Top Gear Australia

Top Gear Australia - Pizzati, Jacobsen, Page

It’s had a couple of previous iterations on SBS, and since Channel 9’s coup there’s been a lot promised of Top Gear Australia. The cynics mustered (including me), proffering their reasons why this third reboot of the hit UK series would fail. Everything from budget to host selection to lack of high end cars to the fact that every public road in Australia has a speed limit of 110km/h or less. The comparisons are obvious (contractually so), but somewhat unfair. Shane Jacobsen is settling in well as the anchor host. Steve Pizzati, the only survivor of the SBS incarnations of TGA is affable enough. Ewen Page didn’t make a great first impression on me, but the more I watch the more infectious his enthusiasm is. He also brings some necessary credibility as editor of Top Gear Australia magazine & the TopGear.com website. After 3 … [Read more...]