Last but not leastin the schedule race is Foxtel with their 2012 offerings. It’s a tough one for me to call not having access to the service (that said, it could be dangerous for me if I did), but there looks to be some great content across the myriad of channels available in 2012. From the press release:

FOXTEL gives its subscribers the best possible TV experience in 2012 with the launch of three
new channels, special television events, exclusive premiere programming, returning favourites
and renewed strong investment in local programming.


A&E is home to action-packed, non-scripted series for men delivered in detailed High Definition (HD). The new factual entertainment channel is an action and entertainment television brand, with programming that has taken its US parent channel AETN straight to number one with their record breaking series franchises. The programming has real grit, real determination and passion. Highlights include: Pawn Stars, Storage Wars, Cash Cowboys, Axe Men, Swamp People, Ice Road Truckers, Dog The Bounty Hunter, Billy The Exterminator.

FX is a brand new entertainment channel launching on FOXTEL in early 2012. FX features cutting-edge drama, comedy, action, thriller and sci-fi series, and with a mix of quality, character-driven and often unconventional stories, FX is set to be one of the top choices for TV fans in Australia with shows such as The Walking Dead, The Transporter and Hell On Wheels. FX is FOX International Channels’ first entertainment channel to launch in Australia.

FOX FOOTY is a dedicated AFL channel headed by Eddie McGuire showing unprecedented LIVE coverage commencing with the exclusive broadcast of the NAB Cup pre-season competition, followed by every game of every round of the home and away season LIVE including the Finals series, in High Definition and Standard Definition, uninterrupted siren to siren (FOXTEL’s live NAB Cup Grand Final coverage will be simulcast by the Seven Network. Only the AFL Grand Final will be broadcast on delay).


The London 2012 Olympic Games will be hosted and presented from FOXTEL’s London studios inside Olympic Park and will capture every historic moment from the Games, sending them straight to living rooms back home. The FOXTEL London 2012 Olympic Games channels will be available to FOXTEL subscribers 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and in High Definition, broadcasting all sports including Swimming, Synchronised Swimming, Diving, Water Polo, Track, Field, Cycling, Gymnastics, Equestrian, Fencing, Table Tennis, Rowing, Sailing, Volleyball, Football, Hockey, Weightlifting, Archery, Boxing, Tennis, Canoe, Wrestling and Basketball.

FOXTEL continues to provide its subscribers with an exclusive collection of hit series, addictive drama, engaging factual programs, over 1500 hours a month of live and exclusive local and international sport, popular local productions, and entertaining lifestyle shows.


