My ABC1 is about to become simply ABC, using the tag #ourABC, as Aunty looks to solidify it’s position in the marketplace and garner support ahead of the current Government’s budget slashing and some controversial appointments to its Board. “Inclusion, togetherness and connection,” and, not unreasonably, security. Given the place the ABC has in the hearts and minds of many Australians this will further strengthen the sense of ownership the public have of our national broadcaster. Heck, even Dave loves it:

From the press release:

ABC Television is pleased to announce some exciting changes. On Sunday 20th July, our main channel will refresh its branding.

The new on-air look is bold, simple, raw and real.

We’re celebrating Australians from across the country using footage created by regional communities, sourced from ABC Open’s rich library. We’ve also shot new channel idents and these captivating shorts embrace real-life characters – including our own on-air personalities – in all their glory.

“We’ve captured absolute gold using real-life Aussies in our idents,” said Diana Costantini, ABC Television Head of Marketing and Communications. “This rebrand is about providing a stage and the magic comes from authenticity, diversity and a few damn fine yarns as told by colourful Australian characters.”

In a unique collaboration, iconic Australian band Hunters & Collectors has re- recorded their classic hit ‘Throw Your Arms Around Me’. The song will become the channel’s anthem.

The channel’s tagline will be ‘#ourABC’, emphasising the role it plays in all of our lives – it’s about inclusion, togetherness and connection.

The hashtag will encourage audiences to engage with us and allow us to collate, curate and share their contributions through a new online destination. The site will launch 20th July and highlight imagery, stories and fascinating anecdotes from around Australia.

On air, the ABC ‘worm’ – one of the most recognisable logos in the country – will represent the channel. We’re confident audiences will instantly associate the ‘worm’ with the ABC and that the ‘ABC’ typography is no longer needed.

The channel name will also change: ABC1 will become, simply, ABC. An extensive qualitative research project earlier this year revealed that audiences say they watch the ABC rather than ABC1; the new name will therefore make perfect sense to the people that matter most – our audience.

“Now more than ever, ABC Television needs to be relevant to all Australians and our new positioning and branding demonstrates the role of our main channel beautifully,” said Richard Finlayson, ABC Director of Television.

“ABC also acts as our gateway to more targeted content on ABC2, ABC4Kids, ABC3, ABC News 24 and increasingly ABC iview. There really is something for everyone on ABC Television – everywhere, every day.”