This week on 60 Minutes… from the press release:

Death in Paradise
It’s the ultimate holiday destination – a party paradise for young Aussies looking for adventure on the cheap. But Asia can also be deadly dangerous, especially the latest hot spot – the tiny landlocked country of Laos. Every year, thousands of backpackers head there, completely unaware of the risks. Australian Lee Hudswell was one of them. He just wanted to have a good time with his mates. But like dozens before him, he never made it home.
Reporter: Liz Hayes
Producer: Steve Burling

Toxic Time Bomb
Right now, in homes around the country, thousands of Australian women are worried sick. They’re living with the terrible possibility that a toxic time bomb is ticking away inside their bodies. For the last ten years, one of the largest manufacturers of breast implants has been involved in a monstrous fraud – filling its products with cheap industrial gels. What makes this scandal so alarming is that no one fully understands the health implications of what’s happened. All over the world, governments are rallying to help women at risk. But not here.
Reporter: Allison Langdon
Producers: Gareth Harvey, Hannah Boocock

Golden Girl
There’s no mistaking THAT voice or the heartbreaking songs that have catapulted her to the top of the music world. But Grammy award winner Adele isn’t the bitter, angst-ridden soul you might expect. In fact, she’s a very relaxed and funny woman – quick to laugh and swear. As Anderson Cooper of the American 60 Minutes program discovered, in the often phony world of pop, Adele is refreshingly real.
Reporter: Anderson Cooper, CBS 60 Minutes
Producer: John Hamlin

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