#MKR recap (Tue 20/03/12)

David & Scott - My Kitchen Rules 2012

My Kitchen Rules - Mon-Thu 7:30pm, Ch7 http://au.tv.yahoo.com/my-kitchen-rules/ Last night Angela & Justine were deemed to be the least impressive, and therefore most qualified to join the jury and judge their peers. Does anyone else see the logic flaw in that? You're bad so go and nominate who else is bad but slightly better than you as they're still in the competition. Go figure. But enough! Away to Kitchen HQ where one team is judged to be worse than all the remaining teams! Cook like the wind, old friend... The teams parade in to meet an already assembled Pete & Manu and the jury. Peter looks at his watch as if to suggest they're all … [Read more...]

#MKR recap (Thu 15/03/12)

David & Scott - My Kitchen Rules 2012

My Kitchen Rules - Mon-Thu 7:30pm, Ch7 http://au.tv.yahoo.com/my-kitchen-rules/ Though they put New Zealand on a plate, it did Simon & Meg no favours yesterday with their dish putting them into the sudden-death cook-off. Tonight though, the teams will compete in a culinary game of Twister than ends up leaving Nic & Rocco sadder than that time they learned that's not how you say "allaments". Spin it, Ke$ha. It's a bright shiny new day in Kitchen HQ, and Megan & Andy are happy not to be cooking today thanks to their immunity (and she has the BIGGEST. HAIR. EVER. today), and Simon & Meg are feeling the same though for the exact opposite … [Read more...]

#MKR recap (Sun 11/03/12)

Megan & Andy - My Kitchen Rules 2012

My Kitchen Rules - Mon-Thu 7:30pm, Ch7 http://au.tv.yahoo.com/my-kitchen-rules/ Previously, on My Kitchen Rules... some old guys lost a cooking battle against some young girls, but who has time to live in the past?! Tonight we're off to Ingham in North Queensland - the "heart of sugarcane country" - where the teams have to ply the toothless locals with sweet treats and fend off hordes of redneck kids. This is Katter country, and this is tonight's MKR... Firstly, how do we know one of the major industries in Ingham is sugar? Do the sweeping shots of canefields and cane trains not give it away? Is it the endless line of obese people … [Read more...]

#MKR recap (Wed 07/03/12)

Megan & Andy - My Kitchen Rules 2012

My Kitchen Rules - Mon-Thu 7:30pm, Ch7 http://au.tv.yahoo.com/my-kitchen-rules/ With Steve & Helen safe after being selected as the People's Choice, and Peter & Gary up for elimination this week, it's a battle royale between the other teams to ensure they don't have to face off with the bitchiest gays in the village. "I want to see justice done," says Peter. Don't we all, mate. Pete & Manu address the teams, telling them they want something "surprising and clever on the plate" from today's 30 minute rapid cook-off. Carla complains immediately, offering "you can't even get a pizza cooked and delivered to you in 30 minutes, let alone a … [Read more...]

#MKR recap (Mon 27/02/12)

David & Scott's Entree - My Kitchen Rules 2012

My Kitchen Rules - Mon-Thu 7:30pm, Ch7 http://au.tv.yahoo.com/my-kitchen-rules/ With Thomas & Carla bearing their claws while Emma & Andrew offer up an inedible main, there's no question this competition is about to get interesting all over again - starting tonight with soldier mates David & Scott trying to get everyone's attention. (Geddit? Soldiers... Attention... Shut up. What do you know?) Here we are in Townsville again, looking as picture postcard as the day they took the establishing shot. The narrator's using words like "penultimate" so you just know a show's getting cocky when they do that. Scott announces that even though David … [Read more...]

Week 19 radio spots


Alright! Week 19, first week of the new ratings period, and it's all Logies all the time. Now with added 2GB spot! This week’s topics included: Breakfast comes to ABC1, and ABC2 rebrands “4 Kids” Logies wrap up – the controversy, the winners, THAT outfit… and the ratings. (Ch9) Does Australia Really Got Talent? (Ch7) Welcome back MasterChef! (Ch10) New/Returning Shows – Angry Boys (ABC1 – Wed May 11); Dancing with the Stars Ch7 – Sun May 8); Between the Lines (Ch9 – Thu May 12) Coming soon – One HD changes to One (May 8); Offspring (Ch10 – Mon May 16) … [Read more...]

Week 18 radio spots


The end of the non-ratings period, and lots to talk about as TV's Night of Nights approaches. Oh, and the Logies too. No ABC this week as KHD was on holidays, but welcome Glenn & 3RPP to the weekly fold! This week’s topics included: The Royal Wedding… The good, the bad, (& what happened to the Chaser). Australian TV’s School Camp Road Trip (Brekky TV & Current Affairs go to London). The Logies (Ch9 – Sun May 1). Australia’s X Factor Judges – Really? Scary Spice?! (Ch7) Mike Munro & Chris Bath they don’t kiss & they break up (Ch7 – Sunday Night). Season finales – The Biggest Loser (Ch10 - Mon May 2). New/Returning Shows – … [Read more...]

Week 16 radio spots


A light week this week... but still fun. This week’s topics included: The end of 2011 ratings period 1 – the winners (Ch7), the losers (Ch9, 10, ABC, SBS), everything else… incl highlights and lowlights. “Paper Giants”- and that’s just Rob Charleton’s Kerry Packer (ABC1) NSW’s Sammy & Bella win S02 of My Kitchen Rules (Ch7) “Come Fly With Me” to air on Ch9 from May – will it finally become the “home of comedy”? MasterChef is coming – and it looks *amazing* (Ch10) One HD goes Man Cave (from May 8)… will it make any difference? Season finales – Biggest Loser: Families (has to be soon! – CIRCA May 2) New Shows – Paper … [Read more...]

Week 15 radio spots


What a week! So much to talk about, so many shows changing and being announced, so many interesting things happening. It's like I was born to talk about television! This week’s topics included: So, you want to be on TV, do you? Casting calls for Beauty & The Geek Australia, My Kitchen Rules, Jnr MasterChef Hungry Beast’s new format is note perfect (ABC1) Is there nothing Ch7 can’t win? Dancing with the who? Interest in Home & Away on the wane; Big Bang Theory at 7pm nationally (Ch9) New time for Negus, slightly new format, but any new eyes? (Ch10) Logies nominations; & paying to vote for the Gold? Season finales – My … [Read more...]

Week 14 radio spots


This week with two (count 'em - TWO) additional spots. One special with ABC Regional Queensland, & a new regular spot on 2HC! I'm so hot right now... This week’s topics included: Angry Boys trailer sure to offend everyone – and it’s brilliant (ABC1) Kelly & Ash forced to leave MKR, and BOY were they not happy about it (Ch7) Winners & Losers wins again for Ch7 (highest rating show for the week) – but it wasn’t two episodes Well may we say “God save the Queen”, because nothing will save Channel 9… Evil Russell cries like a baby, and Survivor finds a great home on GO! Now working as singles, the Biggest Losers eat their way out … [Read more...]