When Working Dog turn their hand to parody television, it’s always fun. Audrey’s Kitchen spawned from the book of the same name and actor Heidi Arena has made the character her own after originally only being picked up to be the character for the photos for the book. The recipes are real, the racism isn’t, and it’s packaged into small vignettes of digestive biscuit fun for Saturday and Sunday nights.

From the press release:

AUDREY’S KITCHEN is a new comedy cooking series from Working Dog Productions (Frontline, The Hollowmen). Hosted by fictional celebrity chef, the impeccably coiffed Audrey Gordon (played by Heidi Arena, Dawn in ABC1’s The Librarians), each episode features an exotic recipe prepared in Audrey’s unfeasibly clean and spacious kitchen. But it is so much more than simply how to cook a dish.

Along with the always-opinionated Audrey’s thoughts on food, table manners and the inadequacies of our immigration policy, it’s also an opportunity for Audrey to rail against the annoyances of her daily life, from poor table manners and substandard produce, to vegetarians and store-bought mayonnaise. This is an irreverent antidote to the crowded world of celebrity chefdom, a tongue-incheek send-up of the cult of TV cooking.

AUDREY’S KITCHEN is a series for anyone who loves food but is willing to admit that we might all sometimes be taking it just a tad too
seriously. AUDREY’S KITCHEN is produced by Working Dog Productions. Executive Producers: Santo Cilauro, Tom Gleisner, Michael Hirsh & Rob Sitch.

Saturday 14 July @ 6.25pm
In this episode of Audrey’s Kitchen, food writer, teacher, celebrity chef and life coach Audrey Gordon shows how to make her ultimate Breakfast Omelette. Prepared with a delicious combination of cheeses, butter and crème fraiche, it’s a heavenly, rich, cholesterol-filled start to any day.

Sunday 15 July @ 6.25pm
Episode 2: FREE FOR ALL
In tonight’s episode of Audrey’s Kitchen, food writer, teacher, celebrity chef and undeclared bankrupt Audrey Gordon shows the way to cook the ultimate Asian dish, Stir-Fried Calamari. Using fresh ingredients (along with some not so fresh but covered in sauce), Audrey demonstrates a flavoursome dish that not only tastes great – it helps cleans out the fridge. Another wok-based winner from Australia’s kitchen queen.

Saturday 21 July @ 6.25pm
In tonight’s episode of Audrey’s Kitchen, food writer, teacher, celebrity chef and certified animal Reiki therapist Audrey Gordon demonstrates how to make Honey Lemon Chicken with Couscous, while simultaneously resolving family concerns centering round her sister-in-law’s weight issues. No animals were hurt in the making of this episode (except the chicken).

Sunday 22 July @ 6.25pm
Episode 4: LAZY DAYS
In this episode of Audrey’s Kitchen, epicurean, gourmand and colourful racing identity Audrey Gordon continues her celebration of gastronomic delights. This time it’s her ‘Vegetarian Surprise’, the surprise being that it actually contains lamb. According to Audrey, it’s comfort food of the most uncomfortable variety.

Saturday 28 July @ 6.25pm
A lover of all things outdoors, teacher, food writer and molecular gastronomist Audrey Gordon goes tropical in this episode with a delicious Mango Chicken Salad on the menu. Not only does she advise on the correct method of cutting mangoes and roasting chicken perfectly, she also details the benefits of outdoor dining as a method of keeping guests out of the house.

Sunday 29 July @ 6.25pm
Leading a hectic social life made up of opening nights, charity functions and domestic appliance product launches, celebrity chef Audrey Gordon still finds time to whip up a wonderful simple supper. Her Pasta with Smoked Salmon is perfect for anyone craving a late night fix of cheese, cream and carbs garnished with parsley. NB For those watching their weight – simply omit the parsley.

Saturday 04 August @ 6.25pm
In this episode author, teacher, chef and licensed firearm dealer Audrey Gordon demonstrates the art of cooking steak. All this while discussing health issues, correct use of peppercorns and extra marital relations.

Sunday 05 August @ 6.25pm
Episode 8: SPRING
In this episode of Audrey’s Kitchen food writer, teacher, celebrity chef and clairvoyant Audrey Gordon tackles Poached Pears, along with global issues such as world poverty and the alarming spread of vegetarianism. Whilst not all viewers will agree with her opinions, it’s hard to argue with someone holding a serrated knife.

Saturday 11 August @ 6.25pm
Putting all fishmongers’ skills to the test, chef, sommelier and aromatherapist Audrey Gordon demonstrates how to make a delicious Thai Style Baked Fish. Smothered in garlic, ginger, lemongrass, coriander and chilies, along with a spicy paste, this dish is so hot it cannot be served on Total Fire Ban days.

Sunday 12 August @ 6.25pm
In this final episode, writer, chef, life coach and choreographer Audrey Gordon prepares a classic Rhubarb Crumble. It’s a recipe handed down from her mother who used to make a wonderful crumble and, according to Audrey, “still would if we could allow her near sharp objects”. Serve with double cream, a sprinkle of sugar and a 6-week gym membership.

Considered one of the world’s ultimate food authorities, Audrey Gordon began her career as a home economics teacher in London. Her pioneering School Kitchen Garden scheme ran for many years, only being closed down after several students were found to be growing marijuana. Audrey’s first media role was on BBC TV where she hosted the popular food-based game show Chef, Dumb and Blind, in which a variety of handicapped cooks battled it out for cash prizes. She also wrote several newspaper columns before being appointed lifestyles editor of Implausible Homes magazine.

In 2004 Audrey made her first visit to Australia as a cast member of the UK-produced reality series I’m a Celebrity Chef, Get Me Out of Here. This trip introduced her to some of our native ingredients and it wasn’t long before Audrey had her first Aussie cookbook out. Audrey Down Under was an instant bestseller, despite the controversy surrounding dishes such as her Cassowary Casserole and Slow-Roasted Koala with Quandong. Not surprisingly, Audrey made the move here permanently, arriving in Sydney in 2007, where she quickly made a mark on the local gastronomic scene.

Voted ‘Britain’s Sternest Chef’ for three consecutive years, Audrey has devoted a lifetime to telling would-be cooks what they’re doing wrong. As a presenter, Audrey describes herself as “lying somewhere between Jamie Oliver and Curtis Stone. And loving every minute of it”. In truth, she’s a little bit ‘Nigella’ and a touch Margaret Fulton – with a dash of Hairy Biker thrown in for attitude.

Her series is made up of 10 three-minute episodes, each focusing on a particular dish, along with Audrey’s thoughts on everything from pre-grated Parmesan cheese to dinner party etiquette. In an era where television cooking dominates our screens, Audrey considers her new series to be an invaluable addition to the genre. According to her “it’s a practical guide that will help you carry off everything from a lazy Sunday brunch with friends to a formal sit-down banquet for 300 lactose-intolerant, diabetic vegans with severe peanut allergies”.