Last year there was some concern that 60 Minutes had jumped the shark. The stories were a little bland, viewers weren’t tuning in (rather, they were turning to the 6:30pm-airing opposition to get their current affairs hit). It may have been that people had overdosed on news and current affairs but the summer break has fixed all that. This week there’s a couple of must watch stories, and the biggest car-crash-tv we’ve been able to witness in quite a while – Charlie Sheen. From the press release:

Little Miracles
These days families come in all shapes and sizes. The traditional brood of mum, dad and a couple of kids is fast becoming a quaint stereotype. But the family you’re about to meet is really pushing the envelope and raising a few hackles as well. Mel Keevers and Rosie Nolan are a lesbian couple. They’re already raising a young daughter and now they’ve welcomed quintuplets into the world. That’s right, five more kids. But the little bubs were born far too early and even surviving the next few months will be a challenge. And that’s just the start of the tough road that lies ahead for them and their two mums.
Reporter: Karl Stefanovic
Producers: Julia Timms, Karen Willing

Frozen Fortunes
Liam Bartlett wondered what on earth he’d done wrong when we packed him off to the desolate wilds of Siberia. After all, it’s not the kind of place you generally visit willingly. People used to be dragged there in chains and then worked to death, but this gigantic frozen slab of Russia is getting an image makeover. It may never rival New York or Paris as a tourist destination, but right now there’s a minerals boom going on that dwarfs anything that’s happening in Australia. And, if you’re an investor, right now icy Siberia is hot, hot, hot.
Reporter: Liam Bartlett
Producer: Howard Sacre

Oh, Mr Sheen!
What on earth is going on with Charlie Sheen? He was the highest paid actor on television, now he’s out of work and it seems out of control, battling a serious drug addiction among other things. It’s a celebrity car crash and Andrea Canning of the American ABC network has witnessed the entire meltdown firsthand. She was invited into Charlie Sheen’s life to meet his family and hear his version of what’s been going on in his life. It’s crazy stuff alright.
Reporter: Andrea Canning, ABC Network
Producers: Geoff Martz, Brian O’Keefe


60 Minutes – Sun 4/3 7:30pm, Ch9.