  • Smash (W): There’s nothing more exciting than the opening night of a hit Broadway musical, except maybe what happens getting there. Smash celebrates the beauty and heartbreak of Broadway as it follows a cross-section of dreamers and schemers, trying to create a musical based on the life of Marilyn Monroe, all of whom have one common desire – to be a SMASH. Stars Debra Messing, Katharine McPhee, Anjelica Huston, Jack Davenport with guest stars including Uma Thurman, Bernadette Peters and Nick Jonas. The series stems from an idea of Executive Producer, Steven Spielberg.
  • Grimm (FOX8): Grimm is a new drama series inspired by the classic Grimm’s Fairy Tales. Portland homicide Detective Nick Burkhardt discovers he is descended from an elite line of criminal profilers known as ‘Grimms’, charged with keeping peace between humanity and the mythological creatures of the world. As he tries to hide the dangers of his new found calling from his fiancé, and his partner, he becomes ever more entrenched in the ancient rivalries and alliances of the Grimm world.
  • The Walking Dead (FX): Zombie smash hit series, The Walking Dead will make its Australian debut on FX with ad-free, back-to-back screenings of the first and second seasons. Never before seen in Australia, the series about people trying to hold onto their humanity in the midst of a zombie apocalypse broke ratings records around the world on its premiere.
  • Conspiracy 365 (FMC): Conspiracy 365 is the story of a year in the life of teenager Cal Ormond, who is forced to go on the run and become a fugitive as he searches for the truth behind a deadly family secret. Adapted from the best-selling novels by Australian author Gabrielle Lord, Conspiracy 365 will broadcast on FMC – Family Movie Channel, with a unique multiplatform broadcasting strategy mirroring the release of the original novels: monthly instalments, commencing in January 2012. Movie Network Channels have invested $13 million dollars in the production of the new Australian series which has been filmed entirely on location in Melbourne and countryside Victoria.
  • Dripping in Chocolate (UKTV, Local Production): A delicious mix of love and mystery, Dripping in Chocolate is a contemporary crime drama set in the laneways of inner city Sydney starring David Wenham, Louise Lombard and Geoff Morrell. When Detective Bennett O’Mara finds a chocolate wrapper on a strangled girl, it leads him to enigmatic chocolatier Juliana Lovece. Just as this perceptive woman gets under his hardened skin, he suspects she may be at the centre of an increasing murder count.
  • Luck (showcase): Luck is a provocative look at horse racing – the owners, gamblers, jockeys and diverse gaming industry players. This one-hour drama centres on an intuitive tough guy named Chester “Ace” Bernstein (Dustin Hoffman), who has always been involved with gambling, from bookmaking and money laundering to casino operations. Recently released from prison after three years, he teams with Gus Economou (Dennis Farina), his long time chauffeur and muscle, to craft a complex plan involving the Santa Anita Racetrack in California. As they plot out Ace’s strategy, the pair recruits Turo Escalante (John Ortiz), a successful trainer with a sordid reputation. In the meantime, an old trainer (Nick Nolte) nurtures a possible breakthrough thoroughbred, while a ragtag group of four racetrack groupies band together to try to catch lightning in a bottle – as winners of an elusive Pick Six bet.

Returning series include: True Blood (Season 5, showcase); Game Of Thrones (Season 2, showcase); Breaking Bad (Season 5, showcase); Boardwalk Empire (Season 3, showcase); Dexter (Season 6, showcase); Tangle (Season 3, showcase, Local Production); Mad Men (Season 5, Movie Extra); The Borgias (Season 2 for W); and Upstairs Downstairs (Season 2, UKTV).


  • Off Their Rockers (Comedy, Local Production): Debuting in early 2012, is a fantastic new local production called Off Their Rockers, which is based on a hugely successful format from Europe and is also being developed in the US with Betty White. Off Their Rockers is a hidden camera comedy series where the elderly take on the younger generation with hilarious results.

Returning series include: Balls of Steel Australia (Season 2, The Comedy Channel, Local Production) and ROVE LA (Season 2, FOX8, Local Production).


  • WAG Nation (Arena, Local Production): For a completely different view of Australian sport comes Wag Nation, a compelling fly-on-the-wall reality series which follows the exploits of five “wags” – amongst them, the wives and girlfriends of some of footy’s most prominent players. This is the “Real Housewives” of Australian football – both codes – and it’s sure to get tongues wagging when it debuts on ARENA in March 2012.
  • Got to Dance Australia (FOX8, Local Production): FOXTEL has commissioned Got To Dance from Shine Television for FOX8. The series, which will tap in to talent from across the country, will see Australians put their best feet forward in a high energy talent series which invites contestants from age 7 to 70 to hit the dancefloor.

Returning series include: Project Runway (Season 9, Arena); Australia’s Next Top Model (Season 8, FOX8); Dating In The Dark (Season 2, FOX8, Local Production); Top Chef (Season 9, Arena); Tabatha’s Takeover (Season 4, Arena); Jersey Shore (Season 5, MTV); Project Runway Australia (Season 4, Arena, Local Production); American Idol (Season 11, FOX8); Real Housewives of New York City (Season 5, Arena); Real Housewives of Atlanta (Season 4, Arena); Teen Mom (Season 4, MTV); Big Fat Gypsy Weddings (Season 2, LifeStyle YOU); The Only Way is Essex (Season 3, LifeStyle YOU); and Made in Chelsea (Season 2, LifeStyle YOU).


