Just when you thought it was safe to not think about Dicko… HE’S BACK! Network Ten, Zapruder’s Other Films, and Watercooler Media are joining  forces to bring an original and controversial concept to commercial television in 2011. I smell a re-work of The Panel, crossed Beauty & the Beast, crossed with (hopefully) some intelligent insight courtesy Andrew Denton, Anita Jacoby & co at Zapruder.

Critical to the success of this show will be the other panelists that join Dicko each week – controversy, conversation and criticism are mandatory so the mind shudders at who may get to sit at the desk with the self-confessed politically-incorrect once-mulleted ‘straight talker’. From the release:

Can of Worms, is an irreverent, frank and topical new panel show that heralds the return of Ian ‘Dicko’ Dickson in a hosting capacity to TEN in 2011.

Produced by Zapruder’s Other Films – makers of The Gruen Transfer, Hungry Beast and Enough Rope –
in association with Watercooler Media, Can of Worms will be a weekly show that provides a telling
insight into what Australia really thinks once the barriers of political correctness are removed.

Andrew Denton, Zapruder’s Other Films said, “When Dicko came to us earlier in the year with the gem
of an idea about a good, old-fashioned, shiny-floor, shit-stirring piece of television, we knew he was
onto something. He is very passionate about Can Of Worms and we are excited to be working with him
on it. However, if you’re offended by honesty this may not be the show for you”.

David Mott, chief programming officer said, “Andrew Denton and Anita Jacoby have made compelling
television for years and we are thrilled to be working together on what I consider will be one of the most
talked about and debated shows of 2011.

“Can of Worms is the perfect vehicle to see the return of Dicko to our screens. We have had a long and
successful relationship and are genuinely pleased to be working together again on such a fantastic project.” “When Andrew, Anita and the guys from Watercooler Media came in to pitch the program to us, it was an immediate yes. It is fresh, bold and certainly addresses the elephant in the room. We love it!”

Can of Worms will launch on TEN in 2011 and is produced by Zapruder’s Other Films in association with
Watercooler Media.

It sounds like it could easily go down the path of the racist rant (aka Hadley!). I hope not.