother.

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