  • Kings Cross ER (Crime & Investigation Network, Local Production): The CI Network will also premiere Kings Cross ER, a half-hour documentary series set in St Vincent’s Hospital in Darlinghurst. The observational series will give viewers a look inside one of the busiest and most unique emergency departments in the country.
  • Territory Cops (Crime & Investigation Network, Local Production): The CI Network will be home to the next instalment of the hugely successful 2011 police reality show, Kalgoorlie Cops, which followed the hard-working police force in Australia’s wild, wild west – but this time FOXTEL, is heading to the top end. Territory Cops will closely follow the police activity throughout Darwin and the Northern Territory. It will be raw, real and with no-holds-barred.
  • The People Speak (History, Local Production): Joining the line-up on The History Channel in 2012 will also be a very special event – The People Speak, to premiere late in 2012. The People Speak assembles some of Australia’s finest actors to interpret the words that Australians have written, shouted or cried-out throughout the years. Originally conceived by actors Matt Damon and Josh Brolin, the US original was based on the works of Howard Zinn and his book, “A People’s History of the United States.”
  • Bombing of Darwin: An Awkward Truth (History, Local Production): This History Channel exclusive and world premiere on Australia’s first “physical contact with the war,” examines the events of 19 February 1942 when 188 Japanese aircraft struck Darwin. It asks why the government kept the attack a dark secret and questions the preparedness of Australia’s armed services.
  • Tony Robinson’s LONDON GAMES (History, Local Production): Join Tony Robinson as he uncovers the extraordinary story of the modern and ancient Olympic Games, and discovers a secret history that is surprisingly close to home.
  • Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and London Calling (UKTV, BBC Knowledge and Bio)


  • Location Location Location Australia (The LifeStyle Channel, Local Production): The sister series to Relocation Relocation Australia, Location Location Location Australia is the second series from the same team. This time, presenters Bryce Holdaway and Veronica Morgan, are on a mission to help people secure the best possible property for the most competitive price, making property dreams come true for house-hunters across the country.
  • Wife Swap Australia (LifeStyle YOU, Local Production): From moody teenagers and spoilt children to errant husbands and trophy wives, this series gives a whole new meaning to domestic bliss. Wife Swap Australia is a reality show unlike any other, where the battlegrounds are the kitchens and living rooms, child-rearing is a subject of intense and heated debate, and the outcome isn’t a cash prize, but a couple’s opportunity to rediscover why they love each other and decided to marry in the first place. With its mirror on Australian domestic lives, this series sees sparks fly as two wives from radically different families swap places for a week. Packed with suspense and jeopardy, Wife Swap Australia gets right to the heart of the way we live and lifts the lid on the choices different people make about how to live their lives.
  • Becoming Chaz (LifeStyle YOU): Becoming Chaz charts the story of Chaz Bono’s emotional and physical transition from a woman to a man. Growing up, Cher always thought her shy daughter Chastity was gay. As a child, Chastity would go to sleep and dream she’d wake up a boy. Years later; this dream was to become a reality. This documentary is a touching and candid portrayal of the transgender process, as well as an intimate insight into Chaz’s life and relationship with Jenny, his girlfriend of five years, his mother, Cher, who features with an exclusive interview and voices her own struggles with her daughter’s decisions, and the rest of his extended family.
  • Gok’s Clothes RoadShow (LifeStyle YOU): In this brand new series, Sultan of Style Gok Wan returns to fashion fix the nation. But this time he’s taking his show on the road as Gok’s Clothes RoadShow visits towns and cities all over the UK, teaching women how to best dress for their shape.
  • Marvellous Mrs Beeton with Sophie Dahl (LifeStyle FOOD): Sophie Dahl explores the extraordinary life and times of her food heroine, Mrs Beeton – the creator of the original domestic bible Mr. Beeton’s Book of Household Management. Through cooking original recipes from her book, investigating her childcare advice and home remedies and even throwing a full Victorian dinner party, Sophie finds out how one young woman shaped our idea of what a home really is and reveals the personal tragedies behind Mrs Beeton’s starchy public persona.

