It’s an opportunity too good to miss, I’d offer. An Australian version of what is essentially Antiques Roadshow. Well, as antiquey as we can offer, given our short history. Any excuse to see William McInnes on screen as far as I’m concern, and to hear that deep baritone rumble out from the screen. Sounds like a lot of fun. From the press release:

William McInnes, one of Australia’s leading actors and authors, will be the host in ABC1’s latest production – Auction Room.

Auction Room, which has just gone into production, is a 10 x 30 min series that sees William follow the stories of ordinary Australians around the country, who are preparing to sell their cherished belongings at auction.

From the memorabilia of bygone sporting heroes to first-edition comics to designer furniture and vintage jewellery, William’s stories will delve into these fascinating objects, as well as uncovering the reasons behind the sale.

Jennifer Collins, Head of ABC TV Factual said “This new series promises to share the thrill of an auction day – the nerves, agony and ecstasy of the seller, the theatre the auctioneer creates as he works the crowd – and stokes the excitement in the room. “Auction Room is produced by the Hobart-based team behind the long-running series Collectors. This team has spent years developing relationships with Australia’s top auction houses and thereby gaining unique access to some of the country’s most fascinating treasures as they come up for auction.”

William McInnes said “Almost everybody loves an auction bargain. But the real fun and fascination is not only finding that bargain or longed for item, but also discovering the story behind why it is has come up for sale. It’s an irresistible opportunity to be part of a great team that gets to roam the auction rooms of Australia.”

Auction Room – 2012, ABC1.