Andrew Kos was, until recently, working as a producer and reporter for A Current Affair based in Brisbane. He’s got a sizeable contact book thanks to his time as a reporter for the now retired Brisbane Extra, and is a stand up guy who’s spent more than his fair share of weekends as a voluteer lifesaver on the Gold Coast.

Andrew very generously sat down with me after the domestic leg of his “Kossie Goes Wild” tour to talk about the state of news and current affairs in general in Australia, where it’s going, life as a journo in Brisbane & what it takes to make it in the biz these days. As I’m not one to shy away from the hard questions, I made sure I had a couple of surprises for him too… because you never want to let the opportunity go by to get to the heart of the situation.

Many thanks to Andrew Kos for the chat and La Dolce Vita (Milton) for the coffees.