Returning series include: Selling Houses Australia (Season 5, The LifeStyle Channel, Local Production); Grand Designs Australia (Season 2, The LifeStyle Channel, Local Production); Cake Boss: The Next Great Baker (Season 2, LifeStyle FOOD); Beeny’s Restoration Nightmare (Season 2, The LifeStyle Channel); Help! My House Is Falling Down (Season 3, The LifeStyle Channel); MasterChef The Professionals (Season 4, LifeStyle FOOD); Choccywoccydodah (Season 2, LifeStyle FOOD); Vanilla Ice Project (Season 2, LifeStyle HOME); and Selling New York (Season 2, LifeStyle HOME).


  • Australia’s Great Flood (National Geographic Channel, Local Production): In early 2011, floods on a scale of biblical proportions hit Queensland. Devastating flash flooding smashes through the city of Toowoomba’s CBD, and the Lockyer Valley, bringing widespread destruction and claiming lives. Then cyclones batter the coastline wreaking even further devastation. This is the story of Australia’s greatest flood, caught on camera by those who lived through it.
  • The Aussie Way Up (Nat Geo Adventure, Local Production): 15,000 kilometres from Tasmania to Darwin and no petrol stations! When not hunting for recycled oils to power the next leg of the journey, these four Aussie boys look at people and businesses that are moving in leaps and bounds toward a more sustainable, cooler future. This Gen Y adventure is a journey of epic proportions.
  • Year of Adventures (BBC Knowledge): Ben Fogle’s action-packed Year of Adventures sees him tackling a series of challenges in the US, Europe and Australia, and is inspired by the Lonely Planet book of the same name. As host, expert and crash-test dummy, Ben demonstrates how true adventure is done. His exploits include kayaking with orcas in British Columbia, boarding down the slopes of a Nicaraguan volcano, rafting the snowmelts of Turkish Anatolia and kicking up dust in a desert buggy race across Australia’s Outback.
  • Ultimate Fish: Snapper (Discovery Channel, Local Production): Andrew “ET” Ettingshausen embarks on a thrilling trans-Tasman adventure, in a bid to meet up with a monster snapper. First stop is South Australia, home to the nation’s biggest snapper. Trouble is, Great White sharks also roam these waters, and ET ends up in hand to jaw combat with a ravenous Great White. ET then ventures to New Zealand’s spectacular Hauraki Gulf, where he battles a big red snapper in a small kayak. His final cast of the dice is to target the remote waters around Norfolk Island. Can ET come face to face with his Ultimate Snapper, before a pack of marauding sharks beat him to it?

Further new releases in 2012 include: How Hard Can It Be? (National Geographic Channel); CSI ME (National Geographic Channel); The Goldfather (National Geographic Channel);
• Ancient X-Files (National Geographic Channel); Ben Britton’s Big Cat Week (Nat Geo WILD); Wild Mississippi (Nat Geo WILD); Returning series include: Man Vs. Wild (Season 6, Discovery Channel); Gold Rush (Season 2 Discovery Channel); and Deadliest Catch (Season 8, Discovery Channel).


  • 2012 Toyota AFL Premiership Season (LIVE, uninterrupted and HD coverage of every match in the 2012 Toyota AFL premiership season, FOX SPORTS)
  • 2012 NRL Season (Every game per round with up to five games LIVE and in HD with Monday Night football and Super Saturday LIVE and exclusive, FOX SPORTS)
  • FxPro Super Rugby (LIVE, exclusive, uninterrupted and HD coverage of every match, FOX SPORTS)
  • RBS Six Nations (ESPN)
  • UEFA Champions League (ESPN)
  • NBL (ESPN)
  • Cycling (All grand tours except TDF and most of the classics, Eurosport)
  • Winter Sports (Throughout the New Year and Marc, Eurosport)
  • KFC Twenty20 Big Bash League (LIVE, exclusive and HD coverage of all 31 matches, FOX SPORTS)
  • Hyundai A-League (LIVE, exclusive, uninterrupted and HD coverage of every match,
  • All four tennis Grand Slams (Australian Open: January 16-29, US Open: August 27- September 9, Wimbledon: June 25-July 8, French Open: May 27-June 10, FOX SPORTS)
  • ASP World Tour (EXCLUSIVELY LIVE coverage of the entire tour, FUEL TV)